Internal RESPECT exudes external respect

Your Inner Self RESPECT Exudes Respect From External Factors.

Internal Respect Exudes External Respect

IADLife Post:

Dear Friend!

What is respect? What is your understanding of RESPECT? What does it mean to you to be respected?

What words? What decibel? What body language? What physical action or gesture? Where did you first learn about respect? What is your first memory of respect or disrespect? Listing out what is disrespect for you can also give you definition of or knowledge of what RESPECT is for you. Disrespect or showing others down does not mean respect for you. Validation of respect is always at the feelings level.

How to know what is ‘RESPECT’ for you? You notice, observe people and entities getting respect. That becomes your understanding of respect. Even when you understand it is your influencers version of respect you need to know, it is actually the understanding you have chosen so it is YOUR definition of respect.

To understand ‘respect’ better find out how much respect you are getting in your life!

Are you getting enough respect in your life? There are three correct answers to this question (a) YES (b) NO (c) MAYBE.

Let’s address them, starting with ‘Maybe’.

(c) Maybe, I think so, I am not sure: This is when you are clearly uncertain whether what you are getting is respect. Because the effect of the respect that is supposed to be is not there for you for long or fades off in a while. This is the point where you need to revisit the understanding of the word ‘respect’ in your space. Review the idea of respect. Are you trying to replicate someone else’s understanding of respect? Are you dismissing the other gestures of respect that you are receiving?

Then know this, ‘you have been asking for someone else’s idea of respect’, and as soon as you get it, it’s a ‘feel good factor’ on an immediate basis. However, very soon you will see the same gesture as something quite the opposite of respect.

Notice people and entities you respect. What is it that you see? Ask yourself, what is it about them that you like that emits an understanding of respect to you? Then sense it at the feelings level. You feel calm content, motivated and/or exhilarated if you get the same or similar gestures. That’s it, this is your version of respect. Change, enhance, add or tweak as your knowledge of/in life grows.

(b) No: Then start to understand and create a definition of respect. Now apply it to yourself. Yes, even gesture-wise. Open the door for yourself as if you are opening and holding the door for your most favourite person. Thank yourself for that gesture, in your mind or out loud. When you see your reflection anywhere greet or appreciate your reflection silently or audibly. Smile or just show acknowledgment say by a nod, at yourself. When you feel good then you know you have gotten what is respect for you.

(a) Yes: If you already are knowing and receiving respect, then that’s a blessing. Keep asking and giving respect to all. Also, keep willing to review a situation when it does not feel like respect to you. Investigate where in your life are you doing that to yourself and/or to anyone or anything else.

What is your respect quotient for your job, your relationship with humans, other entities, animals, and/or things, your earnings, your health and your own self? The priority you are willing to give to each/any of them at a particular time in your life is your respect quotient for them. When you respect that area/person/thing/entity of your life, the same gets reciprocated from the external factors.

You desire respect in an area or for an action in your life, give it value by giving an honest attention and priority. Be willing to change how you are in that area and voila, you respect it and the respect you are asking from others come to you.

Love and respect are not the same but they need not be mutually exclusive.

Respect everything associated with you.

Every aspect of you is worth the respect.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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