who want to STAY show

When something or someone leaves your space and your efforts are not reciprocated, Know this, The ones who would want to stay, Would have SHOWN willingness, Would have MADE the effort, Would have SHOWN the effort, to STAY

who want to stay show


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Dear Friend!

Know this, you want to do this and/or have that, your whole Universe will bring about all movement required to facilitate what you wish to do. Only necessary and mandatory parameter is ‘your communication about it’ with your Universe, and that has to be very very clear. When more than one person is involved then manifestation is dependent on more than one person’s willingness. So you see if you want to be in someone’s space or if you want to do something in someone’s space, it the willingness of all involved that finally determines what manifests. Similarly, if someone else wants to be or wants to do something in your space then, it happens with the willingness of yours and the other person. The alignment in willingness is responsible for co-contribution when more than one parties are participating.

Now, there can never be blame that someone or something happened without your willingness. Now, there can never be sadness or guilt that you were not able to do what you wished to do with and for someone or something. To reiterate, you now know, that the willingness of both parties is at play here.

You have tried to keep or support something or someone in your space but your efforts were in vain. The person or thing leaves your space you need to know there are only two reasons (a) the alignment of willingness required for each of you to stay in each other’s space is not there yet. (b) your asking for that person or thing to stay, is conditional.

Maybe you want to be better prepared or equipped. Maybe you want someone or something to change to be in your space. Therefore, you see the timings as ‘later than now’ seems to be a better one, to be in each other’s space.

Both the reason (a) and (b),  complies with the fact that when someone or something is coming to your life, you are ready and prepared. It is the right time for you to receive that. It is the right time for both of you to be in each other’s space.  Someone or something leaves your space, then that is the right time for that or it to leave. When you leave and you are clear that you are doing this in compliance with your inner guidance. Then that is the right step and is at the right time.

The connectivity with Source and your Universe can be established by practice. Till the connectivity is fortified divine events in life are questioned. Instead of looking for the blessing in what happened, you will look for reasons and ways to rectify.

Allow yourself to do so. Till the connectivity and faith are strengthened. Go ahead and do your best to understand the situation and/or to restore. While you are taking action steps to retrieve what is not in your space anymore, what is not giving your approval anymore, do remember to reassess what ‘conditions’ that you have placed either for that or for others that could be responsible for their leaving. See if you are willing to change. Is this change an option or is this ‘condition’ something you have decided to stay with.

Along with the efforts you are putting, keep an eye on the ‘what’ and ‘who’. Notice if there are efforts being put from their side too.

You can only do so much. Other people’s life experiences is completely intertwined with their willingness. When or if and only if their willingness aligns with yours that you get to influence their decisions and choices. Sometimes if it is unclear to you whether your efforts are working or whether you need to put in efforts. Then notice the efforts of others. Do you see or feel the efforts of reciprocation or expressing the desire to stay or receive from you by them. Yes, then re-enforce your resources towards supporting them in coming back. If no, then retract your efforts. If you are getting confused between your wish to have them back with what might seem like their possible interest in coming back, as that/they signify your comfort zone. Do what you are most convinced about. If you force yourself then it will become another reason for resistance to ‘let go’ later on. This is a blockage in moving forward and flourishing. If it works out, great! But, if it is not what you understood then do not go into blame or self-critism.

Start fresh at any moment.

The same explanation applies when someone is not changing, giving approval, respect, love, and/or care to you. Or when you are not able to reciprocate to any other person.

You deserve loving reciprocation. So do others.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034




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