inspiration beyond blockage

Your Inspiration need not last until your last blockage.

inspiration beyond blockage

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Truly the most pivotal decision made when comes the crossroads, to quit or stay on. There are several supporting reasons for you to keep moving forward. There, however, is only one reason to quit and that is, you don’t see staying as your only option. Either way, it is only your choice.

You are walking a path. You meet a blockage. You meet a few or series of them. The blockage is an assembly point to review to go or not-to-go on your path. The blockage that has most convincing arguments on the not-to-go, is the last one you encounter for that work, project, phase or goal of life.

The blockage is there for many reasons, they steer you towards the direction you need to go rather than the direction you were going. It is a reminder or a wakeup call that something is not aligned either in vibration, direction, resources, or learning. It is temporary, slight and subtle means that stops you to reassess all the steps and experiences.

Keeping the blockage from becoming permanent is your responsibility.

How you view this blockage is up to you? What influences this viewpoint is the knowledge of past experiences and instructions from yours or others. If the blockage manages to substantially trigger this ray of no-hope, and you are willing to succumb to that then, only sign that you see is the stop sign. So this becomes your last blockage. And this is how far your idea, project, work or goal lasts.

In case you choose not to get convinced by the not-to-go point or succumb to the temptation of relief that you would get to enjoy in case you do not go forward and instead you decide to go to the original initiator of this. You look for reasons to stay and going forward. You look for the reasons that inspired you initially. You let go all the reasons that sounded easy and in your favour and but truly were not.

Your safety is a must. If the blockage indicates or takes your attention towards an imminent danger and you are certain that your security will be affected then, please do stop.

Even if you have stopped for some projects in past then, you could still have a chance to choose differently or to re-visit your earlier choice.

As soon as you get inspired. Or you sense an idea or a guidance towards a certain direction or path or project, you are all pepped up, full of enthusiasm and energy because that is the effect of the inspiration energy. On your way to achieve your goal, the moment you see or experience the first blockage or difficulty, you start to slow down, renege or altogether stop. You need to be reminded of the inspiration energy, how it felt, what aspirations contributed to your forward movement. In parallel please be aware of the blockage. What fear based words and thoughts persuaded you to walk away from your path. There is no blockage(s), that have appeared by chance or because of your mistake. It has a purpose. Find it. If you can get clear about the action steps then, keep taking small steps or reform earlier steps. But, please do not quit. Continue. On your way forward when you face another blockage that is unpleasant or demotivating, you need not change your mind or stop yourself from following what initially inspired you.

Keep surging forward. Blockages are saying something. Listen to the blockage, thank it, apply it if required and move on.

Your inspiration needs to last beyond the blockage.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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