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Dear Friend!
Loophole is that tiny space in the rule or a process that is originally not meant to be there. This small space, however, which is visualised as a hole or round channel that leads to the inside and/or the outside. This is a way in or out which is basically other than the traditional way in or out. Loophole(s) are clandestine. Loophole(s) are hidden. Loophole(s) are unbridled. Loophole(s) may cause a breach in security. Loophole(s) may result in loses.

Loophole(s) can be relief. Loophole(s) loosens the strictness. Loophole(s) could get you what you have not allowed yourself to get, but really dearly want.

Interesting fact about our mind. We function using the conscious mind but we are dominantly dictated by the thoughts, behaviours, processes that are placed in the sub-conscious mind. The conscious mind is the 10% and the rest of it is the sub-conscious mind. Brain waves state the various layers of mind, and it can be read in units of Hertz, cycles/sec. The fast brainwaves are indicative of you being aware and awake. This is the beta state and this is the conscious mind. If you ever want to get clear on what is your conscious level thinking then, all you need to do is give very close attention to your thoughts and noise that goes on in your mind. As the brainwaves slow down, you gradually start drifting and shifting deeper and much deeper towards the sub-conscious mind. *These are Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves. Both beta and alpha can be reached with your eyes open or closed. Alpha brainwave state is accessed when you are deeply pondering while focusing on your breathing. Here you intermittently hear. Some words match your conscious thoughts and some may be very different from them. The ones that are subtle and intermittently make their appearance are the words from the sub-conscious mind. This is the beginning of accessing of your sub-conscious mind.

In case of misalignment, you will start experiencing the contrast in your word/dialogues at the beta and alpha brainwaves. This is the clear evidence of the clash between the conscious level thinking and sub-conscious level implanted thoughts. This is the very main reason for the blockage or resistance that gives you an understanding of delays in manifestation. This actually is due to the cross-communication with the Universe. The lack of clarity in the desire related command is experienced in the form of tussle and scuffle of words. The last command is usually from the sub-conscious, mainly because as you move from beta to alpha and deeper state, your conscious level shuts down. But, ironically because the clear and last command given to the Universe was from sub-conscious mind, you see the manifestation of those command regardless of what you think you have been saying, affirming or commanding at the conscious level. In case you notice clash and not alignment between the sub-conscious and conscious thoughts and they are not benefitting you then, it would be a good plan to get clear on the beneficial thoughts and to plant them at the sub-conscious level. These can be done by repeating beautiful affirmations just before you go into your sleep mode or meditating using subliminal guided affirmation or meditation.

Interestingly here the loophole(s) can really come in handy. Amongst the strict, not so fun, not creative, not beneficial thoughts you can slip in your desirable thoughts just when you are not that aware and as you are drifting from faster to slower brainwaves. Be mindful of repeating your desired affirmations and thoughts incessantly and the advantage of these loophole(s) will stand good and show. This happens when you inadvertently or decidedly move from beta to lower level of brain waves and the new data is ready to be introduced by going past the very strict and seemingly impenetrable thought blockages.

Loophole(s) here are therefore good. An alignment in thoughts at the faster to slower and manifestation of these thoughts is the evidence that the loophole(s) have been good for you.


* Reference: Thresholds of the Mind, by Bill Harris, PhD

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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