Be content with the Highest Good

I am content with my Greatest and Highest Good.

Having less than another person is of no significance to me. Having more than another person is not my aim.

Be content with the Highest Good

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

I am content with my Greatest and Highest Good.

One size fits all, does not apply in the desire manifesting. You are as unique as the next person. Your desires are thus equally unique. So no other person can manifest the desires that are yours.

In a tumbler, the highest level to fill to the brim. Nothing can be accommodated beyond that level.

Similarly, your greatest good is your highest good and no desires can be better in any description and value than this. The best form of your desire as you know depends on your knowledge and information gathered and gained from various sources. You can imagine, describe and vizualise what you know is the greatest and highest good in your desire form. This will extend as far as your deservability allows. Which again is influenced by many factors.

However the VISION the Universe holds of your greatest and highest good is far beyond.

You have every reason to be content with that. For the fact is that there is nothing beyond it.

Your Universe has a unique vision for you. So your greatest and highest good is also UNIQUE and is created for you only. Your Universe understands what you need. So when you desire you ask for your desire or something higher. Your exact desire or a higher form of the desire comes to you.

It applies to material things. Even if another person has wished for the same product as you, only the right piece of that type of product will come to you. If the piece is the only one and you see that some other person procures it. If you still want it, then stay with the desire and do not change your mind. At the right time, the same piece will come to you.

When it comes to person/people to be associated with, in any capacity then their willingness too plays a good role in your manifestation. You are giving your power away to another person and you develop a dependency on them for your desire manifestation. Instead of that here, you could focus on the characteristics, attitude, quality, and feelings associated with the relationship. Spend some time having clarity on this, as this is the most important aspect of manifesting your desire with/of people/person.

Ask for that or something higher.

Be ready, willing, equipped and organised to receive.

The highest form of the desires and timelines, never shall you make the twain compulsory.

The universe is known to provide at the divine space, sequence and time. If you have willingly asked for ‘your greatest and highest good’ in the desire at the divine timing, then have faith. It shall happen. Enjoy it when you receive it. It may appear different from what you assumed. Be willing to accept.  Give yourself a chance to explore how it represents your greatest good.

If for some reason you have a timeline in mind. Then be prepared to receive the version of the desire that arrives.

If you are less than happy with what you have received, then take action for self-forgiveness, intend that the product goes to the right person, and note the learning from this experience. In case of the relationship, if you have received the desired relationship when you wanted but now you find yourself unequipped to cope with or enjoy the relationship then, you could choose to let go the aspects of relationship that is not favourable to you, get clearer on the favourable aspects of the relationship, follow the guidance and do the action steps that are required to have these characteristics in this relationship, learn your learning from this experience, respect the willingness of all involved.

What is useful, needed and fun for another is meant for that person only. Therefore, do not miss your mark of highest good by asking based on others desires.

Having less than another person is of no significance to you. Having more than another person cannot just be your aim. You deserve your greatest and highest good and you could ask for that in all your desires NOW.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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