no wait period

There is no wait period.
If you have not yet RECEIVED then, there are action steps that are yet to be done.

no wait period

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Decide on an aim. Set a goal. Request a desire. Make a wish.

Next step to any or all of the above is being happy, excited, joyful in anticipation of the receiving the result/outcome/product. Then comes deciding the action steps.

Regardless of what you have decided to have in past. Regardless of what has been the outcomes. Regardless of all the good and not so good comments on your deservability that has been told to you by your own experience, observations and/or by the others.

Now, this time chart out a new set of rules and regulations for completing your action steps and accomplishing your goals or desires and receiving the same.

Let’s go through the steps.

(a)    Think of the goal. Maybe you get the idea as an inspiration or as an epiphany. You make a note. Possibly discuss with the relevant people. Next.

(b)    Connect with the feelings of the end results. This is very important. There could be lack based or limiting thoughts based feelings that could be questioning you, scaring you, stopping you. Deal with them now. These can become resistance or blockage in receiving. It affects the quality and timing of receiving. Use EFT/tapping to eliminate any feelings that are lack/limiting in nature or arises due to that kind of thoughts.

(c)    Design and define the action steps.

(d)   Do an inventory of the resources required. What you already have and what you may need to arrange and when you need to arrange.

(e)    Get to work.

You are now looking forward to receiving.

You receive. However, what you are receiving is not what you asked for. So you wait. In the ‘wait’ period you are now thinking about the delay caused. You think what could you have done differently. You go over/revise steps taken. You notice there could have been some steps that you could have done differently but overall, you seem to have covered them well. Then what is going on, you wonder. What’s keeping you from receiving what you had to have received by now? Why the wait?

Fact is there is never a waiting period. If what you have not received that what you had have received by now, then there are action steps that are yet to be done.

These action steps are sometimes one or some or all of the following :
(a) preparation to receive. It could include meditate, relax, nourish, sleep. Raise and stay in high vibration to receive well, in the way you receive and the quality you receive.
(b) make changes where it is required for example clearing blockages that may not have been taken care of because they went unnoticed and/or de-cluttering to make space for the receiving.
(c)  tweaking what is already in functional. That could be your way of thinking, affirming (d) enhancing that is a modification of the earlier processes from where you are into the higher vibration. Observe, be-aware, re-check/re-do an action as an integral modification. That could be a deciding action step to the next one. (d) adding or honing a skill.

You are always doing something. As soon as the step that is required to be taken is done, what you are to receive comes to you.

Receive with fun.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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