Why Micromanage?

Why micromanage?-Wednesday Why?

Why Micromanage-Wednesday Why

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Q by Mrs. Sandhya Rani T D, Bangalore, Karnataka.

“I have heard and read from different website and books is when disbelief is highly dominant and also when they least expect that their wish will be fulfilled, how come their wish gets fulfilled and also sometimes their wish is fulfilled in the most wonderful way where they are completely provided with everything and they need not have to bother further about that particular area of life whether its finance or health or relationships etc. In short i meant sometimes everything gets set right at once.”

Dear Friend!

Getting out of the way of the Universe is compared to placing the order in a restaurant and not micromanaging the chef’s cooking. You have the trust as per the previous experience of yours or others. You think or do other things while the order is visibly or in the background getting prepared.

But, what do you do when the order takes longer than you anticipated. You look around, catch hold of the first waiter that crosses your table and remind, inquire, request to check your order and also ask/demand for the exact time required for the order to be ready.

How do you react when a flight is delayed? Are you agitated, frustrated, worried or angry?  Or are you relieved, glad, unaffected or calm? Here too you wait for a while then go and recheck either the flight information that’s being displayed or inquired from personnel at the ‘i’ counter.

The ‘not interfering’, ‘not getting bothered’ or even ‘glad that it has not happened yet’ part lasts only that long. You get restless and words that flow is not helping time lag situation anymore, which now has become a ‘delay’.

Your strongest support here even during the gap period is your understanding that everything always happens for the right reasons. Look around, check and review what is it that you need to do, that needed to be done before your food or your flight arrives (as per the examples above).

In life, there is no ‘wait’ period. Everything arrives, takes place and is ready at the right divine time for you. The time before is your preparation time to be equipped to enjoy what you are here to receive. Sometimes it is just the mind, temperament or thought adjustments that are required before you receive.

The journey to the destination has learning and experiences that are the requirements for what you are to receive, which is what you have asked for. Your involvement in the learning and experiences keeps you from re-asking and/or changing the request thus not interfering and staying pre-occupied. You thus get out of the Universe’s path.

It is not ‘disbelief’. It is the belief that’s in play here. It is the trust that you are definitely getting that what you have asked for or something higher.

It is never when ‘you least expect it’. God/Universe is constantly informing us of the next step.

“It is never that God/Universe works in mysterious ways. You are too distracted to read the signs.” When what you have asked for arrives, and knocks on your door or is in your face that you notice. Many times you are not noticing and therefore, you are actually missing out and not receiving it.

The moment you give yourself permission to receive. You receive in all areas together because you are now allowing your receiving.

So be aware. Keep faith. Do the action. Know that what you have asked for in any and all areas of your life.

It has, it is and/or will come to you. Keep paying attention.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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