Be True To Yourself

It is more important to Be True To Yourself, rather than being honest with others.

True to Yourself

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Honesty is the best policy when it is focused through ‘being true to yourself’.

‘To be true to yourself’ is to love yourself, stand by yourself, allow yourself for the life experiences, recognise your limiting behaviors and promote yourself to power through those. To be true to yourself is to say/think words and do the actions that keep taking you only in a forward direction in life. To be true to yourself is to trust yourself that if you have attracted a life situation you have the power to have attracted the right resources to tackle it. To be true to yourself means you need to constantly incessantly remind yourself that you are important and precious and so is everything about you including your words and feelings and vibrations. Pay close attention to those and do not take them for granted. Therefore, use only life enhancing practices.

Information sharing and observation are the ways to connect. Information sharing is a right of whom the information is with. Superfluous or insufficient information is incomprehensible. Customized and tailored information is comprehensible and is therefore of use. The utility of the information is of absolute necessity else it loses its value.

Comprehension of the information is mainly based on individual’s perspective. What the individual wishes to convey. What the individual wishes to derive.

Convincing is not your responsibility. It is a choice you make while sharing the information. Placing the customised information in the required space is the only essential step. Convincing is a choice based on the goal of sharing the information.

Communication flow is definitely important for connectivity. With whom and what and how much to share is a choice. Such selective sharing maintains the comfort level and lowers resistance and thus communication flow continues.

Information is in words. Words are precious. They have an impact. They are an integral part of manifestations. They are continually coming true.

Say what you wish to convey. Share what it is that you truly wish to share.

Establishing communication by customizing information towards that what is beneficial is a well-invested effort. The situation gets clearer and benefits are (a) solutions pop up   (b) gratitude is conveyed.

Honesty is valuable. The honesty required is in the communication between you and your Universe. What are you communicating to your Universe? Is this the conversation reflective of your true magnificence or is it riddled with guilt, anger, fear, and others view points. In every communication, the very first conversation takes place is with your own self and then with your Universe. It is a golden opportunity to say it in words that are on your side and are in your favour. This also becomes your affirmation. You say what you mean and what you desire.

The same applies when you have a conversation or convey a conversation about others. The same applies when you have a conversation with children or when you have a conversation with an older person.

People and relationships are essential too, especially the relationship with one’s own self. This work on communication is for all their sake.

‘It will definitely work out.’ ‘Only good will come out of it.’ ‘We/I am working on the solution.’ ‘I am really looking for it to solve in a way that it is good for all involved.”

These and similar sentences can be used till you decipher what sentences matches and aligns with your true self.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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