Prosperity-Full speed ahead

Prosperity-Full speed ahead

Small blockages can also delay you progressing ahead towards the prosperity.

Prosperity Ful Speed Ahead

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Even if there are small blockages that you find out are causing your ‘not moving forward’, intend to deal with them or solve them right away.

Case Study: ‘J’ was to meet his friends at the pub. He was looking forward to the Friday evening get-together. As the time to start came closer. He got more excited, he was somehow feeling anxious and wanted to leave the work place as soon as the small hand of the clock touched five and the big hand reached twelve. He hurriedly logged out and switched off his computer. As he got up and walked away from his workstation he glanced back. There was something about the sitting place that was making him anxious. He increased his pace, entered the elevator. As soon as he reached the ground floor he swiped out in a jiffy and was out of the office building gate. He breathed a sigh of relief as if a burden had been lifted.

He got into his car and started to drive towards the pub after the intimation messages were sent in the group of each person starting for the common destination. It was a short 20mins drive. 10 mins since he started from his office parking lot, he realised he hadn’t moved very far from the office. Another 10 mins later, his friends who reached started to message ‘traffic?’. He then started to pay attention that there was little or no traffic. But he was still not able to increase the speed of his vehicle. There was a three wheeler that was driving slow on the uphill road, then there was a bike rider, then there was a Buffalo, each one of them before his vehicle every time he tried to move past them. Because of the traffic from the opposite side, he could not over take or speed.

As he noticed and pondered over these smaller vehicles that were slowing him down and at times bringing his vehicle to a halt, he realised that there were small jobs/tasks that were left pending in the office which was creating a look of inefficiency in his mind. He was keeping all easy, doable and regular work for later. These small jobs had accumulated and now he did not feel motivated to work on them and they had piled up and were causing stress.

He reached, he had fun. Next day he came back to his office, made a list of the to do list, assigned each task a time limit. And went back to enjoy the rest of his weekend.

What are these small blockages in your life? It could they be any of these:

$You have started something. You successfully completed the 1st mile stone and you stopped. You convinced that doing that is easy and doable and you can start or stop at any time. But you postpone it to the next day and the week and that goes on.

$When the process or step is easy and small. You question its necessity or authenticity. You take up things that are tough and elaborate.

$ Waiting. You still waiting for someone or something to change.

$ Micromanaging, moving your eyes from the prize, finding it difficult to let go and not remembering the bigger picture.

$ Self-sabotage, you start something, you criticize or show dissatisfaction. As a result, you attract all lack, for example, fall sick or shortage of resources.

$ Brooding over all the above instead of actually taking an action.

Getting back on the horse: So ok you fell. Now get back up.

You do what ‘J’ from the above case study did.

(a)    Make a to do list. (b) Check for the resources required and their availability. (c) Assign the time lines. (d) Start doing them.

Even though they are small blockages and they are still keeping you from moving forward full speed ahead. Prosperity is right ahead.

Because these blockages are small, they seem insignificant and subtle. But, in some time they cause a lot of stress and tension. You keep trying to solve the bigger tasks/jobs/goals and still wonder why is there no desired speed towards the reward.

Remove the small blockages, get to work on them NOW. Receive Prosperity in full swing.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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