to be or have-Jealousy

Jealousy is what you want to be or have, but you were not allowing yourself because of the limiting traits within.

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Dear Friend!

Every characteristic in others that gets your attention pleasant or unpleasant is a reflection of your characteristic.

When the characteristic and/or attribute that you notice are pleasant in an outside person or element then that is the reflection of characteristic and/or attribute within you that you appreciate.

However, it is slightly different when the characteristics and/or attributes that you notice are unpleasant in an outside person or element. It could then either mean that, (a) it is a reflection of something you do not like that you wish to change within you or (b) it is a reflection of something you wish to have or be, but you are not allowing of or clear about.

When something bothersome comes to your attention you could tap within and find out where or how or what part of your life does it reflect.

The questions that might arise are : (i) Why do you need to change something within? (ii) Having knowledge on what you do not like about others, why can’t that be enough?

Anything that is unpleasant is not fun. Giving it your resources for analysis is energy intensive. Knowing the reason that necessitates its understanding and action that is suggested after, will help you see that the investment of your resources is worthwhile.

When something is irritating and frustrating it gets your repeated attention and focus. It remains in some part of your memory and even the tiniest of the trigger or semblance of it is responsible for the surfacing of the low vibration feelings of anger, irritation, fear and frustration that will seem to be connected with what is reflecting them. When unattended your reaction to these characteristic or attribute may keep getting aggravated due to repeated botheration. Where your attention is and what gets your focus will keep coming in your space often. You may find yourself getting more and more disturbed by their presence in your space, physically or in your mind. These repeated visitors are ‘patterns’ that are meant to be in your space to be a constant reminder of what you desire to change within and thus in your life, and that is the reason as per your instructions the universe keeps bringing your attention to this particular characteristic(s) or attribute(s).

Make a note, study the characteristic and/or attribute, de-layer to find which aspect(s) of that

(#) that you like or could be comfortable with and (#) which ones you don’t like or which ones you absolutely could do without.

The ones you don’t like need your closer attention and further de-layering.  On further inspection, you might find that the low vibration feeling that you are accepting for that is actually lack related. An honest consideration will help you see that you rather have or be that and that it has been the self-imposed limitation which has been keeping you from achieving that.

This is Jealousy.

When you recognise that you are jealous your low vibrations will change to appreciation or admiration. Your focus will shift to what changes you now want to make and what is that you could do to have or be that.


Knowing the difference is the key.

Having the willingness to acknowledge and change the attributes or characteristics that you absolutely do not like and could do without, is what will make the difference from inside to outside.

The first thing that you will notice that your low vibration feelings towards that will start to diminish, change and then you get indifferent towards it, regardless of their existence in your space. You could also notice that they may leave your space.

Such changes make space for creative growth options. It makes your mind capable of accepting and being open to exploring new and/or unknown.
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Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

Note: Thank you to dear Priyashree B K for the discussion.

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