Do it with full might

Whatever you do today, do it with your full MIGHT.  This will contribute for your BRIGHTER tomorrow.

Do it with full might

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

You applied for a dream job. You get the job but the experience is not as dreamy as you thought. You have plans of learning on the job, increasing your network for knowledge accumulation and to increase your market value, growing with the interaction of the peers/colleagues and other collaborators. All the plans seem to have taken a detour complying with the management/organization interest.
You are less than impressed. Excitement level starts to dip as the environment in the office gets more serious, strict and not so friendly. The skills you were looking forward to adding to your resume have been moved to a back burner, instead, you have new skills that is suggested and expected from you. The training and meetings are not as much fun as according to you they are not adding to your pre-decided chain/steps in career growth. Your energy and enthusiasm lower and with that your performance review. You start attracting appraisal that is less than motivating. Proving to yourself further that you are on the wrong job and would rather be doing something other than this.

What if you had a magic paper that has the roadmap of your career or of the whole life. The plans of past, present and for future as laid out beautifully for you to see and study. Here on the paper, you see where you are in life. You are also able to see what is next in your path and you can see where exactly is the placement of what you had desired. The layout of the plan reveals to you that what you are doing now is a stepping stone to your next phase. How you fair in this step marks the quality of the next step. Your delays, resistance, unwillingness, questioning, procrastination, criticism, blame, has an impact on the present and the next step.

What if you get clear that you can never get derailed from your life path. It might have a different picture or look than your defined mind with limited database and conditional deservability could see. Every step, every way, every effort, every training, every knowledge, every practice, every process, every bit of your energy is towards the direction of your life path, one that you have asked for or something higher. Once that confirmation is attained would you still be not excited or not enthused about the unexplained and seemingly unconnected set of responsibilities or chores that are in your space. Would you still find them mundane or uninteresting? On the contrary now with this information your doubt fades away and gets replaced by trust. Now every suggestion, instruction, advice, will be welcome in your space. You now work with faith and not frustration.

Life’s magic parchment, however, shows you where you have been and where you are right now. The next part is seen or shown in the form of visions and intuitions if you ask for it. However, it is not available as vividly as the earlier life, as your present input decides what your next step is going to be and how your next phase is going to be.

Whatever you are doing put in all you have, your strengths, your willingness, your respect, your time, your energy, your money. Be your best.  Then just be ready to take in what is next. You are constantly on your way to what you aim for.

If you are unsure or have not decided on a goal then that’s even better. Set your objective for your greatest and highest good. Move forward with faith. Support and stand by yourself. Enjoy every task. Decide on fun and happiness to be mandatory conditions for the present and every step. The next step will come to you.

If your next step has not come to you even when you think you are ready and even when you say that you are ready then, this is an indication which means that you have things to attend to before receiving the next step.
If it comes before you think you are ready. And you say that you still have things to do then, this is an indication that will let you know that you are in fact ready.

Go with the flow. Do your ultimate best.

Know this, that  you can choose and your life will change for better tomorrow

Nothing is waste, in fact, every bit of you and all associated with you is precious and important and valuable


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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