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Let Go

Do not give up. Do Let go.

Do Let Go


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Dear Friend!


Till now it has been quite a conundrum to decide when to quit or when to ‘let go’. Understanding them closely will definitely help you with the discretion.

Here we go.

Some quitting is temporary while other times there are no second chances. Some quit on life, people while others quit on responsibility, opportunity or relationship. Some quit frequently, while for some others one time quitting is a big deal. Some quit knowingly in a planned manner and others quit impulsively.

Quitting is a single step process. It is easy but after quitting there are a lot of ‘what if’ questions.

Letting go is step wise process. It is actually required and highly beneficial.

Why is ‘letting go’ necessary? Letting go is essential for proper and smooth movement forward without obstacles, that are occupying your space and holding you back.

How to let go? Letting go can be done by recognising what you need to ‘let go’ and then by deciding to do so. Other methods/techniques through which you can let go are meditation, affirmation and EFT/tapping.

(i) List what does not appeal to you. What hurts you or makes you sad. What you understand is keeping from enjoying the whole life. (ii)  Have the willingness to let go that.

Following are some examples. You could create your own list of what you think you want to let go. Be certain of what part of your life from which you would like to ‘let go’.

* Fear, worry, anger and/or guilt about past, present or future. * The extra fat from your body.  * Lack of all kinds needs to go from your space. * Limiting behaviours at the conscious and sub conscious level that is keeping you from what you wish to be or what you wish to achieve. *Attributes, behaviours, characteristics, attitudes from your own self or some other person that are not helping and are not fun.

Sometimes letting go, a part of someone is enough. However many times letting go the person and/or the relationship in its present phase and state may be wise. Later on, same people or relationship can re-enter your life when there is an alignment with your present life phase and state.

Very important part of letting go process is what follows and that is to replace what you let go with what makes you happy. Whatever is happening in your life definitely has an element of fun. The situation that is so diligently lingering in your life to get your attention towards your learning requires a closer look. Take out your mental microscope and binoculars and find out what is the good in it.

Physical letting go is very important. Letting go physical and material things can be done instantly or stepwise. Re-organising is the first step of letting go. This is a feasible and reasonable way in deciding what and when needs to be ‘let go’.

Make space for new and loving and prosperous. All that is required for your happy self.

Cutting cords with past painful experiences is another important method of ‘letting go’.

Using Angel studies, taking help from God and Archangel Michael to continuously keep severing the cords with his light sword. The cords to be cut could be of a particular nature or all the cords that are not helpful for you.

It is of utmost importance for you to remember that your safety is always prime, under all circumstances when you decide to quit or to let go.

Make a list of what you clearly want. Good attention, enhancing interaction, loving relationships, bright future, beautiful health, happiness. Ask for only those and talk, discuss, work only towards that.

Be willing to do the action for it and embrace all that is coming your way. May you have fun with everything in your life.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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It is not the ignorance but the CLARITY which is the BLISS


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Dear Friend!

The best way to get what you want is by clearly knowing what you want and then stating it clearly. The best way to manifest is by communicating clearly to your Universe and receiving clear guidance.

Mind you if you express this desire that is ‘desire to express more clearly’, you will get the ways to get more clear. Clear in your words. Clear in your action.

You will find yourself interacting with people in your personal and professional life who ask you lot of questions. You will be asked to clarify a lot of instructions and suggestions. They will not be self-sufficient. They will seem quite inefficient. They will require and will freely ask for your assistance. They will bring to your attention of all that is not possible. They will present excuses for their actions and behaviors. They will make a lot of visible mistakes. They will easily point your mistakes. You will be pushed to reform by removing your anger from your expression. As anger expressions, taunts, satires will back fire. You will be asked for approval ever so often. While you will be given approval very easily and it will also be taken away easily too. You will try to practice trust and try to stay out of their way, but you will be pulled in to participate. Regardless of your irritation level and the time you take to recognise the required changes and the time you take in making those changes, these people and experiences are going to persist in your space. Be kind and patient towards yourself and them.

Value the interaction as they are here to change your life

No more guessing game, vague instructions or actions open to suggestions. You will need to get as specific as you know.

Repeated questions and repeated instructions. All will be required to be done. Personal, private and intruding questions. All will be asked.

You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone which is your limiting zone. The questions, attitudes and the work you need to get done through them will stare at your face.

You will have a choice, to CHANGE.

If you choose to accept these experiences to change you and in the process train you then following will begin to happen.

Recognising and addressing of prosperity, gratitude and blessings. Expansion of mind, new vocabulary, new formation of sentences, transformation/changes/letting go habits. As a result, you will find yourself speaking clearly and doing actions more clearly. Every area of your life where you have been unclear about you will have started addressing more clearly.

You will most definitely have the immediate access to results. Thus, indicating that you are getting what you have asked for and that is a clear speech for self-affirmation and communication with the Universe. Followed by clear actions that lead you to the manifestations.

There will be good changes in people and/or their previous behaviour as you agree to change.

Be willing to change. Pay attention to the questions. Convert every answer to the uncomfortable, unaddressed and dodged questions into an affirmation. Be patient and respecting. Acknowledge your emotions like irritation and frustration. Identify anger and be willing to apologise where you understand yourself to be in the wrong. Avoid lingering over one situation for long and be willing to address what is bothering you. Share only what you desire to share. You need not breach your personal confidentiality. Affirm more than is expected as an answer. Develop a language of affirmations for conversations.

Notice how clearly and easily you have started speaking about your desires. Big thank you to all those people who have shown the value in the clarity of words how it materialises into action easily. This has been the training you required all along to be CLEAR.

Clear words and actions give you very clear manifestations.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Be True To Yourself

It is more important to Be True To Yourself, rather than being honest with others.

True to Yourself

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Dear Friend!

Honesty is the best policy when it is focused through ‘being true to yourself’.

‘To be true to yourself’ is to love yourself, stand by yourself, allow yourself for the life experiences, recognise your limiting behaviors and promote yourself to power through those. To be true to yourself is to say/think words and do the actions that keep taking you only in a forward direction in life. To be true to yourself is to trust yourself that if you have attracted a life situation you have the power to have attracted the right resources to tackle it. To be true to yourself means you need to constantly incessantly remind yourself that you are important and precious and so is everything about you including your words and feelings and vibrations. Pay close attention to those and do not take them for granted. Therefore, use only life enhancing practices.

Information sharing and observation are the ways to connect. Information sharing is a right of whom the information is with. Superfluous or insufficient information is incomprehensible. Customized and tailored information is comprehensible and is therefore of use. The utility of the information is of absolute necessity else it loses its value.

Comprehension of the information is mainly based on individual’s perspective. What the individual wishes to convey. What the individual wishes to derive.

Convincing is not your responsibility. It is a choice you make while sharing the information. Placing the customised information in the required space is the only essential step. Convincing is a choice based on the goal of sharing the information.

Communication flow is definitely important for connectivity. With whom and what and how much to share is a choice. Such selective sharing maintains the comfort level and lowers resistance and thus communication flow continues.

Information is in words. Words are precious. They have an impact. They are an integral part of manifestations. They are continually coming true.

Say what you wish to convey. Share what it is that you truly wish to share.

Establishing communication by customizing information towards that what is beneficial is a well-invested effort. The situation gets clearer and benefits are (a) solutions pop up   (b) gratitude is conveyed.

Honesty is valuable. The honesty required is in the communication between you and your Universe. What are you communicating to your Universe? Is this the conversation reflective of your true magnificence or is it riddled with guilt, anger, fear, and others view points. In every communication, the very first conversation takes place is with your own self and then with your Universe. It is a golden opportunity to say it in words that are on your side and are in your favour. This also becomes your affirmation. You say what you mean and what you desire.

The same applies when you have a conversation or convey a conversation about others. The same applies when you have a conversation with children or when you have a conversation with an older person.

People and relationships are essential too, especially the relationship with one’s own self. This work on communication is for all their sake.

‘It will definitely work out.’ ‘Only good will come out of it.’ ‘We/I am working on the solution.’ ‘I am really looking for it to solve in a way that it is good for all involved.”

These and similar sentences can be used till you decipher what sentences matches and aligns with your true self.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why mend relationship today?

Why mend relationship today? – Wednesday Why?

Why mend relationship

IADLife Post :

Dear Friend!

Case Study: Rajkumar wants to mend his relationship with his family member. Absentee family member with no common activity, lack of appreciation of achievements. He wants to re-connect with this family member. How to do that?

Recently the family member agreed to support R’s business idea, years after he had requested for it. ‘R’ saw it as a support coming too late. He did not think he cared about the fruition of his ideas as he himself had changed as a person and was, therefore, finding it difficult to accept the offer of help now.

‘R’ needs to know that he need not accept completely. He can negotiate. Completely accepting that offer is not possible as he himself pointed out that the ship has sailed. Also, there is anger from the past rejection which is now a blockage. What is advised at this point is to negotiate instead of completely letting go the offer. Form two plans one that is based on his present work experience and the other one that comes from his family member.

‘R’ could note that him changing as a person has come from the kind of exposure in travel, responsibilities, and experiences he has had from the various job opportunities he took up since his family member turned him down.

He had been postponing healing his relationship with his family member because he could still do it the next day. The reason for the postponement is that he did not see himself equipped to mend the relationship.

He recognised that something was holding him back as he did acknowledge that he had grown due to the opportunities he has had through those involvements. Something he could be grateful for.

Un-forgiveness is what was holding him back.  This is holding back his relationship with the family member and his own future.


Following information about healing relationship with another person will help in getting started right away.

$ Whether the person is in front of you or away, you can still heal your relationship.

$ Hurt that you are carrying for the other person is of past.

$ Facing the person in the relationship is difficult because you try to transform according to the other person. Talk your language. Prepare yourself, have self-conversation what you wish to resolve with this person. Find out how mending this relationship is going to help you? Do your home work. If you have resistance towards doing the work then it is because you don’t trust you can do that, or if you do attempt you will fail or once you are done with the mending and healing then you do not know what to do with the habit of unforgiveness.

If you are willing to go past all this it is then that you will be able to take the step ahead towards healed relationship.

$ Write a letter to the person stating all that you wish to say that can lead to the enhancement of the relationship. The letter has to be blame free. The letter is for your eyes primarily, sharing it with the other person is optional.

$ Ask yourself do you love this other person. Ask yourself do you know what love is. Love is to stand by someone under all conditions, even when you see that person’s ways, thinking, behaviour and action are not aligning with yours. Also, note that you are asking for the same from the other person.

$ Another person can only contribute to your future not be responsible for it.

$ Under all conditions do not try to change the other person. You interact with your best version of self. Interact with love for the other person. Under all circumstances stand by yourself. Under all circumstance stand by the other person.

$ Keep trying. Results come will follow.

$ What you like or dislike in the other person is the reflection of you that you see in the other person. This is the most important exercise in healing a relationship.

(i) Make a list of 5 or more attribute / behaviour/ characteristic of the other person that you like

(ii) Make a list of 5 or more attribute / behaviour/ characteristic of the other person that you dislike or find hurtful or painful.

The list in (i) is all that you like about yourself. Having this common with the other person brings out adoration and thus brings you closer. The list in (ii) is what you dislike about yourself and wish to change. You could delayer and describe the points with incidents you have observed to see the familiarity within you.

The moment you acknowledge and have the willingness to change then you will notice the relationship equation with this other person change.

When you take action to change, then enhancement in the relationship expedites.

$  You need to actually understand what is it to allow people to be.   Recognise and allow yourself to be you. Allow others to be themselves. This will create acceptance. Acceptance helps in forgiveness. Willingness to forgive paves way for recognising and acknowledging things to be grateful for in the relationship. This gives communication a boost.

Communication motivates you to heal your relationship today.

Next is wonderful creative interaction.

So heal and mend your relationship today.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Work In Inspiration

Work not in competition But In inspiration

Work in Inspiration


Dear Friend!
How to define success? You define success just as you define anything else. That is by looking at previous definitions and by following previous definers. The parameters they have considered. The yardstick they have used. You study them, you observe them and then based on the approval ratings the parameters and yardstick get you define and decide your success.
You would possibly not have spent time and energy on others and outside factors if only you had known that success cannot be generalised. Success is individualistic. It is decided, defined, achieved and experienced by an individual. Even if there is a group of people that are participating and contributing together to fructify a common project/task/goal, still ‘success’ for each of them will be their own.
When you look up to someone or something for inspiration, you give yourself the freedom, flexibility, and expandability to decide your very own ‘success quotient’. You can decide what attributes of them or that you wish to consider for your success and what attributes of your origin would you like to add to the understanding of success.
When you are in the process of setting the lines/bullet points for your success, the key to achieving it is to be very clear about what you truly consider as ‘success’.
You need not rule out or sacrifice one point to get the other.
You have to be mindful of not including someone else’s pointers in your understanding of success.
You need to agree with all the points that outline success for you at the conscious and sub-conscious level. If at your subconscious level there are different pointers that are based on your influencers view point then this misalignment with the conscious level will leave you feeling unfulfilled and underachieved. However, an alignment of both the conscious and subconscious level points with your intention for the current project/task/goal is a sure certain way to enjoy what you desire as your success.
If it is unclear what your subconscious level points are that require to be changed then there are two alternatives. First one is you find them out and solve them by replacing them. Else take the second alternative that is you go around it till you can replace it.
You solve it by finding out what is it you wanted but you did not get in success. These tell you why although you had all the checklist ticked you still seem to have missed the mark on success. You make a note of those points and add it in your affirmations and tapping (EFT). Keep assuring and reassuring yourself of this addendum in the definition of success till you start getting visible results.
For the second alternative where you find a way around it, you need to probe into ‘how do you want to feel when you have the Success’ and vizualise it. Excited, motivated, high in energy, high in vibration, safe, loved, appreciated and accepted. Now think of three images that would signify these feelings. Vizualise yourself being that. Do this for seven days then reassess the believability level in accepting this new set of points that express your success.
After the alignment exercise recognising and connecting with your previous successes and the upcoming ones becomes a possibility.
Success driven by inspiration has enormous scope of creative growth. You will enjoy and have a sense of openness which is the space that accommodates fun and sincerity.
Continue your wonderful work and keep getting inspired by others and just as you keep being inspirational to others.
Your largest source of inspiration is you, as you are willing to learn and change and move forward. Trod within for more quota of inspiration, as per your need and will.
Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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Friendship Quotient Changes

Friendship Quotient Changes As You Move Forward In Healing Journey


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Friendship Quotient Changes As You Move Forward In Healing Journey

Spirituality is not a phase. You are all Spirit beings. Each one of you at some time during your stay on this planet re-realise about your magnificent self. You then encounter a choice to either to embrace the spiritual and healing path or continue your present route.

If you choose the road that has healing solutions for you then you have chosen to lead a spiritual life.

A spiritual life is very similar to the ‘sansaric’ or worldly life that you have already been living or use to live. You chose to be with family, relatives, friends, neighbours and others who are contributing to your day to day life experiences as you are contributing into theirs. These people are permanent or temporary according to life experiences you have decided to have or require to have at that time in your life.

There is a person or people you call/categorise as ‘friend(s)’. When a friend has yet to recognise the spiritual path and expresses reluctance to accept you in this new avatar then you will see change in their behaviour/characteristic/attribute that will not align with yours. Some become hurtful either in words or action and if you let them they drift away. There are some that become indifferent. They show tolerance or acceptance but do not interfere or show any plans to change.

Friendship is valuable. They are the family that you are not born with but you get to create based on your current location, circumstance, and vibration. They are the co-creator of your life experiences. They are part of your support system. They are important.

However, your path and the work you have put in to change is much more valuable and important. The friends that you love, like, respect, have fun with, if they are still to play a role in your life in the direction of your choosing, then they will either change or later on in life catch up and re-enter your life. You will need to value their pace and willingness as much as you have to value and respect your life’s changes and the effort you put in to get to where you are.

Don’t be alarmed, surprised or concerned when you see the friend(s) alterations in behavior or attributes. The fact is that you transformed. However, their kind of changing and some of the moving out of your space only means that you have just created a space for a new set of people whom you could explore to become friends with that will be part of this phase in your life’s journey.

Your definition of friendship changes as you change in life. The shift in the definition of friendship means there is a phase shift in your life. New people, characteristics, experiences are on the horizon or have already become part of your life. Embracing them is showing the willingness to welcome your new phase of life thus ‘a new you’.

You could be amazed with admiration at the marvel of the Universe on how people who need to be together are brought together by the sequence of events. When you are placed in someone’s space or they are in your space, there is a reason. The reason is ‘life’s lessons’, that leads to life’s enhancement.

So you need not resist or persist about anyone entering or leaving your space. The choice is always yours. Your safety is prime.

Just affirm, ‘it is for the greatest and highest good for all involved.’

The ones that become your mutual friends tell you a lot about changes in the pattern(s) in your life. Their changing is reflective of how you are changing. People, environment, interaction, food, travel all tells you what needs change and how far you have come.

The only friend that remains with you in all phases of your life is your own self.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Get It Done

Rather than finding an excuse not to do something, Please find reasons and ways to get it done.

Get It Done

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Every drop makes an ocean. Every step irrespective of the size and direction brings you closer to fruition of your goal/aim/desire. Taking that step is a requirement. Avoid presenting or getting convinced by an excuse why the step was not taken.

Focus on how taking the/that step is going to benefit you. On doing this following happens (a) you start to get some or few things done – (b) your confidence gets better and better – (c) you are motivated to take on more tasks – (e) you see completion of milestones/projects – (f) it makes it easier for you to self-approve and ask for approval for others – (g) on receiving approval from others there is boost in morale and it enhances your interaction or interacting skills – (h) interaction makes way for the information flow – (i) more the information, more is the creativity and opportunity – (j) you are satisfied and all these raises your vibration and energy – (k)thus lot more keeps getting done.

Once you get accustomed to knowing, implementing and seeing the sequence of vibration raising events then it is easy to find a reason(s) to take ‘the step’.

Extend your time, go an extra mile, motivate yourself get that one extra bit done. Every ‘granular’ effort now, this moment and today will show ‘gigantic’ reports and results.

Where ever you find it easier to procrastinate, that is the place you need to take that micro step. Do it just for you. On taking this small step please do not look for approval from others. This little step is only for your own encouragement and self-approval. When your work and/or the outcome are visible to you in an appreciable manner, it is only then that the approval from external source starts to pour in.

Commit to where you feel the most resistance. Commend your determination. Keep it regular. Find alternatives.

After you commit to a task or a project, there are chances that there are going to be extra, added, or superfluous responsibilities that might come up. Instead of blaming/looking at that/them as blockage or hindrance, try to cater to both. Partly or complete for both or either.

This extra work comes in your space for a reason.

*They seem as if they are moving you from the timelines you have scheduled but they are there to bring you to the right divine time.

*They have important information related to what you are about to embark on. To know that a simple question can be asked in your mind, ‘what is it that you need me to know through this task/ experience?’

*They show you the vibrational alignment you are in so that if there is an adjustment required you could take care of that before you start the task.

*Or they are there to bring you to a vibrational alignment that is required for the job in hand.

When you decide that these are helpful/supportive inclusions in your already full schedule, then you can utilise these precious gems too, beautifully.

This is an amazing opportunity to prove yourself to you.

It also enhances your multitasking and time management abilities and may even add to your existing skills. Key is to keep finding ways and means to whatever you had initially decided to complete.

Final reward will be beyond what you are knowing is the result. The level of satisfaction and self-pride comes as a bonus.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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You are worth the healing

Healing Process Is Truly a Lot Of  Self-Work. and You are Worth It.

You are worth the healing

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Modalities, processes, protocols, types. Then comes the guidance methods. Self-learning or from other modes which could be in person, online or books. They are verbal and/or practical. Each is quite sufficient in itself or sometimes they work in combination.

These are the HEALING solutions.


There are innumerable healing solutions. You choose and you apply it in your life. You or your teacher could create a ‘prescription’ for these or you carry out the practice intermittently. You are sincere or sometimes regular. You stay loyal to one or jump to another one as soon as you know of the results of that one. When it works for you, you quietly get back to your next phase or you become a campaigner and recommend it to all you think will benefit.


When the healing process is introduced to you one of the first information you look for is ‘how long does it take.’ Mins or days. Then you react according to the length of the duration for the healing to show its results. You either show disbelief at the shortness of the duration or gasp if the length is long. You come back to it if you are still status quo in your healing journey or you get supporting feedback from other sources on that.


Then comes the investment of other resources. You check for the availability of time and money and then you decide based on what you think you can spare you.


You decide to assess your resource investment. For the resource that you need to put in, your immediate focus is mainly on one parameter that is how many classes, workshop programs, or how many materials need to be purchased. Your feedback also is based on one parameter and that is how much of the result you are able to see yourself and what can you show to others.


However, the fair calculation is when you consider the following parameters:

(1) The time span that has gone in since you have been in this dis’ease’, painful or hurtful state.


(2) The resource that you putting in.


(3) Your understanding of the practice.

(4) What is the faith, sincerity and how regular you are with the practice!

ALSO,  most important.

(5) How long since you first started with this healing process.

(6) Your willingness.


Now, with this calculation, if you can truly decide whether the healing process is/has worked for you.


Know this fact that the ‘healing process’ is a process of life.


It is a regular continuous process. It is a very important essential part of your life. It is your only spiritually healthy way of moving forward.


Regardless you take a step or effort towards your healing process, you will still grow. Your life will still move forward. Your hair grows, your nail grows, your epithelial layer of your skin and inside organs sheds to new ones take its place, RBC has 120 days of life span after which they are replaced by the new ones by your hemopoietic system. This proves that nature is continuously supporting you in your growth. When you add your willingness to participate in healing at the spiritual level too then you heal at the other levels too.

It might seem overwhelming as to where to start and if you have got it right. Start with the first support/suggestion/idea that has come in your space and yes that is indeed the right one. Healing is process and each step will only lead you to the higher upper level.


All this because you are really really worth it.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Stay Calm

Why can’t you be Angry?-Wednesday Why?

Stay calm

IADLife Blog:

Q by Reena Yadav :).

Dear Friend!

‘Please do not get upset, stay calm.’ This is what is told to you when you are ‘angry.’

Calming down is not about suppressing anger. It’s about converting anger state to a non-anger state. Anger is a voluntary response. It is a shortcut behaviour. It is a choice. The other choice is to notice your thoughts. What are the thoughts of events, people, incidents, experiences of yours and others that you have observed that is connected to your present situation that is suggesting you an option of anger behaviour. These thoughts are the once that need to be changed. Self-conversation or counselling is the best way to reverse engineer genesis or early influencers of these behaviours. Tapping or EFT and/or mirror work also helps in reaching to the root of this.

After noting the reason for the trigger it becomes easier for you to interact openly in the same/similar situation with your true expression. You will yourself notice that your true expression is solution based.

Anger is triggered at low vibration and low energy. Anger is a blocker. It blocks you from connecting to all the high vibration entities Your Higher Self, Source, and Angels.

When you are angry or in an angry argument or someone is angry with you, you could request God and Angels to calm yourself and others and keep everyone safe. If you are willing and others too, then you will notice the calming down of your own self and of others too. Argument and scolding become creative discussions and conversation. Staying silent and asking for help till the right supporting thoughts can occur is also useful.

When you are around people or are thinking of people, situations or things that are of low vibrations then knowingly or unknowingly you are sharing your energy with them. If you are unaware of this then you don’t replenish your energy level and you succumb to your low vibration behavior. Cutting cords and taking help to peacefully protect yourself which is a form of shielding also is very necessary to change from anger to nonanger state. Even when people at low energy are thinking/talking about you without your physically present there, you will still feel the drain in energy. However, all kinds of energy sharing or draining will happen with your permission knowingly or unknowingly.

Not expressing anger is also not recommended. The outer demeanor looks calm and ‘keeping it together kind of person’, but if you still are holding anger and resentment, it is detrimental to you. It keeps you from completely expressing your true opinion. If you have anger it is necessary to release it.

You could disperse the anger by walk. Take a walk away from the situation or change the topic for a while. Other ways of releasing anger are kick boxing and acupressure foot massage.

Holding on or expressing too much causes harm at the physical level. It manifests in the physical diseases like cancer and hypertension.

Not getting angry or raising your voice does not mean you are not sincere. You need not be serious to show concern or to prove that you care. Efficiency is not mutually exclusive to calm. You can focus more, make more informed decisions and be clear about them.

In nonanger state there are no vibrational interference.

Anger is neither normal nor healthy. It needs to be dealt with. Release it, solve it, convert it into something creative and fun. Be that with yourself and you will able to be that behaviour always.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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