Happiness is Habit

Happiness is a habit.

Happiness is habit

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Dear Friend!

Right this moment ask yourself. Why are you happy? What will make you happy? What’s the reason for your happiness at this moment? What % are you happy?

You have a desire? What is it? Do you want a chocolate ice cream? What will you gain after you have/get yourself a chocolate ice-cream? You happy! Great. That’s an achievement.

What if it interferes with your health or diet plan that you have painstakingly adhered to. How soon after the chocolate ice cream consumption will the achievement transmute into guilt? Are you happy now?

Let’s look at another very simple example. When you want to exercise and you don’t support yourself in the efforts, you procrastinate and your excuse is that you are convinced that you deserve few minutes to some more hours of sleep. If you are a person who works hard for the family and has the whole day’s schedule full. You sway towards resting as more important than exercising. What will give you happiness? What will fill you with energy and health? Are you still willing to use that time to exercise? If you are getting up early to exercise even when you are finding it difficult to do so. That is happiness. That is because this is you facing and getting over your resistance. You will have better energy to finish what you wish to do in shorter duration. But when you are unwell, you allow yourself rest and delegate, postpone or cancel certain tasks that would otherwise be unthinkable for you to do.

Before you ask, work or receive your desires, you need to know, ask and work towards happiness. What is your definition of happiness? The developing of the definition comes from your previous years on this planet. If you are one who has had a childhood, middle age or earlier part of life growing up guided, ruled, monitored by others version, rules or viewpoint. Then, you adapt the same. Who have been your influencers? What was fed in your brain about your deservability of happiness? Now in the present day and age, your definition and deservability of happiness for you will be still that.

If you are noticing that your life is not flourishing and your manifestations are not happening as per your plan. You will now know that it is time to sincerely re-haul the definition of happiness.

Start from the very start and start very small. You will need to differentiate, demarcate and then transform other’s version to your version of happiness. Start simple.

If keeping yourself hydrated is a requirement of your health. You are unable to drink x litres. Drink few glasses. You wish to write a book. Write a paragraph right now.

Do part of it. Start there, rather than allowing the magnanimity of the task to intimidate and become the resistance to you understanding your happiness.

The ‘comfort zone’ that you had is not your happiness. The term is a misnomer. Many experiences, while you are in your comfort zone, will be unpleasant. The comfort zone is something that you are familiar with, stepping out of it is to face the unknown. The resistance thoughts that stop you from stepping out of the comfort zone are, ‘ have to struggle’, ‘have to work very hard’, ‘will have to face rejections’, ‘will not succeed.’

‘Cancel’, ‘clear’, ‘delete’ these thoughts. Say that ‘ I am willing to expand my comfort zone’, ‘I am willing to explore and experience the new’, ‘all will be well’, ‘the whole Universe supports me’, ‘whatever I do will be perfect for me’, ‘I will be very satisfied and content’

Knowing what brings you happiness is not happiness. It could be a start. Knowing and not doing what brings about happiness, is also not happiness. Taking or doing the action steps is happiness. Results from that further on add to the happiness.

Happiness is your true divine state. Anything that takes you closer to your greatest and highest good is happiness.

Happiness is self-love, self-praise, self-approval. Happiness brings you closer to your true self.

Make happiness your habit. Make the discussion about happiness your integral part of your internal thoughts. Let this then start translating into the feelings of enjoyment. Smiling becomes easy, your eyes light up, your skin glows, lowers your stress and takes your focus on all that is creative and is working in your space.

Life moves forward in a smooth manner.

Good for you, Good for your health, Good for the environment, Good for our beloved Earth.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034




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