because you care

The World does not depend on the people who are ignoring and not caring.

The world resides on pillars of people who care, are paying attention, and contribute.

because you care

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Things get done because you do them and/or you get them done. Along with you, the other people who are involved are the ones who care, contribute and support in getting it done.

The World does not depend on people who are ignoring. The world is thriving because of people who are paying attention.

Things don’t get done because of shunning and not caring and/or because of the non-contributors. Regardless of how large the number of the nay sayers or how high the decibel of their voice is, that screams and complains that there is no care, the world survives because of the ones that do care and contribute.

Care in any way you can. Other care givers also give the care in any way they can. The care that contributes and helps you in your life will be the one that will be noticed by you. Similarly, care that contributes and helps in others life is noticeable by them.

Care for you is a dependency. There is stringency in the source and in the type of the dependency.

To care first, you need to care about you.

The reason you are not able to care and/or show that you care is because:

(a) You are not giving yourself enough freedom to communicate. You are hesitant in expressing what you need, what you are grateful for, thus creating miscommunication.  (b) You do not care enough about yourself. You are waiting to be that perfect self to start caring about yourself.


Once you see yourself as perfect or enough, you become comfortable accepting care and then you see the dependency in a different light. You will now see your dependencies in its true form and that is co-dependencies.

You have already been caring. You have been caring enough.

Have faith in your caring actions. You need not bank on the approval from others. You shift the responsibility of care when you do not see it as your achievement, mainly because you do not receive returns. Credit, appreciation, acknowledgment, networking/marketing, energy exchange, and/or happiness are the form of return that you wait for as a go ahead gesture.  Pending which you get dissuaded.

Your abilities and your instincts call for you to take action and take responsibility. So you start your care actions and take care related responsibilities. Due to lack of response or reciprocation in any form of return you anticipated, you slow down, pause. Then you stop.

It happens. But the sooner you learn, grow and get started again the better it is for your self-expansion, exploration, and growth.

Connect with your dependencies. Which are the ones that are most bothersome to you? All your dependencies come from the relationships that you have. Relationships with people and thing(s). What is the kind of dependency is it that you want but you are unable to have in any of your relationships? Reassess your dependency and change the perspective to a co-dependency, with the added knowledge you have today, your skills you have today, your willingness you have today and with the life situations you are in today. Your inability to solve your issues related to dependancy is creating aversion towards dependencies and is questioning your capability to care.

If only you choose to give yourself option in dependencies instead of the compulsions that you attach to them, you will see more selections and choices in care from different sources that could be known or unknown. The moment you give yourself that, your enjoyment in care giving and enjoyment of recognising it as self-achievement begins.

Caring is no more attached to ‘return.’ Being able to care and being able to provide care itself becomes a return. Just have the willingness to care, other resources for you will come to you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

Note: Thank you to dear Priyashree B K for the discussion.

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