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Why people come to complain to me?-Wednesday Why?

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Dear Friend!

Monica was very pleased with the fact that her neighbour Salini came to her to seek her advice. Monica gave the attention, care, and counsel that she thought Salini needed. Monica was satisfied being a great host. Shalini was complaining with words and gestures about her life. During the conversation, the moment Monica thought she had some answers she also started sharing about her life incidents and how she had handled them. Monica took the complaining as questions that she had to dutifully address. As she talked she saw herself as an accomplished life solver. After their get-together/meeting ended. Monica closed the door with a grin of fulfillment as Salini left.

That smile did not last long. As Monica started stepping back into her life situations, phone ringing, her five years old demanding, house help’s constant asking, thoughts of office related issues and the discussion she had with her husband regarding the office issues.

She suddenly saw herself as a phony. She started a self-conversation without a smile. She told herself that she needs most help. Then why does everyone come to her to complain?

“Why do people come to complain to me?”

The Universe is always answering your questions with life situations. Solving which you get the answer to your question. If you ask the Universe ‘how do I handle this issue of my life?’ or ‘is there anything good going on in your life?’ or ‘ am I useful?’

The Universe brings you the life situations where you get an opportunity to review all the solutions to all that you see as issues and can come up with your best solutions. As you narrate to others, you knowingly or maybe unknowingly mention them. It makes you feel good because you are sharing solutions which keep you in high vibration. These are the solutions that you agree with. But you may or may not have applied yet. You could have been sharing them from your actual life incidents or could be your affirmation.

When you step out of that ‘solution zone’, you may see yourself as a liar. You realise that you are with a mountain of solutions to implement. This requires a lot of your resources in willingness, time and energy. And you may see it as a lot of work. But you question yourself whether you can. And so the vibration starts to dip. And you go back in your life situations as is, which is presently a ‘problem zone’ according to you.

People do not come to you because you are a good host or very approachable. People come to you because they are the medium that has agreed to share information that they have for you. This is the information which you have asked for as an answer to the questions to the Universe.

You are constantly asking the Universe by way of self-talk or talking to anything higher than yourself.

The Universe does communicate in many other ways. But what gets your attention is when you see yourself useful. You are hearing from others instead of gathering the same data your own intuition brings to you because your focus is on others. Whether you are judging others or appreciating others, you are constantly looking at them for solutions. Each time you like their solution there is an exchange in approval. When you disagree with their solution there is an exchange of rejection.

When you start to make the changes in your information gathering source and information gathering vibration, you will notice the change.

People will come to you with creative discussions. The gossips, that is, a factual or hypothetical information with an element of fear and blame, start to diminish as for you it holds no water. From now on LIFE is about learning and enhancement.

People will now come to you because of what you are willing to hear and say. You don’t need to prove that you have your life in check. You will now to be willing to hear what is being shared and give your suggestion by very comfortably directing them to the direction where the trusted and reliable help is available.

There is no fear of missing out. You will still have people who will come to meet and talk to you. Now, these people will be the ones that share your passion for forward movement.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034




Note : All the names have been changed.

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