Life is a flow.

Life is not against the stream. Life is a flow.

Life is a flow

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

You don’t need to convince anyone but yourself. You don’t need to argue. You don’t need to strive to be better than anyone. You don’t need to compete.

You are the best version of you. Changes you want to make has to be decided based on your higher potential and towards your higher desires.

So how do you know which direction to go? How do you know how far, how high to reach? How to know what next?

Listen to the inner guidance. Pay close attention to your intuitive messages. You need to spend time and practice in deciphering these guidance and messages.

That’s all that there is.

And you cannot dismiss any of your thoughts, guidance, and messages just because you thought you got it wrong or you have yet to gain expertise in it. That happens when you are too stringent about an outcome and you start to steer the interpretation the thoughts, guidance, messages by your manipulating them towards a particular result.

When you ask for a desire. You get your desire exactly as you ask. The Universe will move and do all that is needed to be done to bring you ‘the desire.’ You would get your desire in a form that aligns with your asking. If your desires have adjectives, arrangements will be made for you to receive the desire with that.

These arrangements could be change in you. Resources will be provided to you also in the form of life experiences to assist you in making those changes. The acceptance this will have a direct influence on the desire manifestation.

Your asking extends as much as your mind can accommodate in deservability. If you wish to experience your highest deservability, then you could take a bold step and trust the higher force and allow them to show you or bring to you what is your highest form of that desire. Changes or action steps will be suggested here too. You do that more easily because the faith is already in place.

You will never be suggested to do anything that will put you or anyone else in danger. Safety and comfort are mutually exclusive. You may need to step out or expand your comfort zone. During the whole process, you are safe.

You could specify the time when you wish to have your desire or you could trust the divine timing. In both, you are guided to get it. What universe brings to you is the next stepping stone. You need to put your foot there. Do whatever needs to be done there.  Then next stepping stone appears then you have to take the next step.

In all, you always get what you ask.

Key is, understanding your guidance. You have to practice. You have to get better at deciphering and decoding these indications. You cannot give up.

Meditate, communicate, connect with Self and Universe. Take help from the connectors your trusted angels or your inner thoughts that will be the bridge.

You will see a scene from a movie or real life or a totally new vision, words floating in writing or you hear words, short phrases in a language that you know or you don’t, symbols you recognise or some that you might have to do some research on. That research too is part of the next step.

All messages are polite, calm, soothing. If there is a  scary message that is making you nervous or angry. Then that is reflective of the fear in you. If the messages are not coming through. Then that is the resistance within you. Take a break. Try again. Request help to remove fear or your pent-up subdued anger. That could also be a step to the next phase. Recognising that you are in fear and you need to let go fear or anger, which actually are forms of resistance or blockage.

You are upset, frustrated, and find something is amiss. This is when you are consciously or unconsciously have disconnected with the higher vibration. The moment you realise or sense that you are going in the lower vibration ask for the re-establishment of the connection.

Note down your dreams too. Understand your dreams. Ask help before you go to sleep for guidance.

Deal with everything that is a mismatch to the kind of life you aspire. Do not let anything dampen your enthusiasm to get this process in place for you. Only you believing in this process is enough.

Happy Connecting. Ask for the ‘next step.’

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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