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Choose Long-term INVESTMENTS Over Short term gains


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Dear Friend!

You snooze your alarm for that 5 minutes of extra shut-eye, even after promising yourself of abiding by the schedule that you have chalked out. You make that schedule because you believe that the schedule will bring you closer to a desire of yours. You have put in your understanding in the process and have assured yourself that, what you have designed will bring you that or something higher. Even after so intently and desirably creating the program you hit that snooze button or shut off your alarm clock and/or choose to ignore it. Few minutes of extra sleep is your small term gain. Your long-term investment is the energy that is required to get up and off your bed.

If you do this in one area, you have the same attitude in other areas, depending on what drives you in that area. You have the push to invest patience and practice in the area(s) in your life that has fear of missing out or fear of losing attached. You are allowing short-cuts in areas where you tell yourself that you will still have an opportunity available there the next time you look for it.

Which is the area that you want to change?  Is it in the relationship, health or money area?

Your relationships are with personal, professional, or self. In your relationships you underplay, take insults, sell yourself short to get along, get approval, to deal with it later or to accept it as is. Or you are rude and/or a bully for similar reasons. You do that because you see this as your immediate gain.

Skipping your diet for emotional eating will momentarily provide you relief.

Monetary investments decision made based on your resistance and blockage either on savings or spending on fun and personal growth is a short-term interest gain.

You cut off a conversation or association because staying with it to finish your learning there is cumbersome and requires your larger energy input.  This again, of course, is a temporary relief.

When you take action steps that seem to provide relief now, you would also be aware that the issue, however, remains unsolved or unfinished.

Here amongst the fight and flight, when a fight is not an option you choose, and you are finding it difficult to stay and you don’t want to leave your learning unlearnt by your flight response, then how to convert this experience into a long-term investment? Here fight is when you allow lower vibration emotions dictate your actions and flight is when you completely abandon the plan. If and when you feel secure and safe then and only then you could decide to opt for the action that gives visible results after long-term.

So, to convert the near sited actions into actions that get you near future profits, you invest your resources in introspection and understanding your life situation through intuition. Followed by taking action on what comes up through introspection and intuition. This happens when you ask the questions that get you the right answers. What is it that I need to learn? What is the pattern within me that I need to release, which is causing this situation in my life? What is it that I need to know?

In a relationship, standing up for the respect of the relationship by communicating clearly which aligns with your true self will require your investment of time, energy, and understanding. This will give you relationship which is fun, respectful and graceful.

In health, finding ways to adhere to the menu that is right for you by creating fun combinations in a meal that will keep your energy level high will be a good investment of time and knowledge with long-term rewards. You will see the results on the healthy skin and in shedding of your extra inches and fat.

In money area, investing based on your deservability and care for self is a decision that has long-term and much larger gains.

Benefits that will be in a long-term and for a long-term will be visible when you are willing to let go the short-term pleasures. Every time and in everything once in a while you could take a step back and reassess whether the action is fulfilling your necessity of short-term quick gains or would it be useful and necessary in the long-term as a smart investment. The wise switching of being strict/ stringent to flexible about a certain way is the key.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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ask for Encouragement.

More than Freedom ask for Encouragement

ask for Encouragement.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!


More than Freedom ask for Encouragement
Waiting for the coast to be clear. To focus. To do what you love to do. To do what you have to do. To relax or to rejuvenate.
Visually or quietly, patiently or impatiently letting others live their life at their pace in your space. All this while you are listing your favourite or to do action points. Along with this, you are asking for freedom.
You ask for freedom from delay, limiting behavior, postponement, and procrastination. But, consciously you see yourself asking for freedom from these external factors or others. And thus it registers as if you are asking for freedom from them. And therefore all the averse thought process and behavior appears due to these or them.
The understanding of freedom is vacating others from your space physically so that you can at last call and use that space, as your own. Freedom is synonymously described and explained with the use of the word, independent. If you have been using freedom and independent to express what you are asking for then it may not manifest in as rosy manner as you think. Get clear on what freedom and being independent means to you in creating a conducive space for your action implementation. The peace, the quite, the focus, the un-interruption. This is so that you have complete ownership of the reaction, the opinion, the feelings for what you wish to decide experience solely by your permission. And now you think you have that authority over your own space.
Life, however, is co-creation by co-dependency. When you ask for an independent state of existence then you start losing your support system that is required to co-dependently contribute in your many activities that are required for your existence.
The best chance to have or do all that is mentioned above or that you have planned for is by getting comfortable with those whose departure is being used as an important deciding factor to get started or carry out those action points.
As an added bonus in this arrangement along with being comfortable, you could ask to be encouraged. Now you are not giving energy in getting rid of them, be it a person, situation/responsibility or thing. Rather, you are now very intelligently using the same delay factor(s) that was being used as an excuse to postpone, to be now used as a reinforcement. Now the action can be done in presence of external factors whose exit was awaited. Now the same external factors can be supporting, participating, contributing to what you desire to do or have.
This is such an enhanced form of arrangement. You don’t get bothered by other’s presence, existence, schedule. You are not asking freedom from them. You have now asked for encouragement from other’s presence, existence, schedule. This is beneficial in many layers. Your perspective of these external factors or others has a scope of change. You are using your time and energy more resourcefully as per you. You make it possible for the others or the external factors to experience what you have learned. The change that you have applied has a ripple effect and for the good of all.
The encouragement has high energy boost effect. It nudges you towards your limitless self.
As you begin to practice the asking and receiving, of this encouragement, you could do the same for other people. You are able to do more and experience more. The resources are now yours and are now used with ease.
Growth, fulfillment, and moving forward is the only plan in Life.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Barrier to Communication is attitude

Barrier to Communication is not language. Barrier to Communication is the attitude.

Barrier to Communication is attitude.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Barrier to Communication is not language it is the attitude

Asking to be communicated only in a way that you are ready to receive has all to do with your attitude. The lack of willingness to put an effort to receive in other ways comes from your own past rejections that you have been unable to let go.

Your equation with your Universe decides your communication quotient with your Universe. The Universe works like your electronic navigation system. If you have not been able to take the suggestion on a route then, you are suggested the next best alternative route. You are not snubbed, scolded nor does your Universe hold a grudge. The Universe will get you the best option for you. For that, it aligns all the permutation and combination of all involved and presents the best to you. On observation with an open mind, you will be able to see that. When you are upset which is basically due to you having been holding on to the past rejections, your focus is always on what does not show you acceptance. As a result, you are impatient, always crosstalk even when you are introspecting, your communication is one way, you micro-manage, you show little trust in abilities in self or others, you are in a rush for your ideas to be presented so they might appear half-baked and you have an urgency for them to be accepted therefore, you heed little or to no one. You do all that to in a hurry not to get rejected. As an outcome you are not able to see, hear, notice or understand the reply or guidance from the Universe. To be able to receive communication from Universe you have to be more accepting and flexible. You have to accept and be flexible receiving information in parts, some now and rest later all in the divine timing, in various forms visual and/or auditory sources, through your own thoughts, feelings and knowing.

The communication with the Universe is not mechanical but you need to abide by the rule, consider the conditions and know the process.

# Rule to communicate is to be accepting and flexible in receiving. You may not always receive in the particular form each time or in a form anticipated by you at a certain time.

# Condition is that you have to be in higher vibration to receive and decode/decipher communication from your Universe. At lower vibrations you miss out or misinterpret the information received, as it gets blocked by lower vibration feelings the anger, fear, irritation.

# Process is that you ask very clearly and let the response come to you. Don’t be hasty. Don’t misbehave. Don’t doubt.

The same rule, condition and process are required to be implemented in communication with self and with another. Anything that is keeping you from receiving communication has to be your bias based on past rebuffs and refutations. Do not allow that to dictate your present or future communications. Do not reject in blame of possible rejection. Do not give up on your own self or on another. Do not take the rejection as full and final.

Change your perspective of the rejection to diversion towards the greater and higher good.

During a communication go beyond the first layer of resistance. Be it language, accent, pronunciation, phonetics. Employ your reinforcements which are your willingness and your energy to go past this resistance. Be curious to know more. Keep your attention towards what you wish to receive. You need not be adamant on the what and how of the communication. Be ok with giving chances to change. Be understanding and promoting.

You are not the reason for the lack of communication. But, you could be the reason for establishing the communication.

The moment you decide to communicate you shall connect. Information flows and you will experience abundance.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why do people get upset?

Why do people get upset?-Wednesday Why?

Why do people get upset

IADLife Blog:

Question from Ishanvi, 6 years old, Class 1.

Dear Friend!
Case Study: Ishanvi, Nadeen, Krishiv, and Vishnu are friends living in the same building. Their age group is 6 to 10 years. They play together and they get bored together. Sometimes they fight.
At one such occasion while they were playing hide and seek Vishnu called Krishiv ‘cheater.’ Krishiv defended himself saying ‘he did not cheat.’ Krishiv did not like the allegation and decided to discontinue the game. With his exit, the rest of the participants decided that the number of players required for the game was not there, and therefore the game came to an unexpected halt.
They dispersed and Vishnu and Ishanvi came to IADLife office where their mother Priyashree was in conversation with me. They complained that they were getting bored. After getting their mom’s attention they settled down on the sofa.
I asked them what happened. Vishnu narrated his version of what happened. So I asked him to call Krishiv. Vishnu ran out to call the rest of the group. On his way to the IADLife office, Vishnu told Krishiv that I was calling them because he had told me and his mom about what had happened. As a response Krishiv called Vishnu ‘complaint box.’ This Vishnu mentioned as soon as both entered my office. So I decided to address what ‘complaining’ is first, before solving their fight.
Complaining is when one person speaks about a person completely focusing on the other person’s actions and expect from the person to whom they have complained, to show acknowledgment and/or approval in some way.
But, here Vishnu was answering a question that his mom had asked. This may or may not have been a complaint.
I started to address their present fight. My explanation was as follows.
‘When you are friends these things happen. One person behaves in one manner and the other person will behave in another manner. The difference in the manner you behave will sometimes become a reason for the fight and get upset, as you may not agree with each other’s behavior.’
Here Ishanvi asked, ‘Why do people get upset?’
Nadeen shared his viewpoint, he said, ’there is a reason, friends fight but later on they will call us.’ This is an excellent point. Friends patch up and reunite. But, the time difference between a friend has got upset and left, to the time both come back together has to be as less as possible. The reason this time difference increase is because as a young person they had not learned to solve situations between the friends and thus the unresolved issues start to pile up. As a result, friends get upset with each other at the slightest difference in behavior and with each added hurt they find that it requires more energy input and understanding to clear it. Because of the lack of guidance, practice or even knowledge of the requirement of the solving, the reconciliation gets more difficult with each fight. Anger gets attached with each fight. That prevents in solving the situation or hurt. Even if friends keep coming back together because they lack choice or have hope, the hurt will keep getting more intense, till it is finally addressed and solved.
I explained to my little friends in the following manner.
‘When you fight, you may go back to your friend to play with them because you might think you have no other choice. But, in your mind, it might remain that this friend did wrong to me. So if you say Vishnu did one thing. Then you still go and play with Vishnu because you don’t have anyone else to play with. Next time something happens and you say ‘Vishnu did the second thing. It will keep increasing because it was not discussed, addressed or solved. You will have it in your mind that, to you Vishnu is wrong. Or Krishiv did something wrong. Krishiv is wrong the first time and Krishiv is wrong the second time. So it will start collecting. The third fight will become three. In the sixth fight, it will become six.
So now, is it easy to solve one or six?’
All four of them unanimously answered ‘one.’
I continued.
‘So from now make it a point to ask your friend, why did they call you ‘what they called you.’ When you do not like what you are being called, convert it into what you would like. For example, change ‘complaint box’ or convert it to ‘appreciation box.’ If you are the one who is calling your friend a complaint box then that means you have a lot to be complained about. So when you call your friend appreciation box, your friend will be noticing what is appreciative of about you, and say only that.
You need to do this for everything that is bothering you.
Then you will not be upset.’
Best wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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it is possible


When you question the feasibility of your creative idea.

Show yourself the Steel Bird in the Sky and Iron House on the Sea.

it is possible

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

You have a dream, a desire, a creative idea, a future plan, a protocol or a process. You may wish to share your idea or plan with yourself or someone other than you. Give yourself permission to assess and introspect the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, benefits and detriments, profits and losses, pleasures and suffers. But please refrain from allowing yourself into getting into a discussion about its feasibility. IT IS POSSIBLE. It might be a faint idea or suggestion that has appeared in your mind. Consider this a message or guidance from the divine. Trust your thought. Feel the excitement. Make a start.

Are you still trying to gain evidence of its practicality? Are you still pinching yourself to see if the idea really did come to you?


Point to the sky and show yourself the steel bird flying.


Point to the sea and show yourself the iron house floating on it.

Steel bird is the Aeroplane and Iron house is the Ship


You can only finish something by anticipating it’s completion or it’s utility on completion.

“The law of flotation was not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things but by contemplating the floating of things which floated naturally, and then intelligently asking why they did so.” – Thomas Troward  (The Wisdom of Thomas Troward.)

For what you want to do, you need to start asking ‘what made it possible’ then follow your understanding that directs the path.

If you ever find the journey difficult and decide to take help from Source or God. You will be shown the most magnificent creation of theirs, that no one would have fathom its completion and its existence. That creation is YOU.

You are possible and anything you decide is possible.

Once you get started you can make changes, amendments, adjustments, enhancements to your original plan. Once you get started every support that is required comes to you. Everyone and everything is on your side or you will be able to get them on your side.

You will know of this when you notice you are doing new things and every step seems to have a solution. Every difficulty is a learning experience. Everything new is exciting. Anything complex or complicated, for sure is fun to solve. Growth is regular, visible, easy and happening. Creative ideas flow with ease. You allow, recognise and apply it. Visualization and completion of each creative ideas are ecstatic.

‘It’s possible, it’s doable, there is a way’ – you are now saying this to yourself.

Every new action point or suggestion is not an added responsibility but additional useful information. Words from your support system or external others will be ‘you are right, this can be done’ or something similar to that. Any other sentences as comments or gestures are not de-motivating, they are just not your language anymore.

With all this please remember ‘with great power comes great responsibility’- some Spiderman movie. Be limitless, know all is possible, but be safe.

This new understanding promotes you to be open to experiences and explore.

The innovator in you has something new to show and share. You have taken that step that goes towards a path that says, ‘it could be and is possible, it’s going to be great.’

Discover and make new experiences.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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lessening self-criticism

Secret of coming out of the web of self-criticism.

lessening self-criticism

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Self-criticism is so subtle. It seems so natural. It is so smooth. It is sneak prickity and yet escapes your notice. It is sugar-coated. It is relentless.

It is in the look. It is in the word or sentence. It is in the gesture. It is in the body language. It is in the feelings. It is in the vibration.

Self- criticism is sabotaging and limiting. It keeps you from living a life closer to your true self. It keeps you from appreciating and expressing the appreciation of the qualities that you are aware of. It blocks you from acknowledging the new unexplored qualities that has now been deep embedded behind the lack thinking that you have adapted from your experience and/or other influencer’s viewpoint. It does not allow you to be creative. In case you do manage to express your creative self or thought or idea, the self-criticism does not allow you in receiving of reciprocation of your creativity. Thus, again pulling you into a whirlpool or circle of self-criticism and not seeing as doing enough or not being enough. You visit and revisit a process, conversation or effort always certain that there are loopholes in your action emerging from being convinced that it could be done better. It quickly gets converted into self-doubt and increases self- blame. It is not fun.

How much ever undetectable it seems it has a process that it follows. You understand that process to catch it in the act and nip it in the bud.

The moment you knowingly or unknowingly say something adverse about and/or related and/or connected with your own-self and that results in the dip in your vibration. That is self-criticism. It starts with a bit of heaviness in some part of your body. It could be like a slight lumpy or heavy feeling in your throat, heart, stomach or upper back area. It starts to stack up on not dealing with it or being aware of it or not addressing it and healing it. Eventually, this has a crippling effect and it goes as far as stranding you from moving forward.

The moment you delayer, you understand the process. It is then that you have a choice. You stop where ever you wish for this process to discontinue.

You choose to change.

The process of the self-criticism is as follows.

* Self-Criticism results in a decrease in Self-Esteem.

**This affects Self-worth.

*Cause for the decrease in Self-Worth.

**This affects Self-Deservability.

*And you show uncertainty about your deservability. This decreases deservability.

**This affects your receiving. Receiving of any and all kinds.

*You start to see a decrease in your receiving.

**This affects every area of your life.

*You start to see lack and scarcity in every area in Life.

To combat this process at its very end or anywhere in between starts with your realisation.

Then to counter-act you have to say in words or do actions what is self-enhancing and vibration raising. You will need to fill yourself with the vibrations of prosperity. You will need to look prosperous as a constant reminder of being so. This will support you in having feelings of being prosperous. There is an increase in the self-appreciation and self-praise which in turn increases SELF-LOVE.

To know that you have stepped out of the self-criticism process and have stopped its continuity is by knowing that now the way you approach a process, conversation, effort after its done is by you being sure. You need not compare, compete or try to win over anyone. You did your best. You now let go. You have done enough.  Move on to do other creative actions.

The faster you are able to move on with faith without having the obsession or compulsion to do different or better and for a different or better result, the lesser is your self-criticism.

Lead a life with prosperous thoughts.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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live your highest potential

Best way to live your highest potential is by letting go discrimination.

live your highest potential

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Best way to live your highest potential is by letting go discrimination

It’s like knowing all the answers in a test paper and still not letting it show on the paper.

You have the resources of time, money, willingness and energy, but you do not use it to the fullest.

Do you think you do that in any of your life situation?

Do you think you are living your part or complete life like this?

Suppose there is a life situation. You do your best in that life situation. Next, you introspect. You are convinced that you could have done a better job if you were given another chance.

‘There you go’, the Universe says.

You attract another life situation which is similar to the one where you were convinced that you had performed less than optimum. You again do your best. What would that mean? It means you take into consideration (a) your life conditions, (b) the thinking derived by self or adapted from others about your deservability and ability, to contribute.

You are certain that a better attempt can be made and thus a better result can be expected. You keep living or re-living through them and keep wondering ‘why are you still in the same level of experience.’

It is true you have much higher potential than you have allowed yourself to experience. But then how do you get to a place where you live your highest potential.

You do that by acknowledging and agreeing that you are in the know of the datum which the gospel truth that, you have always been living your highest potential. You appreciate, respect and approve what and how much you have done. This is you admitting that at that time and space in your life you have presented your highest potential.

You will always be guided what to do next. Steps to take. New projects to embark. What skill to add in your already available talents in you.

This will be the guidance to your question, ‘how can you do more.’

At each stage and phase, you need to know that you are working with your highest potential. You do not under any condition look for validation from external factors. The validation and confirmation are internal. Anything that you get from outside is a reflection of your viewpoint residing consciously or sub-consciously.

If you are still not convinced that you using your full potential and that you are very sure you could do much better if only ‘you knew this, had that, or had done that.’ Then, here is an eye-opener for you. Truth is you would have been exactly as dis-satisfied even after ‘you knew this, had that, or had done that.’ Being satisfied is a habit. This habit that has/had been deeply influenced by your another habit. That habit is of comparison. This was not your habit to start with. You were compared and then you started to compare. Comparing to decide higher from lower is a disguised form of discrimination. When you adapt comparing that is now discrimination, there is no dearth of what you might consider/engulf. Be it external factor(s) or internal, you will shift the reasoning, the logic and explanation of what worked and what did not based on these. This, however, is not the truth.

Your real potential still goes unnoticed and unacknowledged. This just increases your dis-satisfaction.

The moment you let go or are willing to let go discrimination, your true potential surfaces. Your focus and attention shifts. Your true potential gets the much-deserved approval. It gets the opportunity to be recognised.

The coast is now clear for you to use your potential and be satisfied in that ‘present time.’ In this light, your true potential which is your highest one shines. You will be filled with admiration for your potential.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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