Smart Hard Work

Smart Hard Work is the success mantra of today’s everyday work.


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Dear Friend!

Hard work and Smart work

How was your day? How do you want your day to be? What is a fulfilling day for you? What kind of day do you find satisfactory?

Do you permit yourself a good night sleep only when you fall on your bed tired barely being able to open your eyes? Do you review your day, express gratitude, show excitement for the next day as you lay your head on the pillow just before closing your eyes?

Whether you worked hard this day or worked smart, it was a day that was. But the habit remains. If you are in a habit of acknowledging only hard work, and you have had a day where processes were methodical, seamless, comfortable, then you might lay awake at night assessing what more you could have done. If you are not a fan of physical extensive laborious work, you might get tired and be dissatisfied and show disapproval of your way of functioning that day. But, hello!! What happened to the task? Did you get something done? Well, the result of the work done gets dismissed or diluted in the dilemma.

Working hard or working smartly is a choice but gets applied as a habit. You can use either or both, depending on your situations. Results are seen and achieved in both. Advantages are in both. Both are right and both are correct. Both get work done. Right proportion and timing of smart and hard work determine the output.

It is the task that needs to be completed and the person who takes the responsibility or the person who is actually carrying it out that decides the type of effort required.

Smart work is always about investing more resources initially, to understand, to learn, before you apply and you integrate the process in your space. Hard work can be oxymoron’ly’ described as comparatively easy, known or familiar, many a time more satisfying.

For example. To sort data manually in a spreadsheet of MS Excel, you could do that manually using the software tools. Or you could choose to do the same job by writing a Macros. This smart thinking will require you to learn to code in Visual Basic. After you write the program/code the task gets done smoothly and fast. Also, the macro written can be reused for other similar jobs. However, the code testing for quality purposes and its correctness can be done by manual hard work.

The advantage of doing hard work is you get to understand the process in detail and thus you find a more effective way of getting it done. You learn something new and thus adds to your talent and skill. It is now that you use this knowledge in doing the work smartly. In many cases, it is time-saving and cost-effective. Resources saved can be used for your other creative ideas and steps.

Another example is going for a walk for an hour or running/walking for 20mins on a treadmill. Here if you have knee related situations or you need fresh air or natural source of Vitamin D then you definitely need the walk. On some days if you have less time or the weather is not friendly then, you go for treadmill exercise, instead of completely missing out on your exercise.

Cooking is also where these choices are applicable. Using a gadget versus labor-intensive manual work. Many would swear that manual work makes food tastier. It is suggested here that you assess your resources that include physical stamina and time. Then, decide and choose or design the cooking protocol.

While smart work avoids constant re-inventing the wheel, the hard work keeps you connected with the real process of the task.

Smart Hard Work is the success mantra of today’s everyday work. Someone has already thought and carried out what you want to do. Find out what has already been done using available information. This leaves a lot of creative space. Develop something enhanced here. There is space for fun. Use all, whatever it takes amongst the hard and/or smart work to bring the task to a fruition.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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