Work In Inspiration

Work not in competition But In inspiration

Work in Inspiration


Dear Friend!
How to define success? You define success just as you define anything else. That is by looking at previous definitions and by following previous definers. The parameters they have considered. The yardstick they have used. You study them, you observe them and then based on the approval ratings the parameters and yardstick get you define and decide your success.
You would possibly not have spent time and energy on others and outside factors if only you had known that success cannot be generalised. Success is individualistic. It is decided, defined, achieved and experienced by an individual. Even if there is a group of people that are participating and contributing together to fructify a common project/task/goal, still ‘success’ for each of them will be their own.
When you look up to someone or something for inspiration, you give yourself the freedom, flexibility, and expandability to decide your very own ‘success quotient’. You can decide what attributes of them or that you wish to consider for your success and what attributes of your origin would you like to add to the understanding of success.
When you are in the process of setting the lines/bullet points for your success, the key to achieving it is to be very clear about what you truly consider as ‘success’.
You need not rule out or sacrifice one point to get the other.
You have to be mindful of not including someone else’s pointers in your understanding of success.
You need to agree with all the points that outline success for you at the conscious and sub-conscious level. If at your subconscious level there are different pointers that are based on your influencers view point then this misalignment with the conscious level will leave you feeling unfulfilled and underachieved. However, an alignment of both the conscious and subconscious level points with your intention for the current project/task/goal is a sure certain way to enjoy what you desire as your success.
If it is unclear what your subconscious level points are that require to be changed then there are two alternatives. First one is you find them out and solve them by replacing them. Else take the second alternative that is you go around it till you can replace it.
You solve it by finding out what is it you wanted but you did not get in success. These tell you why although you had all the checklist ticked you still seem to have missed the mark on success. You make a note of those points and add it in your affirmations and tapping (EFT). Keep assuring and reassuring yourself of this addendum in the definition of success till you start getting visible results.
For the second alternative where you find a way around it, you need to probe into ‘how do you want to feel when you have the Success’ and vizualise it. Excited, motivated, high in energy, high in vibration, safe, loved, appreciated and accepted. Now think of three images that would signify these feelings. Vizualise yourself being that. Do this for seven days then reassess the believability level in accepting this new set of points that express your success.
After the alignment exercise recognising and connecting with your previous successes and the upcoming ones becomes a possibility.
Success driven by inspiration has enormous scope of creative growth. You will enjoy and have a sense of openness which is the space that accommodates fun and sincerity.
Continue your wonderful work and keep getting inspired by others and just as you keep being inspirational to others.
Your largest source of inspiration is you, as you are willing to learn and change and move forward. Trod within for more quota of inspiration, as per your need and will.
Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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