higher self connection Why

Why connect with your higher self? – Wednesday Why?

higher self connection Why

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Dear Friend!

Guidance is not dictation. If while growing up your influencers who you trusted and looked up to and/or on whom you were dependant on, dictated terms to you and if that implied to you by them that you are not smart or ready enough to do this on your own, and therefore you need the instructions then, you may have developed an aversion towards directions and instructions. Now, with the present consciousness, if you are willing to change your perspective of guidance to recommendation then, you may be in more appreciative mindset about guidance.

Life is all about co-creation. Once you accept the Source as a part of your support system team then, you could delegate to the Source a lot of ‘next step’ assessment based on the permutation and combination of various aspects from past, present and/or future.

If you have been holding onto viewpoints of others that had told you that taking help or support or assistance is a sign of weakness and incapability then, you will be determined to do all the decision-making yourself.

You yourself could choose to make decisions on ‘next step.’ But, you may do this with limited information and tunnel vision.

For the greatest and highest decision to be taken, for all involved, it has to be made based on your highest potential. While you have been trotting through your life’s journey based on the potential that you have been convinced with, it is only the Source that is in the know of your highest potential.

You could consider the Source as the complete unbiased database of all the required information for a particular/specific decision-making.

It is because of these reasons that you need to consult the Source to take the next step.

The decision-making, however, will always be yours. That’s because it is your life. You are well respected. Therefore, there is a ‘willingness clause’ that has to be abided/followed by all. Your willingness plays a major role. Every decision, event, step in your life happens with your willingness.

The willingness to do the action which is the next step regardless of your limited behaviour or thinking for example hesitation, self-doubt, awkwardness, being not-ready/unpreparedness.

You could connect, refer to, look up to, check with and turn to the Source for the ‘next step’ decisions.

Once that is established now, comes the important part of connecting with the Source.

Connection with the Source happens both ways. You connect with the source to clearly state what is it that you require guidance for. Followed by you receiving the guidance in a way you understand and to generate willingness to take the action.

You could create a connection with the Source by having a conversation. This process can be customised as per your best possible way. You could sit, walk, lie down. You can have your eyes closed or open. Place/recite your side of the conversation just as you would to a person with you. Receiving the messages back can be through signs & symbols and verbal & silent and optical & thoughts. That again can be with your eyes open picking up clues as you are observing your everyday life or your eyes closed through scenes or visions, with or without an inner audio.

Both ways of your communication with the Souce can be clubbed in meditation.

Deciphering what you receive in various forms is initially based on what your worldly knowledge had been. Don’t mind if sometimes you see yourself not getting the desired outcome from the messages that you have decoded. Or if the messages are all scrambled, crowded and unclear. Eventually, by practice it combines with faith, knowing and clarity in interpreting.

Regular disciplined practice is the key.

Get clear on the action and take the leap of faith. Do the action.

You are always being messaged. Keep your inner radar active and trust and value these information. Decrypting these information into defined messages very quickly becomes a skill when done diligently. You just need to care enough. You need to learn to listen. You need to have the willingness to understand. You need to take the action.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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