in awe and admiration of YOU

‘If you were not that scared of your own magnificence, You would be looking at yourself in awe and admiration.’

in awe and admiration of YOU

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

The internal deservability always stands guard at the check post from where the self-acceptance, self-approval, and self-admiration are to enter. Ironically your ‘internal’ deservability is mainly influenced by the external factors. The opinion of others, the experiences of others, the impression of others, the imposition of others. This form of the deservability is an illusionary one. They are always lower than your true deservability. That is because of the layers of conditional and thus limiting filters, which increases the difficulty level to reach the higher level of deservability. Even though your inner self knows to assay and differentiate the real level of deservability determined and decided by your Higher Self and Source from the deceptive level of deservability, you still have been manifesting based on the untrue levels of deservability. That is because it is a quick method. But it is a non-beneficial one.

Fear is the biggest blockage in recognising your true levels of deservability. Fear is of acknowledging your ‘power and responsibility’. With great power comes great responsibility.

Once you recognise your true power you have the exclusive responsibility of utilising your creativity in expanding and exploring your contribution in living your higher life. There is no scope of the blame. Any chance of slacking due to dependency on others is not there anymore. Your only choice is to mind your own reins.

You living your higher life contributes to the planet and to the creatures living on it. This is an unknown extent and is outside your comfort zone so there sometimes is a confusion between excitement and fear.

If you are willing to let go this quick and shortcut method of living your life based on lower levels of deservability, you will let go the fear that is keeping you from seeing and enjoying your own true magnificence. Once you are able to see your brilliance and greatness, you will be exploring how high does living with these characteristics take you. What more can you get done? How much can you get clarity about your life and about your presence on this planet?

Let’s delayer this further. You as a human are a magnificent creature. If it’s not visible to you yet, then the only reason for that is because you are too scared of your own internal conversations, mainly because it consists of criticisms and rejections. Once you decide to stop that and replace that with vibration boosting conversations, it is then that you start to notice all the amazing, wonderful qualities about you.

The similar thing happens when you see others succeed. You go through self-pity, hurt, lack of faith due to your understanding of lack of accomplishment. That instigates you to see others getting an unfair advantage. If only you are willing to let go jealousy, resentment, judgment, about the others, you will then see their achievement and your power of observation. These qualities you could be admiring and/or imbibing plus adding to your already grandeur qualities. The self-inflicted comparison and constant ‘not catching up’ or ‘not up to the mark’ self-conversation is keeping you from actually getting closer and expressing the joy of appreciating and approving the potentials that you would love to explore and know more about. You then use it to your advantage of fulfilling your goals.

As you let go fear, you have the courage to a get clearer and magnified look of the ‘creative features and excellences’. What you grasp and if need be, use for your benefit is the key to not having to reinvent the wheel, and still, have the best upward movement in life.

Note: The Brahminy Kites picture is original photography by Vaibhav Mupadi 9591943210

The genesis of the request for a picture. “I was walking on my terrace after the day’s work. I noticed some eagles, the urban ones, flying over my area repeatedly. After getting over the initial ducking I realised that they looked beautiful with amazing features. This is exactly the case with self. Ones we stop getting scared of our own selves, we would get to admire ourselves of our own magnificence and greatness. There could be initial hesitation but you will agree, once you check in the mirror. So when I created the post, I decided to use a Brahminy Kite’s picture.’


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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