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Why Me?-Wednesday Why?

why me

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Dear Friend!

A question from a perplexed you. Wondering reasons. Not because you are curious why not anyone else, but you genuinely want to know why you?

Why not? The answer is because you can.

Your life’s learning is assigned according to your true potential. After coming to the planet you sometimes choose to go with the idea that some of your influencers and/or some other external factors have of your potential. You therefore hesitate.

You keep questioning your ability to handle it. You lose energy. You feel distraught. You don’t see yourself being enough. You don’t see yourself doing enough. You are sad and upset that you are not living your optimum life.

Your next question could be related to the hurt. Life and divine are all about love and peace, then how is this you have been chosen for this hurt.

To that this is your answer.

You were not chosen for the hurt. You are also not chosen for the learning through the hurt only. In fact, you are not chosen to learn through the hurt at all. That becomes a personal choice. Learning comes through life experiences and situations. The hurt comes from your resistance to recognise the ability within you to solve and learn from the situation. Your energy goes in fighting, reasoning and avoiding the situation. That becomes your blockage to see and continue in the direction you are meant to take. The detours, wrong turns, patterns, and stumbling is because you are distracted. If you could chose to pay attention to the situation, delayer it, access and invest your resources, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that you will always be consigned to what you can take up.

You are meant to solve and move on. You are not needed to stay with what has solved. You will sometimes be nudged into the next phase as soon as you are done with your learning in the previous one.

Now with this realisation you need not pledge or decide to solve all the past hurt or attend to all the piled up undone actions.

Start afresh. Notice what is the life taking your attention towards. Take it up as a project. Be willing to agree with what you now know and that, there is everything in resources that you need to embark on taking up this project. Even if this is an on-going life situation that has come with a lot of history, decide to give it a fresh look. Give it your consideration with your fresh pair of visibility.

What is it that you know about this life situation aka ‘project’ till now? What is it that you need, to solve this? What is it that you already have? What more do you need?

You could let go the need to know how this can be arranged. Do all you can. Trust that the evidence of the next step and/or the next resources is right there and around and will be visible as you are now willing to focus.

Journaling is always a great way to map your journey. Become your own research interest to understand the ‘why’ of your selection for this experience. Understand from, what information these everyday observations are giving you. Be willing to take help from external sources person or written material.

You are the best person for this task in your life experience, in your life journey.

However, the job gets done only if you choose to accept.

When you do take up the task, you start moving forward in your life’s journey. And in the process, again if you choose to accept, you get to be the medium in contributing in lives to others with whom you are co-creating your life experiences.

You have been chosen for the right reasons.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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