Why Be HAPPY?-Wednesday Why?



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Dear Friend!

We live on a multi lingual planet. Each one of you is contacting your Universe in your own language. Knowing and witnessing what the Universe can get done, have you ever wondered what is Universe’s mode of communication.

You will be thrilled to know that it is fairly simple.

To enhance your life you only need to enhance the way to think and speak. Words are an essential part of your thinking and speaking. So it might seem that the essence lies in the word(s) when it comes to affirmations. But there is more to it.

What you say and/or think is connected to your feelings. These feelings could be cheering you and boosting you up. Or they could be saddening you and shoving you down. When the feelings are not so great then the vibrations are low. When the feelings are good the vibrations are higher. Vibrations are read in frequency. That is the language that the Universe understands. According to the variation in Vibration to be high or low, there is either more energy or less energy respectively. Energy is an important aspect of communication and manifestation process.

Fortunately, there is no sequence in which you need to follow them. You can start just about anywhere. You can use high vibration to say/think wonderful words. You can rely on words to pick up your vibrations. You could pay attention to your feelings to see where your vibrations are. As per how you feel you say or think. Your words also affect your feelings.

Universe too is communicating with you. The universe, however, communicates only in high vibration. So the key to getting the clear guidance from the Universe is to stay in high vibration. To attain high vibration and stay there you could also use action to add to words and feelings. One of the high-level vibration feelings is HAPPY.

So the plan is plain and straightforward. You keep yourself happy by every means possible. Journaling what makes you happy or what made you happy helps you go back to actions and words that you can take support from, whenever you need to uplift your mood. Be willing to jump out of the situations that are of a non-happy type. You can pay attention to your words at that time. Keep some ‘happiness churning’ words ready. Write them. Memorize them. Paste them. Repeat them. Your sole aim has to be to change your state to a happy one.

When you are happy, your energy levels are high. When you have enough energy every task seems doable. Situations are understood and tackled more easily. High energy is required for raising vibration too. That is the reason some may see the need to eat food. This is called emotional eating. This is because, when you are low in feeling or vibration and therefore in energy or vice versa, you go for your favorite food. This favorite food may not be healthy that is easy to digest or adding nutritional value to your system. Choosing right food for the energy raising is highly advisable.

Energy healing and Angel studies are another ways of raising your energy levels and thus your vibrations. Feelings and words instantaneously start raising and getting lovelier.

Your Universe has designed your life process in such a way that you have only one choice and that is to be happy. You ask for your desires to experience happiness. To get guidance clearly on how to receive your desires you need to be happy.

Happy before the desires. Happy while you are working on receiving your desires. Happy when you have received your desires.

What a clever Universe.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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