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criticism and Feedback

The difference between criticism and Feedback is the intention either to hurt or to lift up.
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Dear Friend!

Case Study: The online meeting was scheduled and the meeting agenda was around the queries the client had. By the time the discussion reached the third question, the client was already giving the unscheduled, unasked viewpoints on X’s functioning. X was pleased with the comments from the client. X too expressed gratitude for the feedback and mentioned how much work has gone in to get to this level, and how the client’s opinion was valued. Right after that X noticed that the client’s feedback was turning into suggestions. The suggestions started sounding like instructions and all the while the client insisted that it was sharing an idea. Then there was laugh included in the midst while the client recalled and pointed out X’s past standard of functioning. To X it was like being made fun of. By this time X was clear that it was no longer about which level to reach but rather had become about what was not up to the mark in the past. X started to feel the lowering in vibration. The excitement, value, and respect for the direction of the conversation were fast diminishing. The events were not fun. What started as FEEDBACK was now criticism.

Criticism is always unsolicited and unwarranted. Feedback is unsolicited and requested or asked but is always needed. You will always know when the feedback is not so anymore, by the way, your vibration sways. Misunderstanding due to misrepresentation of viewpoints or due to past definition and impression of the viewpoints can sometimes have feedback misconstrued as criticism.

Criticism is always received and given in low vibration. Feedback always is given and received in high vibration. There is nothing constructive about the criticism. Feedback has an inherent nature and characteristic to build and lift up.

Criticism is from a space that has emotions that reflect behavior that comes from or is due to being subdued. Criticism curbs your enthusiasm. There is hurt from past experiences and thus there is intent to hurt. Criticism is riddled with self-pity. All that gives rise to victim mentality for example past rejection(s), never been heard, not being given value, never being considered, never winning, or always being proven wrong can be the reason fuelling criticism. These may not be true but if you agree that it has happened to you then, that is all it takes.

Feedback is shared to improve, improvise or change. Feedback is motivating. Feedback is enhancing in nature. Feedback is all about respect and value in every bit. Feedback is given with an intention to raise the situation or experience and all involved. Feedback has the confidence that the observations, experiences, and suggestions shared is to make something or everything for everyone better. Feedback is with faith for a brighter future.

Accusations are always criticism and can never be considered a feedback. They have the intent of blame and the aim is to prove someone other than you ‘not right.’

Feedback is all about gratitude and intent is to have a better experience for self. Others gain in this process too.

There is a very little effort required to present your viewpoints as feedback. You just need to assess whether the points you are placing are boosting you.

When you are giving : Notice your vibration when you are giving your input. It has to be high. If it starts to dip, pause or stop reroute your sentences into that what will raise your vibration. You also have the option to apologise. Forgive yourself too for this.

When you are receiving: Notice your vibration when you are receiving the input. It has to be high. If what you are receiving is lowering your vibration, you can choose to stop the interaction if you can. If the interaction has to carry on then bring the focus to your self-love by self-love affirmation and/or ask help from angels to shield you and cut the cords from whom you are receiving criticism.

Self-love affirmation for this situation is, ‘I love and accept myself exactly as I am.’ Reason for this affirmation: although you have attracted these low vibration comments, you have decided to love and accept yourself in spite of this. And from now on you choose to attract loving ways of input in future and assure yourself that you will be paying attention.

Criticism shows you are stuck due to unresolved past issues. So choose to switch to feedback which is resolved and futuristic in nature.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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hope and the FAITH

The Connection between HOPE and FAITH.
In Low Vibration Masqueraded Form Of FAITH Is Hope And The True Form Of HOPE In High Vibration Is Faith.
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Dear Friend!

In Low Vibration Masqueraded Form Of FAITH Is Hope And The True Form Of HOPE In High Vibration Is Faith.

It’s the math or calculation of statistics.

The pulley that keeps you from getting consumed into the whirlpool of low vibration is hope. To understand this, you need to understand what happens in the low vibration. This is the place where you are energetically low. The feelings that rises are low vibration feelings. It could be fear or anger or any other feelings associated with either or both. In this space your thoughts and actions reflect limitations. Your willingness to change is at its minimal.

How do you or did you get to this low vibrational space?

Very gradually.

You were high vibrational being when you came on this planet. It has taken circumstances, incidents, influences, people, experiences, situations to get you acquainted with low vibrations. Once you got introduced to ways the low vibrations is conveniently used in life, you too started to involve them for some shortcuts to save time, heartache/hurt, rejections. Before you know it, it becomes part of your reactions and actions, and you found yourself using low vibrational actions more often than you anticipated. In your low vibrational space you critise, blackmail, back-bite, fight, argue. These are non-solution based reactions. These clouds your judgment, decision making, and your next step. Here you don’t see any chance and scope of prosperity. There is restlessness. Here the way forward has lost its visibility due to the murkiness of what is your impression of the situation and the steps that take you back seems endless. Thoughts and actions of routing for others to fail and self-harm happens here. Contemplation of suicide occurs here. Depression is this and is found here.

At this point and at this place, it is the HOPE that keeps you from getting further sucked in. It is the hope that devises a movement towards the higher level.

When it reaches the surface from where the high vibration starts, there is an inner knowing, evidence, willingness to change and prosper, a promise to be more creative. Here resides patience, calmness, excitement, and fun. Here is limitlessness, bravery to explore, open to allowing all that is new and novel, and accepting all as being your highest good. Here, what keeps you here and in the now, without having seen or experienced the beautiful future is FAITH.

All throughout your journey on this planet you go through your highs and your lows. But, you are never abandoned or left to handle life situations on your own. An option and a choice of a better life, of a life of change and forward movement from what is not working to what could work, always exists.

Moving forward or getting pushed forward on your healing journey when you don’t have much of motivation is due to hope.

When you reach a place where motivation is real and acceptable, the seamless transition from low times to high times happens and the strengthening of HOPE to a more permanent FAITH takes place.

In life, hope ACCOMPANIES you in the transportation from lower vibration to the higher vibration where you MEET its high vibrational version and that is faith.

How to recognise hope and faith?

It is thus about having enough number of experiences of self or others that can be counted and have made an impression on your ability and willingness to decide and differentiate what keeps you on an upwards movement and what keeps you from drowning in non-effective life situations.

It is the hopelessness that makes you quit but it is the hope that keeps you from doing that. As there is more evidence of its existence, its effectiveness, its value, it becomes more permanent and is recognised as faith.

Where there is faith there is no space for worry, fear, doubt or guilt. What does exist in this space is to power through the unpleasant times more rapidly towards the next moment, situation or phase because you know it is beautiful and happy.

That knowing, keeping the wonderful times and experiences in consideration is faith. That possible knowing when situations have been dire is hope.

In faith, you route for people to win and you self-love.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Mirror Work Explained

Mirror Work Explained

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Dear Friend!

Mirror work has several applications. Most important of them is the connecting with the Source for a two-way communication through your inner self. For the mirror work to be effective its working has to be de-layered. This tells you the steps and entities that are involved. The detailed process of mirror work in itself is self-explanatory for the necessities of the mirror work. Knowing the intricate specifics and particulars lets you know where have you been stuck, why has mirror work not worked, where do you need to make changes, what is the real reason for the difficulty level in doing mirror work and what is the reason for the fear in doing mirror work.

You see your reflection in the mirror. You look into your eyes. This is the connecting point for the communication. The purpose of mirror work is to eventually establish a connection with the Source. The Source is connected with your higher-self as your higher-self has a part of Source when it comes on the planet. When you look into the mirror you meet a version of you and not your higher-self. There is a layer of opinion from the world about you that you have chosen to agree and accept. This influences the version of you that you see in the mirror as your reflection.
This is where resides all the issues, fear, conditions and/or limitations that you have formed or adapted about yourself. This is where you get stuck.
While doing mirror work if you encounter, challenges like rejection, noise, counter-question, negative interfering comments, anger, fear-based replies or comments then you could now know that you need to begin to make changes here. You could now know what changes to make. And to make those changes here.  This is your
world’s version of you as per you that you see as a reflection in the mirror. That is every time you address your world you receive a reaction of this kind. This has been programmed in your mind, as your world’s version of you based on your world’s impression of you, this is your world’s reciprocation to you and/or your world’s reaction to you. When you refuse to quit here and continue the attempt to connect, it is here that this opinionated image starts to diffuse and then you start to connect with your higher self. As your higher self is connected to Source, you get to know what the Source is trying to tell you. The Source is continuously talking to you.
So your connectivity with the source increases, the meaning of which is that your ability to hear the Source starts to get better and better, through you.

Mirror work.
To start the mirror work, set an intention to get clearer in your connection. Keep yourself hydrated. Remember to breathe. Look into your eyes, greet yourself. Talk to yourself exactly as you wish to be addressed or spoken to that is with love and respect. Converse with yourself in a regular manner. Do not just show recognition when you need answers and do not abruptly stop a conversation as soon as you receive an answer or if you get distracted or if you get upset with the reply. Converse with yourself as if you are talking to your most favourite person. Even if you catch your reflection you could show acknowledgment of its presence and existence by small greetings or by a gesture.  Decide on spending time with yourself in front of the mirror for a meal or a coffee. Feel the presence of your reflection when you do so.
The regular practice of mirror work will help clear up the image you have of you and replace it with affirmations that are non-limiting in nature.

The versions that you see as a reflection and the ones you do not directly see are all basically the vibrational versions of you.
The vibration of the immediate reflection varies depending on the viewpoint, judgment, and attitude at that point when you make the attempt to connect.

Your connection with source starts to strengthen and the communication established provides answers to life situations and action steps to manifest desires.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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why do mirror work

Why do mirror work?-Wednesday Why?

why do mirror work

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

There is one person that is you standing in front of the mirror.  There is a reflection of you in the mirror. There are inches and inches of you in the mirror that can be easily seen. But, to connect with this reflection you need to look at and focus only on the area in and around your eyes. With the regular reminder to continuously and intermittently breathe, bring your attention and concentration into your eyes. The communication and conversation between you in front of the mirror and you in the mirror happens verbally, or through thoughts, or by just knowing. Verbally or by thoughts you greet and you put forth your conversations. It could be a discussion, question, consultation or request. The other way of communicating is by knowing what is the mood, feelings or reply.  Here words verbally or in thoughts are not exchanged. There is trust in the understanding.

Every person on this planet wants to belong. When the sense of belongingness varies, is less or dwindles, it is then that the person worries. The concern of being alone or loneliness arises and that is because of the lack of seeing support, guidance, protection, and love. Just as in any depleted state the person could attempt to look for the reservoir of the same in or from outside factors, to replenish. To some extent the person sometimes manages to convince oneself of the success by agreeing that it feels good. This feel-good factor requires regular and increasing efforts to keep having it and allowing it in their space.

Why does this not last long? The good feeling of the borrowed support, guidance, protection and love changes as per the changes in/with the external factors. As soon as the feel-good factor is lowered,  panic and insecurity sets in. As a result, the search outside is widened and efforts increased. This cycle keeps going on but the permanent satisfaction is not attained in this manner.

There is only one way to be satisfied with the support, guidance, protection, and love received. And that is by receiving all these from within and through within.

The most effective way to connect with self is through mirror work.

Amazingly once the connectivity with your inner self is established all your hard work of receiving whatever from outside also becomes easily available and evident. This is where you need to enhance and enrich your relationship before you look around to create, build and spread the relationships outside.

It is when the connectivity with self-needs healing or to be strengthened or re-affirmed that you go through the restlessness of not having anyone. The relationship with self is recognized and respected by regularly connecting with self and establishing faith. If you have not been in touch with self then initially you might get or face rejections. You very gradually become receptive to the interactions with and from within, it is then that the communication becomes two way.  The reason it takes time initially is because even if you are seeing your own reflection it is the layer of understanding about yourself that you have created based on not so accepting opinions that others and then you had agreed about yourself. Diffusing or going through or going past this layer that is not so fun layer, is the first glimpse you get of your connection with yourself.

As a following or next step, you now discuss or start to ask questions regarding some life situations where the results are not very clear. Information and messages start to flow. You understand or don’t get every aspect of the guidance, you get friendlier or you dealt with the rejections and get more loving towards yourself. You be with this practice of mirror work loyally, vary the time, be patient and respecting with yourself.

You can talk or meditate by looking into your eyes in the mirror. You can do tapping or EFT. Practice affirmation, forgiveness, and letting go. You calm yourself down by giving assurances that you are with you. All the methods become useful multi-fold when you carry them out in association with self or with you by your side.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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your real want

I don’t know what I don’t want any more. I am just getting more and more clearer on what I do want.

your real want

I don’t know what I don’t want any more. I am just getting more and more clearer on what I do want.

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

For you to take your life forward, Assistance and Support is only required from, Words and Actions.

That’s all that there is. These are the only requirements.

The clarity in your words and readiness in taking actions.

For that ask, ‘what do you really really want?’ Once the words are in place in communication, you receive guidance in the form of action. Even if the guidance is to stay put, that too is an action.

There are only two important processes that require lifelong tutorials, trainings, and practices, that you will ever have to go through. They are (a) to use words to communicate what you actually want to say, and (b) to understand the guidance messages.

Every word has a vibration. The meaning of the word as you have decided generates the vibration. The meaning of each word is decided based on your own understanding and the understanding of your influencer(s). Your influencer(s) is/are person/people you have come to trust and whose understanding you value. This mixed amalgamation of the understanding of yours, mine and ours defines the meaning of each word. Each word used by you is in keeping in mind the meaning it denotes by you or for you. The words you hear and derive a perception towards are again based on the meaning in your database.

Now here is something very interesting. The database of these meanings doesn’t just reside in your mind at the conscious level but also resides at the sub-conscious level. There is also a small area in your mind that has information stored from past life/lives. This is the actual cumulative meaning a word has in your mind. The vibration is high or low based on this meaning and not just the meaning at the conscious level. This will also explain why certain affirmations do not work or show the results you expected it to show. These words that you say or think are as true for you and your life as you decide.

The words are used to create the communication with the self and external others. Communication is passing on the message and information. Guidance is communication as reciprocation to the communication. These have answers, messages or instructions for the action. Actions are towards attaining what you have said, asked, requested. These are your desires. As you learn and gain expertise in words and actions, in the journey called life you see that each experience is step-wise taking you towards the clarity that is an absolute requirement for the communication with the Self, the Source, and the Universe. This is the path to the manifestation of your desires. Day by day in every way the clarity will keep increasing leading,  supervising and directing you towards what you really truly want. Knowing that is enough. What you do not want starts to diffuse from your mind and therefore from your words and vice versa. Thus what majorly remains in your mind and reflects in the words is what you truly want. And if at all, what you do not want, surfaces or lingers in your mind then, acknowledge it, thank it and then convert it to what you want. Writing and re-writing it into what you want as a conversion process really is a fruitful practice.

There is fear, hesitation, limited thinking that decide how much you cannot open up. There will be a time with practice of speaking and thinking of only what you want, when you will unapologetically, openly and eventually lovingly start to say what you really really want.

Your progress in your life is assessed by, how clearly you know and say what you want to actually say. Sometimes what you want to say depends on what you want. And sometimes what you want depends on what you say.

The clearer you are in saying what you wish to convey and the more aligned you are in saying what you mean to convey, the clearer and more aligned you are to understanding what the external others are communicating.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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EGO demystified

EGO demystified. EGO is the outer layer or shell of superiority, where you have the upper hand. When insulted while you saw yourself in superior place or position, its being is evident in anger behavior reactions.

EGO demystified
IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!
Ego a three letter word with two syllables. It is best understood by feeling it. It’s existence becomes omnipresent in the effect that it shows in situations. The definition and understanding of ego gives clarity to many uneasy, unresolved, unexplained low vibration reactions and actions based on ‘limiting’ thinking.

Thinking that is limiting in nature and results in lesser action and non-satisfactory results.


EGO is the outer layer or shell of superiority, where you have the upper hand. Its being is evident in anger behavior reactions when insulted while you saw yourself in superior place or position.


Effect of ego may be disrespect, which comes from rejection. The rejection to recognise your superiority.

When you see yourself in a superior position you have the comfort to get your work done your way. This involves you and other people with their own ideas, choices, opinion, and willingness. When that superiority is challenged or not considered. The shell is punctured. Then, that suddenly plunges you into a state that is unexpected. You are forced to feel feelings of helplessness. This means you are being pushed to be inferior to whom you have seen as inferior. You have not admired the ones in that place or position. Thus, suddenly unwillingly finding yourself in that place or position, is not a pleasant feeling.

Case study: ‘E’ asked his subordinate ‘Y’, to come in on a holiday to assist her in a project where he thought he could use her help. ‘Y’ shifted the conversation as blame. ‘Y’ mentioned that she was not informed and she was waiting for him to inform her of this earlier. ‘E’ clarified and asked her to come in any way, ‘Y’ curtly demanded to know, what exactly she was supposed to do when she gets there.

‘E’ saw himself lose the footing on the chain of command. So he withdrew his asking and suggested she directly come in after the holiday. Well, that was ‘E’s reaction superficially. Sure. But actually ‘E’ was angry as he was suddenly in a place where, (i) his demands were not met, (ii) was forced to comply, (iii) was feeling the feelings when insulted, (iv) had increased responsibility in his space, (v) work was not done.

‘E’ recalled similar serial emotions surfacing when he bought his house and the builder who had promised to support but suddenly went AWOL.

In all, he again found himself in a lesser position. A place from where he could make no demands and getting his work done will require extra efforts.

Anger in these situations is expressed vociferously, with physical gestures or self-muttering. Sometimes it is subdued anger that is recognised as flared nostrils and constricted breathing as the only characteristics. This is very limiting in nature. It stops from your usual action. This can be irritating, frustrating and/or suffocating. This can force you to take actions which you will justify and/or have guilt for.

That behaviour does not solve ‘E’s situation. But the moment ‘E’ would understand this battery of emotions he would be able to truly get comfortable with them and stand by the actions suggested next. Else, the lack of understanding shifts the attention and focus to an external factor in the form of blame and the actual action remains unattended. You don’t get the action that needs to be taken next.

So what next? After understanding ego what can be done next? Once ego is de-layered and clearly understood (a) letting go what does not work is recognisable and then can be done easily or is doable, (b) it calms you, (c) you are able to be receptive to action steps suggested as ‘what next’, (d) work gets done, (e) presence of those external factors that could have bothered you earlier does not do so now.

The concentration is only on getting your work done. This is life enhancement and prosperity. You do not get angry now and you don’t get confused about your respect getting attacked. You resolve a situation rationally and don’t give up. You don’t work with a compulsion that the other person needs to accept you as a winner. Now you want to win because you can make everyone and everything involved a winner. Work gets done, and there are no remnants of low vibration emotions pending to be dealt with.

In ego situation i.e. situation where ego is evident or characteristics of ego is evident.

(a) Negotiate politely or in a manner that is respectable to you. (b) You don’t need to underplay, dodge, delay, forcefully ignore or go silent on a situation. (c) Focus and value has to be for the task at hand.

Remember, (1) The only remnant of the ego-based reaction is anger. (2) You are not responsible for or you don’t need to deal with other’s ego. (3) Your responsibility is to delayer your own ego only. (4) Do not make anger based decisions. Do not do anger based actions. Do not let anger dictate terms. (5)Apply forgiveness, be a perfect manager and get your work done.


Most importantly, apologise where you need to, forgive where you can, let go where the learning is complete.


Very interestingly you may face this situation with yourself too when your inner voice does not agree with your conscious thoughts.

Your rational mind is worth much more than making anyone realise their wrong. Choose life situations of yours or others. Delayer and demystify ego. See miracles happen.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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prosperity attitude

The trust in your capacity and capability to measure the right value based on service, respect and life situation are what differentiates between poverty thinking and PROSPERITY thinking.

prosperity attitude.jpg
IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Poverty thinking Vs Valuing

Case Study: R went out to attend her offsite office meetings and to get her business-related work done. She was always mindful of parking her car in a paid parking lot rather than a roadside space since her car got towed and she had to pay the fine. She still remembers that incident when she parked her car just outside the paid parking area as she did not want to pay for the whole hour considering she had just a few minutes parking requirement. After that incident, the money she paid as the penalty had expanded her mind. Now paying the parking fee seemed like a reasonable choice. After finishing her work in the area as she was driving out the parking attendant signaled by waving his hand to stop. She was aware that it is regarding the parking fee. She had kept the money ready and she extended the money to hand it over to him when he came near the car. The attendant took one glance at the money and demanded money for two hours as according to him it had crossed more than an hour. She argued then reluctantly made the payment. That put her in a not so happy, defeatist mood, as she had to do something against her agreement. On her way back she stopped at a red traffic signal. Here a boy came to her and tapped on her car window and requested for a conversation. She nodded her head as she lowered her car window glass. The young boy shared his story. He said he goes to school and he needs to arrange for the school fees. He said he has some amount and the rest he needs to arrange. R turned towards the next seat where her bag was placed, she took out her purse and gave him money. She waved at him without a smile and raised the window glass. Signal was green by now and she drove towards her office. Perplexed at her own calmness she just asked herself one question. ‘The money given to the boy was much more than the money asked by the parking attendant. Then, why was it comfortable to pay the boy and not the attendant?’

The answer to her question is in her consent. Her consent was where her agreement seemed to asked/requested. Her non-involvement in the decision on the cost was the reason for her resistance to payment.

So how is that connected to the poverty thinking?

It is always the mental pre-preparation that decides the resistance or the allowing of an action. It is never the actual amount that causes either of them. The justification at the thoughts level decides the poverty thinking or prosperity thinking. Your agreement is influenced by this justification. However, what appears in the action is only either poverty thinking action or prosperity thinking action. The mental pre-preparation comes from the acceptance of the value in return. Acceptance comes from trust. Trust in your capacity and capability to measure the right value based on service, respect and life situation. This clear understanding is responsible for the ease of payments. The ease in payments defines the prosperity thinking based action.

You do poverty thinking based action when you don’t give yourself the trust and approval that you can decide and take responsibility for your own decision. Your onus on your decision comes with the self-agreement. You will always have all the information required at that moment to support you to come to an agreement with the decision for that situation. The agreement in decision involves only self mandatorily, involving the external factors is optional.

So from now on when you are subjected to or when you suddenly face situations where you need to take action, you can choose based on conditions in that situation, value as you are aware of and the respect for everything involved.

R could decide based on (i) her prior knowledge about the costing in the parking area and mention it clearly and declare it as her information, (ii) her acceptance on the lack of proof that can be admitted or shown that she did not use the parking space more than an hour, (iii) value for her time, (iv) weighing the time and energy spent versus the money involved, (v) taking complete responsibility of the action she takes, thus keeping herself from going into self-blame/guilt, (vi) respect and gratitude for time, money, service rendered, herself, the attendant, comfort and peace of mind about the safety of the car.

Importantly PROSPERITY thinking is not just in or with money. It extends to love, health, relationships, comfort, grace, fun, happiness, play, beauty, communication, gratitude.

Let go miserly or poverty attitude and exude prosperity or generous attitude. And it has to be based on the above principles.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Every Step You Take

In the healing journey, you take 5 steps forward. Once in a while you may slip and take 3 steps back. You are still always  2 steps ahead.

Every Step You Take.jpg
IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

The applying, carrying out, implementing the healing method or process is like a skill building. It is like a habit inculcating.

Each step in the healing method or process is important. Healing journey can be tough, difficult, painful, tedious, or cumbersome.

Healing journey can be lengthy. It is here that the importance of a step or the steps taken is highlighted.

Every step or steps you take brings you closer to next level, phase, solution, and eventually to completion of that learning. Every step is practice. Every step has the deciding power in its own place. Every step is mandatory.

These are the forward steps.

Then comes a/some situation(s) that cause something that appears as the reverse movement in the healing journey.

You discontinue affirmation. You break a practice because of x y z reasons. You go wrong while following a method. The processes seem to make your situation worse. You start to follow multiple leads and get confused which one is working or not working.

If the one or more of the above happens then that will be followed by one or more of these (a)You are dissatisfied. (b)You go into guilt. (c)You get upset that you have not been up to the mark. (d)You blame self or external factors for the lack of efficiency. (e) Results or progress is unclear. (f) You get disheartened. (g)You want to disconnect temporarily or for a longer period. (h) You want to quit.

What seems like a setback is never really so. There is always a right reason for the pause or disconnect. It is only asking for an explanation, clarification or tweaking. The explanation helps in remembering to carry out the method or process. The clarification builds the faith. It supports and promotes in staying on with the process or method. Tweaking is customization to increase your connection with the method or process. This makes the process or method easy and comfortable for you.

Even if you go through this pause or halt, regardless of how far back you go or how long your halt or disconnect is, the moment you decide to restart you can.

The restart is actually ‘resume’.

You will never need to start from the very beginning. Your knowledge and earlier practice of the method or process will provide the headstart you require after every break, however the size or the length of the break.

You get pre-programmed not to have to start from the scratch but to start from where you need to. You are always ahead of the previous starting point. Thus the way in your healing journey is only a forward journey.

Acknowledging and appreciating the place from where the journey commenced and where it has reached is the proof enough that you never start from the same point ever. You could remember where your previous starting point was or you could choose to recall only from where you need to start now. You will always be few steps ahead.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why deprive yourself

Why deprive yourself?-Wednesday Why?

Why deprive yourself

IADLife Blog:

Q: Why deprive yourself?

Why do you stop yourself from getting all good things in your life?

Question from Priyashree B. K.

Dear Friend!

‘Zi’ was excited and just the first appearance of all the stalls and products on display was filling her with joy. ‘Zi’ had been looking forward to going the exhibition as her colleague had created such an impression about it. She was intently listening to her colleague as she was describing and discussing it in the group. Her interest grew as she heard about all the exhibits as they were all related to fashion and she was keen to experience the joy of acquiring them. She was finally at the exhibition. She browsed through the items in the first kiosk and smiled wilfully at the attendant. After passing through few more stalls she arrived at her favourite jewelry stall. Her first look at the exotic oxidised silver range gave her a vibe of homecoming. She finally felt that she belonged. She tried the first set of earrings she chose from the display. As she admired herself in the mirror the shopkeeper showered her with praises and kept giving his advice on how it is a necessary purchase for her as the piece looked as if it was made for her face. Convinced by what she saw in the mirror and flattered by the additional approval she asked for the price. The moment she heard the price information she felt a sensation of lumpy/heaviness in the area in between her throat chakra and heart chakra. She twisted her lips towards one side while she pretended to look at the other collection. What she was actually doing is going through a series of self-conversations. ‘Where are you planning to wear it’, ‘Do you really deserve to spend so much on yourself’, ‘There is so much pending for you do, first finish that’, ‘You can very well do without it’.

All these self-conversations dampened her enthusiasm and in a low voice, she made an excuse to visit other shops. As she passed the garments, home furnishing, accessories and home embellishment shops she barely gave them a cursory look.

Why was ‘Zi’ stopping herself from getting all desirable things in her life?

Do you do that to yourself? Postpone pleasure! Don’t see yourself prepared or ready enough to receive. This could be translated into, don’t see yourself deserving enough to receive. To understand this in the most simple terms. You don’t see yourself qualified enough to receive. Because you cannot give yourself permission to receive without having worked for it which comes back to cannot receive unless you have done enough.

Best way to access this is to see how you are fairing in your professional and/or personal life. Are you getting a good evaluation? Are you getting approval easily? It is a certain no. What is the satisfaction level in your life in any area? Do you see yourself doing enough? Do you do your schedule on time or are they end moment rush ups, delays, and procrastination? Your answer to these questions will start the analysis that will support in understanding why do you deprive yourself or why do you allow yourself to receive with great difficulty and/or after going past your resistance and blockages. If you are dissatisfied in your life in what you are doing and what people are doing in your life, if you never see yourself getting to a task beforehand or barely on time then you need healing in your receiving. The Genesis of difficulty in receiving happens much early on. Fish out your earliest memory of you having to strive for approval from someone you trusted. That approval came with conditions and words. Both of which have travelled with you in the form of memory with every ‘receiving’ in your life. Before long it gets integrated into your life and more self-imposed conditions and harsher words add-on in your mind and behaviour. These become your blockage to receive.

Today from this moment on be willing to know that you deserve to receive all good that the Universe has to offer. Be ready to receive. Only you can decide your affordability. You do not confuse a negotiable situation and accept it as a direct rejection. Be on your side and your choice. If you like something and it seems to be beyond your budgeted deservability, then take two steps, (a) be willing to be clear that it has nothing to do with your deservability as your deservability is optimum and (b) be willing to bargain. Either way, you are a winner. Everyone in your space is a winner as they are contributing to your life to receive.

‘Zi’ needed to breathe in the situation when she heard a high price for her desired product, she could have given herself time to decide her best counter negotiative fun statement. After that attempt, she needed to decide on her purchase based on her being convinced rather than allowing her past limiting nudging to surface as fear-based instructions that cajoles her to give up.

Learn from the past and be kind and respectable towards yourself from now on. Your desires are important. Acquiring them has to be your decision. You have the right to change your mind regarding your desire. You can say no, where you find the investment to be unreasonable according to you. And you will still receive and with love.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Replace worry with faith

Replace Worry With Faith By Taking Action.

Be Aware of worry. It is a habit.   It is contagious. It is transferrable.

Replace worry with faith

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Be aware of worry. Its effects are real.

It is a habit. It is contagious. It is transferrable from one issue to another.

The prolonged physical manifestation of it is upper back-heaviness, head heaviness, eyes vision gets affected, visibility get slightly blurred, light sensitive, and heaviness experienced over the eyes.

Symptoms that are associated with these physical situations that are caused by worry are stomach upset/indigestion, nausea or vomiting due to acidity in tummy, headache and/or migraine.

Subtle signs are heaving in breathing or heavy breathing, losing smile, getting serious and having your thoughts pulled towards all that is not fun, not working in your space.

The Genesis of worrying starts at your impressionable young age. Initially, it is an adapted behaviour. This is from your caregivers or any other influencers. Eventually, it could have become your habit. This adaptation depends on how much you are in need of approval from them or how easily you are getting approval from them. Do you recall how carefree you were when you were little or when you were growing up? How long did it take for you to start using worry as part of your reaction that would reflect maturity or confirmation that you actually care about your situation? If you notice in your recollection you would see that you started to worry as an imitation of someone you trust and/or looked up to. But, how it got integrated into your life’s way of handling situation would be difficult to recall. Because the fact is that your earliest memory of you worrying was the time when worry had already gotten integrated into your ways and methods to address difficult situations. Worry was initiated as a fear of repercussion of an action. Ironically, eventually, worry starts to emerge due to self-convinced inability to take action.

Interesting information about worrying is that it is never really about what you think it is about. Worry has its own database and its own history. You can be patient and mindful enough to delayer that worry by way of backtracking. You will find out what are you really worried about and you will then be able to get action guidance on the right issue or situation and thus the action would be most effective.

Worrying has zero benefits. Aftereffects however are immense.

If anger is your reaction then with every worry it will surface. You will show worry by showing anger. Stress and tension are other words that could be used instead of worry as they all share the same attributes.

Another interesting aspect about worry is that it is often confused with the alertness towards responsibility. Worrying integrates fear seamlessly into your thinking that reflects in your life experiences. Because of worry, you attract experiences and situations that are similar or worse than the once you were actually worried about.

Replace worry with faith by taking action. The most doable action that can be done even in situations you see yourself hanging, unable, stuck, is the AFFIRMATIONS.

Affirm for what you want out of the situation rather than dwelling on the fear-based what ifs.

Take every step to calm yourself down through one or more of these methods EFT/tapping, mirror work, Angel therapy, meditation, energy healing, exercising, nature walk, listening to music, dance/Zumba/dance aerobics.

When you are calm you are in a surer position to get clear on the next step.

The next step is the solution to your situation. You now realise that worry was never the solution but had become an excuse to keep the thoughts related the situation or person in your space.

You can now choose to let go worry and with that of the thoughts regarding the situation or person will change. Remember to take action. Small or large. Connected the situation or completely unrelated. Let your Universe guide you. Be willing to listen. Choose to smile.

Note the gratitude points in all that you are going through in that situation. That fills you with faith and confidence. With this, you can solve every concern in your life. You have such capability.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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