action to completion

LOVING, Persistently, Consistently, Relentlessly. With these you can take any ACTION to completion.

action to completion

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Solicited or unsolicited suggestion, advice, recommendation, all point to an action. Even if the action is ‘to do nothing.’ That would actually mean to ‘let go’ worry, restlessness, impatience, stress, fear, anger connected to that situation or desire. That is the action that you need do here. Therefore, technically there is always an action or few actions involved to accomplish the fulfilment of an objective. The actions could be in random or in sequence. Sometimes one-time action would be sufficient for the purpose. On other times the action or some action(s) are required to be repeated.

All that protocol, effort, strategic planning, and placement are because, only following through the action(s) will complete the task, goal, and/or project. Completion of task, goal and/or project is the way to receive the results. Receiving the results is to manifest the desire(s).

Bringing an action or actions to completion sometimes requires, picking up from where it was left off, allowing to vary in the pace in which the action is carried out, altering the action to make it easy to understandable or comfortable to get over the resistance. It is the matter of powering through and keep going.

Persistently, consistently and relentlessly keep doing the action. Don’t do it out of fear or anger. Carry it out with love. Love for self. Love for the manifestation of desire.

To receive in high vibration and to receive high vibrational results, you need to carry out the process and actions that entail it in high vibration.

To pause or slowdown is not stopping. You see it as something that delays your manifestation. You see it as reasons because of which you miss out. You have not been able to have an opportunity and/or your expectations are not met. It affects your final outcome that is enjoyment. Do not consider pausing or slowing down as a big loss. Do not let it get converted into a complete halt. All the self-blame and self-criticism on the past approach to the actions lower your energy. It does not motivate, promote or give confidence that you can or you have the capability to do the action. Get self- analytical. Convert all forms of self-scolding into that. Analyse what can be done differently. Even when you are doing the analysis keep doing the action, any action in the process or even a part of it.

Resume ASAP. The key is to leave as little gap as possible between the last moment of the action to the next moment in the action.

If there is a change in form of action, then continue with the previous form of action till the new form of action is decided. However, safety and well-being of you and the process is important. So only if you are certain about the safety then and only then you continue.

Any excuse to discontinue has to be dealt with by refuting its implementation, de-layering or healing. Any or all reason(s) to continue has to be supported, motivated, appreciated, approved immediately.

Acknowledge, love and respect both a reason as well as an excuse. Many times an excuse will pave way for something new and/or enhanced. So give your attention to it. But, your focus has to go to the reason that is responsible for the continuity of the action that takes you the next step.

To enjoy every action and every moment in the action you need to devise self-customised ways and methods to do so. Decide an award or reward yourself on each action, step or on a milestone set by you. Honest self-conversation is a must on a regular basis. Uplifting affirmations have to be part of your conversations with self and others. First and the most attention has to be on self-appreciation, self-approval, self-respect, self-belief.

Under all conditions, by any and/or all means keep moving forward to take your action to completion.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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