Why review your manifestations

Why review your manifestations? -Wednesday Why?


why review your manifestations

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Case Study is about Mrs. Rashmi Praveen, Texas Dallas.

Dear Friend!

Rashmi is my ex-colleague, This was 5 years prior to IADLife. Her workstation was right opposite mine. My impression of her was that she was multi-tasking with good efficiency and was (if I can say mildly) very modest about what she was doing. To me, her job profile looked like a very important and pivotal aspect of the company responsibility that needed to be done for the group and for the company.

Other than work discussions with Rashmi I use to have intelligent conversations with her that had clarity and information, even when she was talking about life at the home front. She was friendly to very few people and looked sad sometimes. It bothered me to see her not stand up for herself in spite of doing a lot of hard and smart work. She had some people in the department tell her that ‘she was not confident’ and ‘she could do better.’

Now that I am in IADLife and am a Life Coach, I realise that I was actually getting bothered by the reflection of my situation that I saw in her situation. Not satisfied that I am doing enough. The constant self-critism was attracting bad office relations, appreciations slipping through the cracks, paper publishing getting stuck, not clear on the direction.

One incident which I believe changed her life and steered my life towards life coaching was, when she was being bullied by less contributing colleagues about the work that she was to present. As soon as they left, she came and sat on the chair next to me and said ‘Reena, I am confident’. I turned my head from my computer screen, nodded in agreement. I looked right into her eyes and said ‘you are confident.’ Her eyes welled up and she ran towards the office wash room. Later that day I invited her to tea from the tea joint just outside our office.

Since then whenever she had an office situation we discussed at the office terrace or during walks at lunch time or at tea breaks. I too mentioned to her about what was going on with me in the office. I started giving her affirmation, advice, and suggestions.

She took my advice added her knowledge and started to take action steps. Parallelly, I was taking some action steps to change my office situations too.

The next major turning point for her when her husband got a job transfer to US and he was denied visa. I told her if she really wants to go then she could start finishing her pending work here. Within months her husband got the visa to US.

My professional life had a good change, including my reporting.

I remember becoming friends with each other. We also sneaked out to watch a vampire movie.

Since then both of us moved on. I founded IADLife and she moved to US. We have been in touch through chat, email and a phone call. I have seen her life change in last few years. This has thrilled me. Her achievements and changes include fulfilling her research aspirations, her singing aspirations, gaining confidence in driving, gaining confidence to share her creative art with the external world, willingness to change as a mother, giving birth to a baby girl and now buying a new home.

All this has intrigued me to ask her ‘What are you doing right?’ She says ‘Have to pinch myself to realise the moment.’ ‘ I never actually dreamed of all this, but I did dream of being happy and content.’

I asked her if she repeat this often or did she see herself being this.

Rashmi says ‘Yes I made deliberate attempts to keep myself happy.’

So friends review your manifestations. The whole idea of manifestation of your desire is that it gives you an understanding of accomplishment and makes you happy. Therefore your desire vibration needs to align with the happiness vibration. If your thoughts about your desires slip into lack thoughts, these cause vibrations that do not align with vibrations of happiness.

So do the reverse process. Choose to do what makes you happy, but be mindful of being clear on what truly makes you happy. Doing what initially appears to make you happy, but if it is followed by guilt, then that is not true happiness. Accept the guilt and see where the true happiness lies.

List what makes you happy. Do them. If there are any low vibrational feelings that surface instead. Journal them. The most crucial step is to differentiate the resistance, blockage, self-sabotage with the unhappiness. Inspect what would have given you happiness in its place. That is what gives you true happiness. Create a new list and call them ‘these give me true happiness and contentment.’

Keep adding in this list and keep doing them.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034





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