Why do we attract wrong people and/or situations?

Why do we attract wrong people and/or situations? -Wednesday Why?

Why attract wrong



Dear Friend!

Wrong people or wrong situations come in your space when you just decided to change your ways from what was not working for you.

There is only one reason and that is you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

You have either understood it as something that can be done tomorrow. You are focusing on what you do not want whether they are people/person, thing or situation. You have really not gotten what needs to be done. You are not motivated to take that step towards the action that is suggested.

Do what you have been guided to do. Right now get up do something related to that. Chart out the plan that is required.

What if you don’t know what is it you ought to be doing? What if you think you were already doing what needed to be done?

Sometimes the people and situations that are presently in your space are so frustrating that you are willing to do the first thing that you understand needs to be done and get it over with. If the situation or person/people persist in your situation, you might want to wait it out, let it pass.

Please do not give up. Because if you still have not recognised, understood or is not clear about what is it that you need to do. You will attract same/similar situation or people/person. This time the level of irritation will be higher, because of the earlier unresolved episode.

Can you think of anything other than what you are already doing that could be done at this point? Do it. At least make a start and set an intention to abide by the discipline that is required to see through its completion. You need not stop what you were doing before. If the next thing you are doing is not getting you the comforting result. Then do what makes sense next. Truth is you already know. However, sometimes due to stress, there is doubt on your knowing, the signs are misread, visions are blur or not pleasant.

At this point connect with your higher source.  Integrate meditation, mirror work and EFT/tapping as part of your process to find out what needs to be done. Ask questions regarding the action that is the requirement of this time. Listen to your intuitive messages, guidance that you get through thoughts and visions.

Only the practical implementation of action can give you the result. Theoretical or the visualization of the action gets you the tentative idea of the result. So the best way to know if the action works is by doing it.

The so-called wrong people/person or situation come in your space because they are the reason for you to point your attention towards the action which was long pending. You need to take that action to get to your next step. So come to think of it, these are the right people/person or situation that are here to give you the nudge towards your action.

So when you understand an action is required don’t wait for the circumstances to get difficult for you to give the action a priority. Motivate and support yourself. Give yourself awards, rewards, kind words, and affirmations to keep going and finishing the action. You may realise after the action that this step itself was an award.  As it paves way to new, fun, interactions.  Your beautiful happy future.

No interaction is wrong or futile. When you encounter any interaction or situation, do not run. Stay and find out what are they here to teach you. Finish your learning.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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