Show-off a little a lot

Do show-off a little sometimes and at other times do show-off a lot. Because everything about you is likable.


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Express, exhibit, show more of your skills, talents, attributes, ideas that you like or love. There are others who are always waiting to see and get inspired by them, just as you might be noticing others skills, talents, attributes, ideas to validate your present set or a motivation to move to the next level in life.

Recognising, approving, appreciating, acknowledging anything and everything in or about you is main. Hurdles like others impression of you, their opinion, their experiences, and their viewpoint sometimes either keeps you or limits you from it. This has a higher impact especially when the ‘others’ is someone you trust. Clearing these hurdles requires you to first and foremost admit that you have wonderful traits. The next step is to accept that you had some notion that you were proud of them even though it was in a clandestine manner. But the only reason you had not given them the ‘self’ status is because of outside factors.

Eliminating, diluting or dispersing these outside factors that so intently have influenced your deservability happens by identifying and distinguishing the influencers followed by forgiveness. This is both for self as well as for outside influencers. Forgiveness for self because you let yourself agree with them. Forgiveness for others because of what they did. For the forgiveness you may say the words or write them, ‘I am willing to forgive or I forgive you for (fill in the blanks)’. Self-forgiveness in front of your reflection is highly advised.

From here on it’s a smooth sail. All that you like about yourself, all that others have pointed out that they like in you, all that you find likable in others, surfaces fairly easily and is more striking than before. To openly show approval to these, you could start with some exercises. You give yourself a task of recognising three to four likable qualities in you in one day. Out of that one has to be an attribute, another one has to be an action, and one has to be what you like about yourself but would like to enhance or change in some way. Do write as many other point(s) as it comes to you. With time you will have to dig deep and have closer or magnifying look at your likable qualities. This suggests you to look at the places where either you have taken for granted or it is a characteristic you are very convinced that it needs complete rehauling. You delayer, dissect, and disassemble even these and separate the likable from the changeable. The database and the focus of the likables in you keeps getting bigger.

What happens when you appear for an interview? What do you reflect in your resume? What version of you do you present to your partner when you want to impress them in a relationship?

Your absolute best.

If you have been doing the above exercise and you will not need to prepare yourself. Your presence now exudes your absolute best. You need not put effort to bring it out, it’s now on the surface. Your absolute best now becomes your true identity.

Your awesome qualities and achievements get an easy mention. Talking about others admirable qualities are also now comfortable and easily detectable by you.

The best in you brings the best in all you do and in others. So why not share and allow the world to see the reflection of its best in you.

Everything about you is likeable and loveable, even things you wish to change or enhance.   Show it off all the time, because you are saying how much you appreciate yourself. If you do something nice you acknowledge. Like some part of you or whole of you, confidently and completely. Find reasons to appreciate yourself. Because you most definitely have a lot of what can be appreciated.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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