Love In All Conditions

Loving Un-conditionally, Is loving Under All Conditions.

Loving Unconditionally

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Loving Unconditionally, Is loving Under All Conditions.

The message is very clear. Come what way, regardless of the situation, experience, temperament, learning, behaviour, reaction or response, you keep on loving. Loving does not make you or ask you or expect you to be visually, logically, intellectually or practically blind to anything that requires change, correction or alterations. Loving implies that you love anyway, even after all the knowing. Loving does not demand that you turn a blind eye, cheat or lie for what you don’t agree on. Loving is standing by and supporting what you understand is right and till that can be embraced.

Loving is for oneself and loving is for another.

How well are you acquainted with love? When do you know that there is love? Sometimes recognising the lack of it can help understand what love is. Anything that is not hurt is love. Love is sometimes interchangeably used with approval. Love is also quite frequently considered as respect.

So with so many ways to understand love, and so many options to expand the possibility of expressing and receiving of love, why is love not understood and available at all times and for all? Why isn’t there enough reservoir of love?

Fact is there is enough of love in this world. What keeps it from getting recognized is the alignment in the understanding of what love is for that person. For some teasing, physical mishandling, satires, quarrels, complains, tantrums, storming out, cross-questioning, challenging is love. For some being polite, listening, giving attention to presence and existence, patience, trust, physical gestures of support and expression is LOVE. You recognise and accept love only in YOUR true understanding of love. If you have been expressing love in an understanding that is not yours then, you will be receiving love in a similar manner and that will not look like love to you. You will have an impression of not receiving love. Thus you will be labeling yourself as unlovable.

It is when you have been living that is giving and receiving based on others language of love and you have yet to understand your language of love that is yours and yours only, it is then that you need to love yourself the most.

The language of love comprises of words and gestures.

How do you know that you are not loving yourself? How do you know you are loving yourself? You are willing to understand love. You are willing to define your language of love. You are willing to stand by yourself while you do that. You are willing to support yourself while you figure this out. This is love.

There are only two conditions overall where love is required. (a)The condition where you are not clear about what is love and you are not clear what is your language of love. (b) The condition where you are clear about what is love and what is your language of love.

You only need to love yourself and the other only during these two conditions. Decide your language and treat yourself with that language of love. Do you like it? Then use the same language of love on/for others. If you wish to receive, you are required to give. The giving starts with self. If your language of love is of approval, you need to give that out first to self then to others to receive love in that language back to you. The same with respect, gratitude or happiness. Keep the practice of understanding, giving and allowing to receive love every day to get better at it. Keep loving.

Day by day in every way love is getting better and better, my space.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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