system of exchange

Nothing is for free.

There is always a system of exchange in place.

system of exchange

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Barter system. Energy exchange. Purchase. Buying. Selling.

There are many concepts that contribute to understanding them. The only commonality is that a give and take system applies in each of these methods.

Concept # 1

When you do good you expect good to come to you. But the operative word being ‘good’. What is the meaning of the word ‘good’, what denotes ‘good’ to you? If that is the accepted process then sometime why do you see bad happening to you. Does this take your attention to the possible bad in the good that you could have done? When you do bad are you scared that same will happen to you. Is this your way of not doing bad? You stop yourself from giving bad, using fear. What is good as per you may not be good as per some other. The same concept applies to what is understood as bad. Some socially sensitive situations are emotionally intensive. Asking if that can be good for anyone would be generalising. Every situation is unique. Sometimes finding what is right, what is good, what is beneficial in a situation that is anything but that, is exactly what you need to turn your receiving from bad to good.

Concept # 2.1

The ultimate code breaker is that you get returns in whatever area you have the least resistance and where you are most open to receiving abundance from known and unknown sources.

For example, when you impart knowledge you will get reciprocation or return in knowledge only when you are open to receiving knowledge. Suppose you charge money for the knowledge you give then, you need to be comfortable with receiving money. Else, you have people who will bargain your costing, will show expectations of the freebies, will be adamant of receiving the knowledge only when there is no cost and the frequency of paid receivers will be sparse. Only if you are comfortable with the knowledge then, you may receive knowledge comfortably from varied or from particular desired source.

Concept # 2.2

If you have been doing a lot of helping and supporting work in different areas in life. And you have clarity of abundance in the food area. Then, you will receive food from known and unknown sources in return. The food may or may not be as per your desire. But you will receive it easily.

Concept # 3

You are unclear on what to receive or you did not really know whether you are entitled to receive anything and you still receive. In that case what you receive is there to expand your mind, allows you to explore and gets you ready to receive anything/everything. Even if it is a surprise, you will only receive what you are open to receiving.
This applies also for ones that do not give you a good feeling.
So start to channelize all what you receive towards your good and that what you find fun, exotic, beautiful. After which when you see the change in receiving from not so good to good then, consider, understand, say/affirm or agree that it is for your best and is a feel-good factor.
Also, affirm for what you are unclear but still you are about to receive to be something ‘that is of your greatest and highest good.’

So how to receive what you have actually desire to receive?

*The very first step is to receive all that comes in your space comfortably.

*You see it safe to receive? Then and only then regardless of what it is, receive with respect.
‘I am receiving with thanks.’ ‘I have received with thanks.’
Now, if you wish, pass it on or let it go.

*Get clear on what is it that you desire to receive. Do not get into the guilt of having received not what you have been asking for. Instead be very very grateful for the receiving itself.

*Now use techniques like mirror work, journaling and/or tapping to recognise the resistance to receiving that what you particularly desire. Work towards lowering the resistance or letting go the resistance completely for what you desire to receive.

*Recognise any level of prosperity in the receiving in/of your desired area.

*Alternatively, when you give, do affirm that ‘you receive what you desire easily and lovingly.’ Every day in the morning you can start affirming. ‘May I receive all that I need and like from known and unknown source, for all that I do.’   ‘I let go resistance to receiving with love and happiness in any and all areas of life from known and unknown sources.’

Giving and receiving, therefore, has your willingness as the strongest component. Clarity in your willingness can keep you happy both with giving and receiving.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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