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Why do we attract wrong people and/or situations?

Why do we attract wrong people and/or situations? -Wednesday Why?

Why attract wrong

Dear Friend!

Wrong people or wrong situations come in your space when you just decided to change your ways from what was not working for you.

There is only one reason and that is you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

You have either understood it as something that can be done tomorrow. You are focusing on what you do not want whether they are people/person, thing or situation. You have really not gotten what needs to be done. You are not motivated to take that step towards the action that is suggested.

Do what you have been guided to do. Right now get up do something related to that. Chart out the plan that is required.

What if you don’t know what is it you ought to be doing? What if you think you were already doing what needed to be done?

Sometimes the people and situations that are presently in your space are so frustrating that you are willing to do the first thing that you understand needs to be done and get it over with. If the situation or person/people persist in your situation, you might want to wait it out, let it pass.

Please do not give up. Because if you still have not recognised, understood or is not clear about what is it that you need to do. You will attract same/similar situation or people/person. This time the level of irritation will be higher, because of the earlier unresolved episode.

Can you think of anything other than what you are already doing that could be done at this point? Do it. At least make a start and set an intention to abide by the discipline that is required to see through its completion. You need not stop what you were doing before. If the next thing you are doing is not getting you the comforting result. Then do what makes sense next. Truth is you already know. However, sometimes due to stress, there is doubt on your knowing, the signs are misread, visions are blur or not pleasant.

At this point connect with your higher source.  Integrate meditation, mirror work and EFT/tapping as part of your process to find out what needs to be done. Ask questions regarding the action that is the requirement of this time. Listen to your intuitive messages, guidance that you get through thoughts and visions.

Only the practical implementation of action can give you the result. Theoretical or the visualization of the action gets you the tentative idea of the result. So the best way to know if the action works is by doing it.

The so-called wrong people/person or situation come in your space because they are the reason for you to point your attention towards the action which was long pending. You need to take that action to get to your next step. So come to think of it, these are the right people/person or situation that are here to give you the nudge towards your action.

So when you understand an action is required don’t wait for the circumstances to get difficult for you to give the action a priority. Motivate and support yourself. Give yourself awards, rewards, kind words, and affirmations to keep going and finishing the action. You may realise after the action that this step itself was an award.  As it paves way to new, fun, interactions.  Your beautiful happy future.

No interaction is wrong or futile. When you encounter any interaction or situation, do not run. Stay and find out what are they here to teach you. Finish your learning.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Life is a flow.

Life is not against the stream. Life is a flow.

Life is a flow

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

You don’t need to convince anyone but yourself. You don’t need to argue. You don’t need to strive to be better than anyone. You don’t need to compete.

You are the best version of you. Changes you want to make has to be decided based on your higher potential and towards your higher desires.

So how do you know which direction to go? How do you know how far, how high to reach? How to know what next?

Listen to the inner guidance. Pay close attention to your intuitive messages. You need to spend time and practice in deciphering these guidance and messages.

That’s all that there is.

And you cannot dismiss any of your thoughts, guidance, and messages just because you thought you got it wrong or you have yet to gain expertise in it. That happens when you are too stringent about an outcome and you start to steer the interpretation the thoughts, guidance, messages by your manipulating them towards a particular result.

When you ask for a desire. You get your desire exactly as you ask. The Universe will move and do all that is needed to be done to bring you ‘the desire.’ You would get your desire in a form that aligns with your asking. If your desires have adjectives, arrangements will be made for you to receive the desire with that.

These arrangements could be change in you. Resources will be provided to you also in the form of life experiences to assist you in making those changes. The acceptance this will have a direct influence on the desire manifestation.

Your asking extends as much as your mind can accommodate in deservability. If you wish to experience your highest deservability, then you could take a bold step and trust the higher force and allow them to show you or bring to you what is your highest form of that desire. Changes or action steps will be suggested here too. You do that more easily because the faith is already in place.

You will never be suggested to do anything that will put you or anyone else in danger. Safety and comfort are mutually exclusive. You may need to step out or expand your comfort zone. During the whole process, you are safe.

You could specify the time when you wish to have your desire or you could trust the divine timing. In both, you are guided to get it. What universe brings to you is the next stepping stone. You need to put your foot there. Do whatever needs to be done there.  Then next stepping stone appears then you have to take the next step.

In all, you always get what you ask.

Key is, understanding your guidance. You have to practice. You have to get better at deciphering and decoding these indications. You cannot give up.

Meditate, communicate, connect with Self and Universe. Take help from the connectors your trusted angels or your inner thoughts that will be the bridge.

You will see a scene from a movie or real life or a totally new vision, words floating in writing or you hear words, short phrases in a language that you know or you don’t, symbols you recognise or some that you might have to do some research on. That research too is part of the next step.

All messages are polite, calm, soothing. If there is a  scary message that is making you nervous or angry. Then that is reflective of the fear in you. If the messages are not coming through. Then that is the resistance within you. Take a break. Try again. Request help to remove fear or your pent-up subdued anger. That could also be a step to the next phase. Recognising that you are in fear and you need to let go fear or anger, which actually are forms of resistance or blockage.

You are upset, frustrated, and find something is amiss. This is when you are consciously or unconsciously have disconnected with the higher vibration. The moment you realise or sense that you are going in the lower vibration ask for the re-establishment of the connection.

Note down your dreams too. Understand your dreams. Ask help before you go to sleep for guidance.

Deal with everything that is a mismatch to the kind of life you aspire. Do not let anything dampen your enthusiasm to get this process in place for you. Only you believing in this process is enough.

Happy Connecting. Ask for the ‘next step.’

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Take Charge

When you don’t take charge of your life other people interfere.

When you DO take charge of your life other people CONTRIBUTE.


take charge

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

You are in charge. You have always been in complete and full charge of all that has happened in past in your life. You could take responsibility of all that is presently occurring or happening in your life.
All the hurts, agony, heartbreak, turmoil, tragedy, misbehavior, losses, pain, is all in your space by your permission and consent. Sometimes it will be surprising to you how you can do that to yourself.
Maybe you are not aware. Maybe you think you deserve it. Maybe you think it is part of the norm.
The rewards, the wins, the fun, the creations, the joy, the laughter, the appreciation, the approvals, are also what you are credited with attracting.
But the fact is you did both. You attracted what gave you discomfort and you attracted what gives you pleasure. You are doing this right now.
As is indicated by English poet William Ernest Henley in his poem “Invictus”- You are the master of your fate, you are the captain of your soul.
You know this today and it will make sense. You understand this that you are the center of your universe.
So don’t resist. Be willing to understand the situation and your mindset. Backtrack your thoughts, your intuitive messages. If you are able to find out what is that you were doing, saying, thinking or intending because of which you are in this situation. What is it that you really want in this situation? You can now decide and make changes in what you are now going to do, say, think or intend.
In case it is still unimaginable that it is you who would have done, said, thought or intended for such a situation in your life, then how to understand and/or change this inexplicably real in your face happenings? You may choose to dismiss the existence of the situation, go into denial. You may choose to look for outside factors to blame. You could turn your focus on other people or higher force to question. You could choose to accept it as a fault on your part.
But, if you could have the willingness to choose to filter out your learning from what has happened. If you are willing to receive and then carry out the action step that is suggested to complete the learning, from another source or through your inner thoughts. You will be able to ‘not’ have these situation(s) repeat in your life. You will evolve and move into the next phase of your life.
Once you decide whether you agree to take the accountability or shift it. Your equation with others in space will vary accordingly.
When you are willing let others take over the responsibility and the blame, you will see yourself having to comply with them. This interferes with your autonomy in decision-making about your life and flourishing.
When you are ready to take charge of all aspects of your life. You get to learn, flourish and enjoy your life to the fullest. All your energy gets invested into your creative life. Other people contribute only if you agree and have the willingness to allow that.
People and Source are all here to co-operate in your life. You are here to contribute in other’s life if they are willing to accept.
The more you get a hold of this acceptability of this reality, more help, and support, creative, motivating and uplifting suggestions will start coming in your space as a contribution in your life from other people. And you will be able to accept.
So decide your route, your routine, and your process. Respect it. Abide by it. You are the boss.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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action to completion

LOVING, Persistently, Consistently, Relentlessly. With these you can take any ACTION to completion.

action to completion

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Solicited or unsolicited suggestion, advice, recommendation, all point to an action. Even if the action is ‘to do nothing.’ That would actually mean to ‘let go’ worry, restlessness, impatience, stress, fear, anger connected to that situation or desire. That is the action that you need do here. Therefore, technically there is always an action or few actions involved to accomplish the fulfilment of an objective. The actions could be in random or in sequence. Sometimes one-time action would be sufficient for the purpose. On other times the action or some action(s) are required to be repeated.

All that protocol, effort, strategic planning, and placement are because, only following through the action(s) will complete the task, goal, and/or project. Completion of task, goal and/or project is the way to receive the results. Receiving the results is to manifest the desire(s).

Bringing an action or actions to completion sometimes requires, picking up from where it was left off, allowing to vary in the pace in which the action is carried out, altering the action to make it easy to understandable or comfortable to get over the resistance. It is the matter of powering through and keep going.

Persistently, consistently and relentlessly keep doing the action. Don’t do it out of fear or anger. Carry it out with love. Love for self. Love for the manifestation of desire.

To receive in high vibration and to receive high vibrational results, you need to carry out the process and actions that entail it in high vibration.

To pause or slowdown is not stopping. You see it as something that delays your manifestation. You see it as reasons because of which you miss out. You have not been able to have an opportunity and/or your expectations are not met. It affects your final outcome that is enjoyment. Do not consider pausing or slowing down as a big loss. Do not let it get converted into a complete halt. All the self-blame and self-criticism on the past approach to the actions lower your energy. It does not motivate, promote or give confidence that you can or you have the capability to do the action. Get self- analytical. Convert all forms of self-scolding into that. Analyse what can be done differently. Even when you are doing the analysis keep doing the action, any action in the process or even a part of it.

Resume ASAP. The key is to leave as little gap as possible between the last moment of the action to the next moment in the action.

If there is a change in form of action, then continue with the previous form of action till the new form of action is decided. However, safety and well-being of you and the process is important. So only if you are certain about the safety then and only then you continue.

Any excuse to discontinue has to be dealt with by refuting its implementation, de-layering or healing. Any or all reason(s) to continue has to be supported, motivated, appreciated, approved immediately.

Acknowledge, love and respect both a reason as well as an excuse. Many times an excuse will pave way for something new and/or enhanced. So give your attention to it. But, your focus has to go to the reason that is responsible for the continuity of the action that takes you the next step.

To enjoy every action and every moment in the action you need to devise self-customised ways and methods to do so. Decide an award or reward yourself on each action, step or on a milestone set by you. Honest self-conversation is a must on a regular basis. Uplifting affirmations have to be part of your conversations with self and others. First and the most attention has to be on self-appreciation, self-approval, self-respect, self-belief.

Under all conditions, by any and/or all means keep moving forward to take your action to completion.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Happiness is Habit

Happiness is a habit.

Happiness is habit

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Right this moment ask yourself. Why are you happy? What will make you happy? What’s the reason for your happiness at this moment? What % are you happy?

You have a desire? What is it? Do you want a chocolate ice cream? What will you gain after you have/get yourself a chocolate ice-cream? You happy! Great. That’s an achievement.

What if it interferes with your health or diet plan that you have painstakingly adhered to. How soon after the chocolate ice cream consumption will the achievement transmute into guilt? Are you happy now?

Let’s look at another very simple example. When you want to exercise and you don’t support yourself in the efforts, you procrastinate and your excuse is that you are convinced that you deserve few minutes to some more hours of sleep. If you are a person who works hard for the family and has the whole day’s schedule full. You sway towards resting as more important than exercising. What will give you happiness? What will fill you with energy and health? Are you still willing to use that time to exercise? If you are getting up early to exercise even when you are finding it difficult to do so. That is happiness. That is because this is you facing and getting over your resistance. You will have better energy to finish what you wish to do in shorter duration. But when you are unwell, you allow yourself rest and delegate, postpone or cancel certain tasks that would otherwise be unthinkable for you to do.

Before you ask, work or receive your desires, you need to know, ask and work towards happiness. What is your definition of happiness? The developing of the definition comes from your previous years on this planet. If you are one who has had a childhood, middle age or earlier part of life growing up guided, ruled, monitored by others version, rules or viewpoint. Then, you adapt the same. Who have been your influencers? What was fed in your brain about your deservability of happiness? Now in the present day and age, your definition and deservability of happiness for you will be still that.

If you are noticing that your life is not flourishing and your manifestations are not happening as per your plan. You will now know that it is time to sincerely re-haul the definition of happiness.

Start from the very start and start very small. You will need to differentiate, demarcate and then transform other’s version to your version of happiness. Start simple.

If keeping yourself hydrated is a requirement of your health. You are unable to drink x litres. Drink few glasses. You wish to write a book. Write a paragraph right now.

Do part of it. Start there, rather than allowing the magnanimity of the task to intimidate and become the resistance to you understanding your happiness.

The ‘comfort zone’ that you had is not your happiness. The term is a misnomer. Many experiences, while you are in your comfort zone, will be unpleasant. The comfort zone is something that you are familiar with, stepping out of it is to face the unknown. The resistance thoughts that stop you from stepping out of the comfort zone are, ‘ have to struggle’, ‘have to work very hard’, ‘will have to face rejections’, ‘will not succeed.’

‘Cancel’, ‘clear’, ‘delete’ these thoughts. Say that ‘ I am willing to expand my comfort zone’, ‘I am willing to explore and experience the new’, ‘all will be well’, ‘the whole Universe supports me’, ‘whatever I do will be perfect for me’, ‘I will be very satisfied and content’

Knowing what brings you happiness is not happiness. It could be a start. Knowing and not doing what brings about happiness, is also not happiness. Taking or doing the action steps is happiness. Results from that further on add to the happiness.

Happiness is your true divine state. Anything that takes you closer to your greatest and highest good is happiness.

Happiness is self-love, self-praise, self-approval. Happiness brings you closer to your true self.

Make happiness your habit. Make the discussion about happiness your integral part of your internal thoughts. Let this then start translating into the feelings of enjoyment. Smiling becomes easy, your eyes light up, your skin glows, lowers your stress and takes your focus on all that is creative and is working in your space.

Life moves forward in a smooth manner.

Good for you, Good for your health, Good for the environment, Good for our beloved Earth.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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what others say

Why do others opinion matter? – Wednesday Why?

what others say

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Why does it hurt when others say hurtful things? Why do others opinion matter more?

Because you are looking for approval from outside. Lack of self-belief. Connection with self and Source is less. Conversation and understanding of the messages from self and Source less.

What others say or a hearsay about you is actually a reflection of your thoughts. It is the comment, feedback or opinion of yours that has been repeated in your mind many times over. That is why it is so striking. It is well known to you. It gets your attention immediately.

It really has very little or nothing to do with that person.

The thoughts and opinions that you have get translated in the vibration that you hold at the moment when you get to hear it. For example, if your thoughts have been about ‘questioning your achievement’.

You could be in low vibration because of your own life situations. You start to have all the people, situations and experiences that replicate that low vibration. This may lower the vibration. In that low vibration, you will have opinions, feedback, comments, all of which that will suggest that you ‘really are low in achievement’, ‘your efforts are not enough to show your achievements’, ‘you have not achieved anything.’   Every comment here is entirely untrue. You still choose to believe it because you are convinced by the thoughts regarding your ‘achievement’ or lack of it.

You could choose to raise your vibration by taking care of self. Do actions and think thoughts that make you happy. Once you have raised your vibration you will attract or have all the people, situations and experiences that replicate that high vibration. This may raise the vibration. In that low vibration, you will have opinions, feedback, comments, all of which that will suggest that you ‘are doing enough, and your achievements are really visible’, ‘you are achieved’, ‘you have potential to still achieve more.’ Your achievements will be highlighted and the one that was hidden and not counted will be pointed out. You will start to realise and appreciate your achievements.

So basically what you think of yourself and in the vibration that you think of it is how it will be brought to you in your space. The way you are using the words which are a description about your understanding of what is your life situation actually becomes your AFFIRMATION. If you are unaware that you are self-criticizing and self-blaming, it will come in your awareness through some external source. This will get your attention.

Remember you are judging yourself just as you are judging others. So when you are unsure or unaware of what you are thinking about yourself in a certain area of your life, then just take your attention towards your thinking about a certain other person or others in that area. What are you judging them on? What part of their deservability are you making conditional? Low and behold you have the same thinking, same conditions imposed by you on your deservability in that area.

Then there is a childhood programming of giving attention to others. This translates into giving value to others doing and/or saying.

When you channelise giving the value to yourself as a priority and make it a practice, then you will be hearing yourself even before you get to hear from others and you rectify your words and vibration. As you know that the combination of the words and vibration influences your manifestations.

Your opinion is important. Opinions of some others are also important.

Choose a set of people whom you are willing to give approval, converse, discuss with. They have to be set of people whose opinion you value and those of whom you trust. When you like or find their opinion useful or beneficial, be mindful of having your appreciation known to them. When you don’t like it then too articulately, respectfully, if possible politely have them know of this too.

Many times with the thousands of thoughts that are emerging, residing and revisiting your mind, you inadvertently say or think what you did not intend to about yourself. Here your ‘others’ you like and trust will be your guard or filter.

Get clear in your words with yourself, Source and the valued others. Use only those words that raise your vibration, for self and for non-self.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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who want to STAY show

When something or someone leaves your space and your efforts are not reciprocated, Know this, The ones who would want to stay, Would have SHOWN willingness, Would have MADE the effort, Would have SHOWN the effort, to STAY

who want to stay show


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Know this, you want to do this and/or have that, your whole Universe will bring about all movement required to facilitate what you wish to do. Only necessary and mandatory parameter is ‘your communication about it’ with your Universe, and that has to be very very clear. When more than one person is involved then manifestation is dependent on more than one person’s willingness. So you see if you want to be in someone’s space or if you want to do something in someone’s space, it the willingness of all involved that finally determines what manifests. Similarly, if someone else wants to be or wants to do something in your space then, it happens with the willingness of yours and the other person. The alignment in willingness is responsible for co-contribution when more than one parties are participating.

Now, there can never be blame that someone or something happened without your willingness. Now, there can never be sadness or guilt that you were not able to do what you wished to do with and for someone or something. To reiterate, you now know, that the willingness of both parties is at play here.

You have tried to keep or support something or someone in your space but your efforts were in vain. The person or thing leaves your space you need to know there are only two reasons (a) the alignment of willingness required for each of you to stay in each other’s space is not there yet. (b) your asking for that person or thing to stay, is conditional.

Maybe you want to be better prepared or equipped. Maybe you want someone or something to change to be in your space. Therefore, you see the timings as ‘later than now’ seems to be a better one, to be in each other’s space.

Both the reason (a) and (b),  complies with the fact that when someone or something is coming to your life, you are ready and prepared. It is the right time for you to receive that. It is the right time for both of you to be in each other’s space.  Someone or something leaves your space, then that is the right time for that or it to leave. When you leave and you are clear that you are doing this in compliance with your inner guidance. Then that is the right step and is at the right time.

The connectivity with Source and your Universe can be established by practice. Till the connectivity is fortified divine events in life are questioned. Instead of looking for the blessing in what happened, you will look for reasons and ways to rectify.

Allow yourself to do so. Till the connectivity and faith are strengthened. Go ahead and do your best to understand the situation and/or to restore. While you are taking action steps to retrieve what is not in your space anymore, what is not giving your approval anymore, do remember to reassess what ‘conditions’ that you have placed either for that or for others that could be responsible for their leaving. See if you are willing to change. Is this change an option or is this ‘condition’ something you have decided to stay with.

Along with the efforts you are putting, keep an eye on the ‘what’ and ‘who’. Notice if there are efforts being put from their side too.

You can only do so much. Other people’s life experiences is completely intertwined with their willingness. When or if and only if their willingness aligns with yours that you get to influence their decisions and choices. Sometimes if it is unclear to you whether your efforts are working or whether you need to put in efforts. Then notice the efforts of others. Do you see or feel the efforts of reciprocation or expressing the desire to stay or receive from you by them. Yes, then re-enforce your resources towards supporting them in coming back. If no, then retract your efforts. If you are getting confused between your wish to have them back with what might seem like their possible interest in coming back, as that/they signify your comfort zone. Do what you are most convinced about. If you force yourself then it will become another reason for resistance to ‘let go’ later on. This is a blockage in moving forward and flourishing. If it works out, great! But, if it is not what you understood then do not go into blame or self-critism.

Start fresh at any moment.

The same explanation applies when someone is not changing, giving approval, respect, love, and/or care to you. Or when you are not able to reciprocate to any other person.

You deserve loving reciprocation. So do others.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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