be excited about next

Be EXCITED about what comes NEXT.

be excited of next

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

The attention-grabbing rate of heartbeat. Sensation in and around the area of heart chakra that cannot be left unnoticed.

That are attributes of excitement.

And you may and may not know what is the excitement about.

But, many times they are misread as something connected with fear. This information which is based on little knowledge about the fear attributes shifts your thinking towards the untoward. Gaining the real and right knowledge about what your body is communicating will support you in gearing up to receive the next moment. And that will be exciting.

If you are truly unaware of the attributes that describe or are the sensation of ‘excitement.’ Then, you could be open to what is exciting and let the Universe bring you those experiences. Observe the characteristics and the effect it has on your thoughts, body, and vibration. Next time you have these sensation you will know that ‘something exciting is about to happen.’

If your mind has learned only to be scared, then you will recognise fear easily. Not only that you will convert every feeling into fear by channeling every experience through that. You need to watch out for this. Fear has stress attached so along with depression in the front heart chakra, and excessive beating of your heart, there could be a  lump sensation in the throat and heaviness over the eyes and lower forehead area.

Recognise these symptoms and eliminate them by EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/ tapping and/or take help from Angels. Ask help in words from ‘God and Archangel Michael to remove the low energies that are causing these symptoms or sensation in your body.’ Next, if you feel you need healing then ask help from ‘God and Archangel Raphael to heal that part of your body that is being affected.’ You could beautify that part in you or your body by asking help in a similar manner from Archangel Jophiel. After this, please be mindful to shield yourself.

Look for flutter in your heart area, smile on your face, brightness in your eyes, tickle in your stomach to know that it is EXCITEMENT. You could convert some of your conversations of your everyday interactions into questions or afformations that move the thought process towards answers pertaining to excitement.

Your answers could also be your affirmation. ‘There is always a lot to be excited about.’ ‘There is a lot to be excited about.’ This is a message to the inner self to get connected with the vibration of what you find exciting. This vibration is the communication to the Universe, to bring to you all that gets you excited.

Connect your excitement with happiness. Thus, you keep inviting happiness in your life on a daily basis.

‘Day by day in every way there is lots to be excited about.’

Every day ask yourself before going to sleep and right after waking up, ‘What are you excited about?’ Ask this preferably in front of your mirror, looking into your eyes. Take three to five deep breaths. If there is a thought, vision, or knowing that surfaces then, make a note of that. Before you sleep you could think of all that you were excited about all through the day, that was. These are the ones you are grateful for. Then when you wake up recall what is it that you saw or experienced in your dream that you found exciting. Next, notice all throughout the day all that wonderful events that you find exciting. These are your blessings. Of the events, as you focus on the events that you are excited about, you attract more events of the same kind. There are some that are just categorised as exciting and then there are some from which you may have to filter out the exciting bits.

All this attention and focus is practice to be in a vibration of excitement. Here the creativity is at its finest. Here you are able to achieve and create better. Then what is NEXT is exciting.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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