You are worth the healing

Healing Process Is Truly a Lot Of  Self-Work. and You are Worth It.

You are worth the healing

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Modalities, processes, protocols, types. Then comes the guidance methods. Self-learning or from other modes which could be in person, online or books. They are verbal and/or practical. Each is quite sufficient in itself or sometimes they work in combination.

These are the HEALING solutions.


There are innumerable healing solutions. You choose and you apply it in your life. You or your teacher could create a ‘prescription’ for these or you carry out the practice intermittently. You are sincere or sometimes regular. You stay loyal to one or jump to another one as soon as you know of the results of that one. When it works for you, you quietly get back to your next phase or you become a campaigner and recommend it to all you think will benefit.


When the healing process is introduced to you one of the first information you look for is ‘how long does it take.’ Mins or days. Then you react according to the length of the duration for the healing to show its results. You either show disbelief at the shortness of the duration or gasp if the length is long. You come back to it if you are still status quo in your healing journey or you get supporting feedback from other sources on that.


Then comes the investment of other resources. You check for the availability of time and money and then you decide based on what you think you can spare you.


You decide to assess your resource investment. For the resource that you need to put in, your immediate focus is mainly on one parameter that is how many classes, workshop programs, or how many materials need to be purchased. Your feedback also is based on one parameter and that is how much of the result you are able to see yourself and what can you show to others.


However, the fair calculation is when you consider the following parameters:

(1) The time span that has gone in since you have been in this dis’ease’, painful or hurtful state.


(2) The resource that you putting in.


(3) Your understanding of the practice.

(4) What is the faith, sincerity and how regular you are with the practice!

ALSO,  most important.

(5) How long since you first started with this healing process.

(6) Your willingness.


Now, with this calculation, if you can truly decide whether the healing process is/has worked for you.


Know this fact that the ‘healing process’ is a process of life.


It is a regular continuous process. It is a very important essential part of your life. It is your only spiritually healthy way of moving forward.


Regardless you take a step or effort towards your healing process, you will still grow. Your life will still move forward. Your hair grows, your nail grows, your epithelial layer of your skin and inside organs sheds to new ones take its place, RBC has 120 days of life span after which they are replaced by the new ones by your hemopoietic system. This proves that nature is continuously supporting you in your growth. When you add your willingness to participate in healing at the spiritual level too then you heal at the other levels too.

It might seem overwhelming as to where to start and if you have got it right. Start with the first support/suggestion/idea that has come in your space and yes that is indeed the right one. Healing is process and each step will only lead you to the higher upper level.


All this because you are really really worth it.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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