Love is the ultimate healer

Believe and know that,

Love is above all.

Love  heals all,

Love is the ultimate healer.

I Love You

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Love is a high vibration feeling. Love gives the energy to make everything possible.

If you have experienced hurt where you have expressed love. The love does not get devalued or become unreal. There has been adulteration. Along with love, now there is doubt.

When you love, you love the characteristics which are reflective of your characteristics that you love in/about you. Then there is interference of the characteristics that you do not like. Those are reflective of what you do not like in you or wish to change in you. It could be self-defined or influenced by definition of others.

There is still love but the focus shifts to all that is non-love. If only you could shift your focus back to love. That is all that will remain. Your decisions will be based on love. You attract more love.

When you say ‘I love you’, you will only see opportunities. An opportunity to forgive, to be calm, not to be critical, not to be fearful, not to give up, support, give approval and accept.

Following is a process that administers the understanding and feeling of love. All that is keeping you from experiencing love will fade away as your confidence in these sentences grows stronger.

(1) Make a note of the following :

I don’t judge you because I love you

I am not angry with you because I love you

I am not irritated or frustrated with you because I love you

I am not disappointed in you because I love you

I am not afraid of you because I love you

I am not giving up on you because I love you

I forgive you because I love you

I stand by you because I love you

I have faith because I love you

I am willing to change because I love you

I will be consistent and persistent because I love you

I believe all is working out for the greatest and highest good because I love you

I am in high vibration because I love you

I accept you exactly the way you are because I love you

I give you approval because I love you

I am grateful to you and I love you

I love you because I believe ‘love’ is above all. ‘Love’  heals all.  ‘Love’  is the ultimate healer.

(2)This applies to your love towards yourself. (3)This also applies when you love another. It could be a person, material things or a higher being.

(4)Stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes. Say the above sentences out loud or silently. (5)Add what you would like to say. (6)You could do the same practice in front of the mirror in case you wish to say it to someone else. (7)Notice how believable this is to you. If the process gets difficult or you experience resistance, that is you sense anger or fear to set in, then add EFT/tapping while you say these sentences. (8)Continue with the process till you get comfortable with these statements.

(9)Notice what comes up as thoughts that could be the key to your resistance. And here is where your solution is.

Loving yourself is a solution to all your life situation.

Louise L Hay is a big proponent of self-love and mirror work.

(10) This comfortable feeling that you have with which you are seamlessly saying these words, this is love. Love is that clear and true.

Next time you self-love and/or love another, this comfort level is all you need to keep your focus on. Rest you can work on, solve as separate life situation. Results will be loving.

I Love You, say this to someone you love. Say this to you.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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