Barrier to Communication is attitude

Barrier to Communication is not language. Barrier to Communication is the attitude.

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IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Barrier to Communication is not language it is the attitude

Asking to be communicated only in a way that you are ready to receive has all to do with your attitude. The lack of willingness to put an effort to receive in other ways comes from your own past rejections that you have been unable to let go.

Your equation with your Universe decides your communication quotient with your Universe. The Universe works like your electronic navigation system. If you have not been able to take the suggestion on a route then, you are suggested the next best alternative route. You are not snubbed, scolded nor does your Universe hold a grudge. The Universe will get you the best option for you. For that, it aligns all the permutation and combination of all involved and presents the best to you. On observation with an open mind, you will be able to see that. When you are upset which is basically due to you having been holding on to the past rejections, your focus is always on what does not show you acceptance. As a result, you are impatient, always crosstalk even when you are introspecting, your communication is one way, you micro-manage, you show little trust in abilities in self or others, you are in a rush for your ideas to be presented so they might appear half-baked and you have an urgency for them to be accepted therefore, you heed little or to no one. You do all that to in a hurry not to get rejected. As an outcome you are not able to see, hear, notice or understand the reply or guidance from the Universe. To be able to receive communication from Universe you have to be more accepting and flexible. You have to accept and be flexible receiving information in parts, some now and rest later all in the divine timing, in various forms visual and/or auditory sources, through your own thoughts, feelings and knowing.

The communication with the Universe is not mechanical but you need to abide by the rule, consider the conditions and know the process.

# Rule to communicate is to be accepting and flexible in receiving. You may not always receive in the particular form each time or in a form anticipated by you at a certain time.

# Condition is that you have to be in higher vibration to receive and decode/decipher communication from your Universe. At lower vibrations you miss out or misinterpret the information received, as it gets blocked by lower vibration feelings the anger, fear, irritation.

# Process is that you ask very clearly and let the response come to you. Don’t be hasty. Don’t misbehave. Don’t doubt.

The same rule, condition and process are required to be implemented in communication with self and with another. Anything that is keeping you from receiving communication has to be your bias based on past rebuffs and refutations. Do not allow that to dictate your present or future communications. Do not reject in blame of possible rejection. Do not give up on your own self or on another. Do not take the rejection as full and final.

Change your perspective of the rejection to diversion towards the greater and higher good.

During a communication go beyond the first layer of resistance. Be it language, accent, pronunciation, phonetics. Employ your reinforcements which are your willingness and your energy to go past this resistance. Be curious to know more. Keep your attention towards what you wish to receive. You need not be adamant on the what and how of the communication. Be ok with giving chances to change. Be understanding and promoting.

You are not the reason for the lack of communication. But, you could be the reason for establishing the communication.

The moment you decide to communicate you shall connect. Information flows and you will experience abundance.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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