extend comfort zone

If you find it difficult to step out of your comfort zone then, EXTEND your comfort zone.

extend comfort zone

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Dear Friend!

The term comfort zone is a misnomer. Think about it. It is used in conversations and sentences to communicate what is in opposition to the essence of the dictionary or conventional meaning of the term. It is mostly mentioned as a reprimand, satire, taunt, warning, and/or for attention directing and focus rerouting. Comfort zone is understood to be limiting, stagnant, non-creative and non-fun. This is associated with causing frustration, irritation, suffocation, and subduing.

Then, why be there. If there is no growth or life enhancements, then you could choose something different.

You have convinced yourself that the comfort zone is safe, it is known, it is ‘comfortable’.

Stepping out of this zone is fearsome of the unknown. What to do? How to do? How much of extension would mean that you have stepped out of the comfort zone.

What is it that you think is a comfort zone? Zone where you can put up your feet, relax and all that you have ordered is brought to you. Sometimes you are not able to receive what you have actually asked. Ironically, the reason for that is that the comfort zone and all that it denotes to you becomes your blockage to receiving. To fine-tune and align your receiving to what you have actually been expecting to receive, you will have to explore action steps that take you outside this non-productive zone. If you have been in the shelter of this zone for long then anything but this zone will be an alien, not friendly, not familiar area. Motivate yourself and not force yourself. Else, you will further shrink into your shell. To motivate yourself expand your comfort zone by getting familiar with the unknown and then take the step. Similarly, keep adding steps get friendly with the steps and keep going.

Use every reason to prosper.

Define your comfort zone. Now do one small step beyond that or take a giant leap of faith beyond that.

For example Suppose you wish to exercise and going to the gym is making you anxious, because of money situations, facing the fit people in the gym, lack of body confidence, facing the trainer/training regime, uncertainty of which gym to join, fear of (humans or animals) while going for walks alone in the street and/or because of time constraint. Now, instead of completely quitting and not exercising  decide to exercise for few minutes to start with and also, make a list of all the alternatives like doing yoga at home, walking or running in the house say around the dining table, doing functional training as part of the house chores or even in the bathroom.

Another example, consider your wish to go for a trip. Again instead of completely dismissing the idea because of permission issues, money issues, fear of traveling alone to an unknown or known place, lack of guidance and/or feeling insecure. Now, make a diary and in that every day write three to five points about your preparation of the trip, start with why do you want to go on the trip, how do you want to feel when you go there, then write an affirmation combing all these points, find and stick pictures of the destination, write about possible money arrangements, clothing, do your research on travel, accommodation and touring the place. See your confidence grow and your trip becomes a reality and before long, you will be preparing for another trip and/or advising others on taking a similar trip.

Another example is in dating, you could browse through the dating site or dating apps, create your profile. Here to start you could create a login, then start filling your details and photos gradually. If that is too much, then list the qualities you like about yourself in your journal and every day add to these qualities. Stay fit, energetic, groomed and sartorially ready. Do one or two things on this front every day. Be open to being asked out. Be ready. Very soon you will start getting close to actually going out on a ‘date’.

The point here is whatever you desire to do, find small comfortable and possibly little slightly uncomfortable steps to do. Keep doing it. Till you can get the confidence to step out of this comfort zone at any time in any area.

Because we are here to grow and prosper. Staying in one place cannot help. Extending and expanding our experiences, will be the only way to contribute to growing and prospering.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



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