Choose Long-term INVESTMENTS Over Short term gains


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Dear Friend!

You snooze your alarm for that 5 minutes of extra shut-eye, even after promising yourself of abiding by the schedule that you have chalked out. You make that schedule because you believe that the schedule will bring you closer to a desire of yours. You have put in your understanding in the process and have assured yourself that, what you have designed will bring you that or something higher. Even after so intently and desirably creating the program you hit that snooze button or shut off your alarm clock and/or choose to ignore it. Few minutes of extra sleep is your small term gain. Your long-term investment is the energy that is required to get up and off your bed.

If you do this in one area, you have the same attitude in other areas, depending on what drives you in that area. You have the push to invest patience and practice in the area(s) in your life that has fear of missing out or fear of losing attached. You are allowing short-cuts in areas where you tell yourself that you will still have an opportunity available there the next time you look for it.

Which is the area that you want to change?  Is it in the relationship, health or money area?

Your relationships are with personal, professional, or self. In your relationships you underplay, take insults, sell yourself short to get along, get approval, to deal with it later or to accept it as is. Or you are rude and/or a bully for similar reasons. You do that because you see this as your immediate gain.

Skipping your diet for emotional eating will momentarily provide you relief.

Monetary investments decision made based on your resistance and blockage either on savings or spending on fun and personal growth is a short-term interest gain.

You cut off a conversation or association because staying with it to finish your learning there is cumbersome and requires your larger energy input.  This again, of course, is a temporary relief.

When you take action steps that seem to provide relief now, you would also be aware that the issue, however, remains unsolved or unfinished.

Here amongst the fight and flight, when a fight is not an option you choose, and you are finding it difficult to stay and you don’t want to leave your learning unlearnt by your flight response, then how to convert this experience into a long-term investment? Here fight is when you allow lower vibration emotions dictate your actions and flight is when you completely abandon the plan. If and when you feel secure and safe then and only then you could decide to opt for the action that gives visible results after long-term.

So, to convert the near sited actions into actions that get you near future profits, you invest your resources in introspection and understanding your life situation through intuition. Followed by taking action on what comes up through introspection and intuition. This happens when you ask the questions that get you the right answers. What is it that I need to learn? What is the pattern within me that I need to release, which is causing this situation in my life? What is it that I need to know?

In a relationship, standing up for the respect of the relationship by communicating clearly which aligns with your true self will require your investment of time, energy, and understanding. This will give you relationship which is fun, respectful and graceful.

In health, finding ways to adhere to the menu that is right for you by creating fun combinations in a meal that will keep your energy level high will be a good investment of time and knowledge with long-term rewards. You will see the results on the healthy skin and in shedding of your extra inches and fat.

In money area, investing based on your deservability and care for self is a decision that has long-term and much larger gains.

Benefits that will be in a long-term and for a long-term will be visible when you are willing to let go the short-term pleasures. Every time and in everything once in a while you could take a step back and reassess whether the action is fulfilling your necessity of short-term quick gains or would it be useful and necessary in the long-term as a smart investment. The wise switching of being strict/ stringent to flexible about a certain way is the key.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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