learn outside change within

Learn the learning(s) from outside. Make the changes from within.

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Dear Friend!

There is a social need is to claim what you understand as yours. You want to own, copyright, put a seal of your ownership on all that you wish to call your own. Your achievements belong to you. Your learning during your life journey is YOUR accomplishment. You go through the life situations. You find out and understand the actions you require to take. You take the action steps. You build up your willingness to change. You change after finishing the learning that came along with the life situation. The change that takes place in your life is because of you.

Learning is an integral part of a life situation. Completion of learning is an important step to moving into a new phase in your life. Completion of learning entails, you understanding the learning and implementing the action steps. Life situations that have these learning are sometimes very hurtful, painful and sometimes leaves you with permanent harm. These could take you in low vibration and keep you there for more time. It could seem as if it spirals you out of the path that was supposed to lead you to the next step in your life. Getting back on the path and recognising the learning gets delayed or to put it right would seem to take time due to this. When the learning is finally evident, then energy required for the action steps may not be sufficient. The energy gets utilised to bring yourself to a higher vibration.

While learning is mandatory, choosing to learn through the life situation is optional.

You attract the life situation by asking questions for which you either seek answers or are just curious about. This could be a trait of an investigative human mind. When you communicate the question to the Universe, it brings to you the answers in the form of life situations. Your journey through these life situations give you the experiences that behold the answers.

You may make a choice to learn from observations. The observations of the life situations that have already been lived by other people or the ones that are being experienced by other people.

If you ask for an experience, clearly stating that you are ready to learn from other’s experience too. Then, unless the life situation is absolutely necessary for your experience, the Universe will bring you earlier examples of your life by reminding you or by bringing you an example of other people’s life situation through their narrations that you get to read or hear or you will be brought similar situations in other people’s lives in close quarters. Taking notice and picking up your learning from these not-present or not-self/external sources, is all you need to do. You need to acknowledge that you have understood or possibly understood the learning. The moment you do that, the suggestion of the action steps follows.

For this pay close attention to your thoughts and focus. Whenever a situation engages your concentration. Participate with complete willingness. Be present. If it’s a recollection, journaling it would be advantageous. If it’s happening with other people and you have an opportunity to get involved or contribute. It will be highly advisable to do that. When you notice other people’s situation is tough do not try to avoid it or dodge it. Ignoring it will also not help. Your safety is prime. If you fear for your safety, then it is advisable to stay away. Wish them well and step away. If possible get them help from other sources. Sometimes the learning itself is this. That is to let go instead of getting into the quicksand of the reactions. Learning also could be having the willingness to delegate to the other/better-equipped sources.

Note your learning and carry out the action step.

If you don’t do that, it is then that some similar life situations will occur in your life.

Where is your attention right now? Your thoughts, interactions, and life experiences are all very significant for your life’s changes.

You need not be attached to going through the life situation yourself, to call the learning your own. You could let go the compulsion to reinvent the wheel each time.

Many others have gone through or are constantly going through similar situations. Your learning is the only personalised part. Take it and make the changes within. Because no one can do that for you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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