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Why forgive?-Wednesday Why?

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Dear Friend!

Why forgive?


Decide that you don’t need to. Let go the compulsion that you have to.

But be willing to know about ‘forgiveness’.

Forgiveness is a form of emotional de-cluttering. When you keep emotions that do not benefit you and not help you, in your space then you are actually keeping yourself from enjoying emotions that are in your favour. Forgiveness seems to be connected to low vibration emotions. This is because it helps in releasing fear, anger, frustration, irritation.

Forgiveness that you need to do towards a certain life situation, person, incident, experience, hurt, behaviour, characteristics remains in your space till you FORGIVE. When the forgiveness has yet to happen, anything remotely resembling these will result in an upsurge of all of the same or similar emotions. You could ask. ‘Why forgive?’, ‘Why de-clutter?’, ‘Why can’t I stay angry?’

The reason for that is two folds. (A) The low vibration emotions when remains in your space for a long time could be a causative reason for manifestation of physical diseases. (B) Not forgiving is stopping yourself from actually growing. For argument’s sake, you could ask or say, ‘Why do I need to grow?’, ‘I am fine just as I am.’ To that you could be counter-asked, ‘Are you comfortable?’ If the answer is ‘YES’, the persuasion ends right there. But, if you are curious why situations with the need for forgiveness persists and if you decide to make changes in your life then you will find this understanding about ‘forgiveness’ very important and beneficial to you.

So here it is.

You are responsible for your life enhancement. You are responsible for the wonderful experiences that you have been keeping yourself from experiencing.

You have been stuck in this place due to one aspect and that is un-forgiveness. Forgiveness is an action. This step could have been biggest and toughest step you would have ever done/taken. But then anything that appears big or tough is only so till you have understood, learned, applied or practiced it.

Forgiveness is not agreeing with these elements that hurt and declare that you would not like to have a repetition of it in your space and that you will not stay hung up on what has happened.

Forgiveness makes space for the new creative, loving, fun experiences.

Let go the fear of attracting situations that will require forgiveness. Knowing about forgiveness makes you aware and highlights all that requires your forgiveness in your life.

Not taking that step will keep making you revisit the hurts associated with anything that has happened or has an anticipation of happening. This fear will keep you from experiencing. You will stop yourself or anyone associated with you from experiencing. Stopping is limiting, it is not growth, not prosperity, not progress. That stop is in your space and not in the space of what requires your forgiveness.

Forgiveness is done by smart people. People who have willingness to recognise that a wrong has been done but there is still a way forward.

Forgiveness is achieved by various methods and/or processes. It is done by cutting cords, clearing your space and shielding yourself. It can be done by tapping/EFT. It can also be done by angel therapy, mirror work and/or affirmations.

The very first step in any forgiveness is self-forgiveness. The reason for that is that you are responsible for your life experiences. The moment you are willing to come to an agreement on that, you will see that you have attracted these experiences to learn, but the learning got lost because the hurt was too much. This keeps you in the same phase of your life. The only way you can move forward is by completing the learning. Sometimes the learning for the phase is forgiveness and to understand that you deserve a better life.

The next step in forgiveness is to set an intention that from now on you will attract life experiences that are of your greatest and highest good and you are enjoying them.

While you are forgiving yourself and forgiving external factors, also review if you need forgiveness from somewhere or for something. You could address it directly or could pray/affirm that ‘may whatever wrong that has happened from my side, be rectified and the other party has the willingness to forgive me.’ Before that it is a must that you introspect and forgive yourself, to receive approval and forgiveness from the outside factor.

Your moving forward will be expedited, desires will start to manifest and you will be able to give yourself permission to receive it,  your deservability is something you will be able to recognise. The blame, the self-criticism, the guilt stops.

Focus on working on forgiveness for all that has already happened thus, you do not look for new situations/experiences to apply forgiveness on.

Affirm, all that/who come in your space come to contribute in a wonderful manner and that you contribute to other’s space in a wonderful manner. In case you see the need to forgive, then use one of the methods of forgiveness. You are well equipped. You will be able to move forward. The period of un-forgiveness will become short, shorter, shortest and minuscule. Experiences that you will attract will be life-enhancing in nature, creative in nature, happy in nature and that exactly what you deserve.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034



Note : Thank you Priyashree B K for the question.

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