lessening self-criticism

Secret of coming out of the web of self-criticism.

lessening self-criticism

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Dear Friend!

Self-criticism is so subtle. It seems so natural. It is so smooth. It is sneak prickity and yet escapes your notice. It is sugar-coated. It is relentless.

It is in the look. It is in the word or sentence. It is in the gesture. It is in the body language. It is in the feelings. It is in the vibration.

Self- criticism is sabotaging and limiting. It keeps you from living a life closer to your true self. It keeps you from appreciating and expressing the appreciation of the qualities that you are aware of. It blocks you from acknowledging the new unexplored qualities that has now been deep embedded behind the lack thinking that you have adapted from your experience and/or other influencer’s viewpoint. It does not allow you to be creative. In case you do manage to express your creative self or thought or idea, the self-criticism does not allow you in receiving of reciprocation of your creativity. Thus, again pulling you into a whirlpool or circle of self-criticism and not seeing as doing enough or not being enough. You visit and revisit a process, conversation or effort always certain that there are loopholes in your action emerging from being convinced that it could be done better. It quickly gets converted into self-doubt and increases self- blame. It is not fun.

How much ever undetectable it seems it has a process that it follows. You understand that process to catch it in the act and nip it in the bud.

The moment you knowingly or unknowingly say something adverse about and/or related and/or connected with your own-self and that results in the dip in your vibration. That is self-criticism. It starts with a bit of heaviness in some part of your body. It could be like a slight lumpy or heavy feeling in your throat, heart, stomach or upper back area. It starts to stack up on not dealing with it or being aware of it or not addressing it and healing it. Eventually, this has a crippling effect and it goes as far as stranding you from moving forward.

The moment you delayer, you understand the process. It is then that you have a choice. You stop where ever you wish for this process to discontinue.

You choose to change.

The process of the self-criticism is as follows.

* Self-Criticism results in a decrease in Self-Esteem.

**This affects Self-worth.

*Cause for the decrease in Self-Worth.

**This affects Self-Deservability.

*And you show uncertainty about your deservability. This decreases deservability.

**This affects your receiving. Receiving of any and all kinds.

*You start to see a decrease in your receiving.

**This affects every area of your life.

*You start to see lack and scarcity in every area in Life.

To combat this process at its very end or anywhere in between starts with your realisation.

Then to counter-act you have to say in words or do actions what is self-enhancing and vibration raising. You will need to fill yourself with the vibrations of prosperity. You will need to look prosperous as a constant reminder of being so. This will support you in having feelings of being prosperous. There is an increase in the self-appreciation and self-praise which in turn increases SELF-LOVE.

To know that you have stepped out of the self-criticism process and have stopped its continuity is by knowing that now the way you approach a process, conversation, effort after its done is by you being sure. You need not compare, compete or try to win over anyone. You did your best. You now let go. You have done enough.  Move on to do other creative actions.

The faster you are able to move on with faith without having the obsession or compulsion to do different or better and for a different or better result, the lesser is your self-criticism.

Lead a life with prosperous thoughts.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034




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