True Observations

True Observation and Experiencing Happens In Absence Of Fear.

Fear impairs observation and keeps you from experiencing.


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Dear Friend!

Case Study: During turbulence in flight K was just waiting for the time to pass and was praying that it gets better. K remembered the Robert Reeves Peaceful Protection online course that she attended. She choose the method in which she prayed to God and Archangel Michael in words, as her hands were clenching the seat handle. She requested God and Archangel Michael to clear low energies from in her by the divine vacuum pump of Archangel Michael pulling all the low energies from within her through the crown chakra and then shield her with purple light. She vizualised the low energies being pulled out from the top of her head and purple bubble being formed all around her. The turbulence continued and her discomfort did not end. She started asking what is needed to be done, to end what she was feeling. She was very much in a hurry to get rid of the anxiety that she was enduring. She applied another method, now she prayed to Mother Earth to suck out all the fear-based energies from within her and take it to the hot inner core of the earth to destroy it. She vizualised that all the fear-based energies were being pulled from below her legs and being taken to the center of the earth. She felt her nervousness started to come down. This motivated her and she now decided to combine both methods and within seconds she started to feel light. She realised that one of the reasons the releasing and letting go of the low energies was difficult because as soon as that was being done in her and she was replenishing herself with divine fresh high vibration energies, these would go to the co-passengers and she would be depleted of them again. As a result she was not feeling the energy she was taking in. So she added another method in this process and requested that the same help be given to the co-passengers who are willing to receive this support. She was aware that the willingness of an individual is very important here so, she mentioned in the prayer that if in case anyone refuses to take the help then, may it go to all who are willing to take it in easily, including herself. This had a miraculous effect. She instantly felt calm. Her grip on the handles loosened and she rested her back on the back of the seat. As she relaxed she thanked all entities who participated and helped her. She looked up and observed the seatbelt sign and all the other writings and number and structure that was lit up or visible and the light music that was playing in the aeroplane. As soon as the seat belt light was switched off her hands went to her seat belt. She opened them to get up from her seat to go to the bathroom. As soon as she entered the bathroom she heard hard repetitive knock on the bathroom door. She heard the air-hostess requesting and suggesting her to come out immediately and get back to her seat. K got out and she started to walk towards her seat. She was calm and as she walked in the aisle she noticed the plane was slightly swinging from side to side, she saw her co-passengers, some with eyes closed and some holding the seat belt or handle, some looking irritated, some sleeping. She noticed the sky, the clouds, Sun rays through her window as she moved in to occupy her seat. She then noticed that the seatbelt sign was back on again. She was pleasantly just in the moment and distinctly noticed the absence of fear.

When there is fear it blocks your visibility and keeps you from observing. When there is anxiety, stress or tension you are not enjoying the moment as you are worrying. All the energy and attention goes to the thoughts that are connected to fear.

You may not realise that you are in fear and when such a situation that triggers fear arises, you close all your senses and want to wait it out. You postpone joy, fun, enjoyment, celebration, and recognition of achievements to later. When the fear-based situations pass, you spend your time dealing with the repercussions of what you have done to your body and mind by worrying and getting tense. So you don’t get to enjoy even then.

The reason K was in the present was because she acknowledged her fear of the situation and took steps to release it. She observed, she experienced and she remembered beyond the fear after the turbulence ended.

You too could apply what K used, to let go fear. Or use any other method. Be mindful of being in the present. It is always the fear that keeps you from being there. It takes you to future hypothetical scary result. Being in the present is informative as you are able to see clearly and make honest note of what is actually going on around you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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