Friendship Quotient Changes

Friendship Quotient Changes As You Move Forward In Healing Journey


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Dear Friend!

Friendship Quotient Changes As You Move Forward In Healing Journey

Spirituality is not a phase. You are all Spirit beings. Each one of you at some time during your stay on this planet re-realise about your magnificent self. You then encounter a choice to either to embrace the spiritual and healing path or continue your present route.

If you choose the road that has healing solutions for you then you have chosen to lead a spiritual life.

A spiritual life is very similar to the ‘sansaric’ or worldly life that you have already been living or use to live. You chose to be with family, relatives, friends, neighbours and others who are contributing to your day to day life experiences as you are contributing into theirs. These people are permanent or temporary according to life experiences you have decided to have or require to have at that time in your life.

There is a person or people you call/categorise as ‘friend(s)’. When a friend has yet to recognise the spiritual path and expresses reluctance to accept you in this new avatar then you will see change in their behaviour/characteristic/attribute that will not align with yours. Some become hurtful either in words or action and if you let them they drift away. There are some that become indifferent. They show tolerance or acceptance but do not interfere or show any plans to change.

Friendship is valuable. They are the family that you are not born with but you get to create based on your current location, circumstance, and vibration. They are the co-creator of your life experiences. They are part of your support system. They are important.

However, your path and the work you have put in to change is much more valuable and important. The friends that you love, like, respect, have fun with, if they are still to play a role in your life in the direction of your choosing, then they will either change or later on in life catch up and re-enter your life. You will need to value their pace and willingness as much as you have to value and respect your life’s changes and the effort you put in to get to where you are.

Don’t be alarmed, surprised or concerned when you see the friend(s) alterations in behavior or attributes. The fact is that you transformed. However, their kind of changing and some of the moving out of your space only means that you have just created a space for a new set of people whom you could explore to become friends with that will be part of this phase in your life’s journey.

Your definition of friendship changes as you change in life. The shift in the definition of friendship means there is a phase shift in your life. New people, characteristics, experiences are on the horizon or have already become part of your life. Embracing them is showing the willingness to welcome your new phase of life thus ‘a new you’.

You could be amazed with admiration at the marvel of the Universe on how people who need to be together are brought together by the sequence of events. When you are placed in someone’s space or they are in your space, there is a reason. The reason is ‘life’s lessons’, that leads to life’s enhancement.

So you need not resist or persist about anyone entering or leaving your space. The choice is always yours. Your safety is prime.

Just affirm, ‘it is for the greatest and highest good for all involved.’

The ones that become your mutual friends tell you a lot about changes in the pattern(s) in your life. Their changing is reflective of how you are changing. People, environment, interaction, food, travel all tells you what needs change and how far you have come.

The only friend that remains with you in all phases of your life is your own self.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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