go-getter and allowing

Manifestation is a combination of having to be a go-getter and letting things come to you.

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Dear Friend!

Manifestation is a combination of having to a go-getter and letting things come to you.

Your friend did not connect with you for an update on a situation you discussed with him exclusively. You update him. Another friend gets in touch for the same reason. You update this friend too with equal enthusiasm and gratitude.

You want to make space in your living area by letting go some things. You take the action step of placing the advertisement online of those things. Then you allow the right buyers to come to you, by entertaining their calls and informing them about the product and make the sale.

You have a creative idea. You make a list of the action steps and resources required. You do the action steps you can and invest what you can. You allow the rest of the resources to come to you.

You exercise right, eat right and think right. You then allow the right effect to take place on your health.

You put in your best information and talent into expressing your ideas about a certain topic. You compile it into a manuscript and publish. You network and you let it reach your focused readers. You let their feedback, comments, queries, and remuneration of the sale come to you.

You pray for guidance. You let the messages come to you. You believe, allow, and receive them.

You desire an opportunity. The same/similar opportunity comes to you. So you allowed it to happen. The twist is that the opportunity demands your resources more than you had anticipated you had to invest. To accept what has come in your space, you need to expand your mind to let go your attachment of the earlier plan of investment. The onus is on you.

You have a task in hand, and you also get a chance for fun. Do decide to have fun. Also, do remember and agree to complete the task.

Consider these. In winery the aging of the wine. In restaurant or in online shopping you place the order. When you plant a seed/ sapling. At the most you follow up, check to see how the process is in progress. Before that, you take the action. After the action you let the process happen.

Do not overindulge. Do not completely leave the matter. There has to be the right balance of involving yourself and allowing the things to happen.

It is not about the sequence of steps in which this will happen. It could be one after another or alternate or intermittent as per the requirement.

After doing the action comes the part where you are not supposed to be doing action. So you don’t do the action, but here you worry. That act of worrying is an action. If there is an additional step/action that you are convinced will support the purpose, then most certainly take the decision and the responsibility of the added step.

There are going to be questions. When to put an effort? Where to put in the effort? How much of effort to put in? Whether to put the efforts? Where not to put effort? Will that be giving up?

Go by your instinct and use your emotions as your guide. Get clear on the distinction between resistance to expand and indication of not the right path/choice. This decides whether you need to put in more resources or take a detour respectively.

The whole process of manifestation is based on your understanding of receiving. If you have the understanding that ‘to receive you need to work for it’ then, you will need to learn how to allow things to come to you and the art of receiving when that happens. If you have the understanding that ‘things just need to or suppose to come’. This could be because you don’t see yourself having the capacity to get it for yourself. Then, you need to learn that you are capable to take action.

For manifestation requires you to put in action and allow the response to come to you.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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