ask for Encouragement.

More than Freedom ask for Encouragement

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Dear Friend!


More than Freedom ask for Encouragement
Waiting for the coast to be clear. To focus. To do what you love to do. To do what you have to do. To relax or to rejuvenate.
Visually or quietly, patiently or impatiently letting others live their life at their pace in your space. All this while you are listing your favourite or to do action points. Along with this, you are asking for freedom.
You ask for freedom from delay, limiting behavior, postponement, and procrastination. But, consciously you see yourself asking for freedom from these external factors or others. And thus it registers as if you are asking for freedom from them. And therefore all the averse thought process and behavior appears due to these or them.
The understanding of freedom is vacating others from your space physically so that you can at last call and use that space, as your own. Freedom is synonymously described and explained with the use of the word, independent. If you have been using freedom and independent to express what you are asking for then it may not manifest in as rosy manner as you think. Get clear on what freedom and being independent means to you in creating a conducive space for your action implementation. The peace, the quite, the focus, the un-interruption. This is so that you have complete ownership of the reaction, the opinion, the feelings for what you wish to decide experience solely by your permission. And now you think you have that authority over your own space.
Life, however, is co-creation by co-dependency. When you ask for an independent state of existence then you start losing your support system that is required to co-dependently contribute in your many activities that are required for your existence.
The best chance to have or do all that is mentioned above or that you have planned for is by getting comfortable with those whose departure is being used as an important deciding factor to get started or carry out those action points.
As an added bonus in this arrangement along with being comfortable, you could ask to be encouraged. Now you are not giving energy in getting rid of them, be it a person, situation/responsibility or thing. Rather, you are now very intelligently using the same delay factor(s) that was being used as an excuse to postpone, to be now used as a reinforcement. Now the action can be done in presence of external factors whose exit was awaited. Now the same external factors can be supporting, participating, contributing to what you desire to do or have.
This is such an enhanced form of arrangement. You don’t get bothered by other’s presence, existence, schedule. You are not asking freedom from them. You have now asked for encouragement from other’s presence, existence, schedule. This is beneficial in many layers. Your perspective of these external factors or others has a scope of change. You are using your time and energy more resourcefully as per you. You make it possible for the others or the external factors to experience what you have learned. The change that you have applied has a ripple effect and for the good of all.
The encouragement has high energy boost effect. It nudges you towards your limitless self.
As you begin to practice the asking and receiving, of this encouragement, you could do the same for other people. You are able to do more and experience more. The resources are now yours and are now used with ease.
Growth, fulfillment, and moving forward is the only plan in Life.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

5 thoughts on “ask for Encouragement.

  1. IAD Life Post author

    Thank you Priyashree BK it is indeed a pleasure to have all who are willing to be in our space. Making the best of their presence is your space is you showing approval and acceptance. This is the reflection of your charateristics towatds you. Best regards Reena Yadav, IADLife


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