Valuable Investment

Your most valuable investment is your vibration.Valuable Investment
IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

In your spiritual journey your largest, biggest, most valuable, and most reliable investment is going to be in your vibration.

When you are at a HIGH level of vibration, every creative idea comes to fruition beautifully.
Your desires, a better version of it, or something higher manifests wonderfully.

The way it works is when in higher vibration both your creative ideas and desires attract the right ways and means that contribute to its manifestation. At this level of vibration that is high level, you have good energy in you. You have great life-enhancing experiences and you are able to notice the distance you have traveled from where you were and how far you have come. Every moment, incident, the experience is either a reward or learning. Both are your achievements and accomplishments. Both get your approval easily. You receive them with love, respect, and joy when they come to you. You enjoy the manifestation and it adds pleasure to your life.

When received in a low vibration, one of the following may happen, (x) you may not be happy with the manifested version of desire, (y) what you have manifested may leave your space, (z) even with your manifested desire in your space you will not be able to enjoy it as other aspects connected to your life will keep your worry quotient high.

Low vibration, which may seem like the aftermath of the worry that you have had about the manifestation even before you received it (sometimes in subtle levels), could continue after the manifestation which you did not like thus creating a vicious circle or whirlpool of low vibration.

At higher vibration, a delay is preparation time. At lower vibration, a delay is rejection and questioning your deservability.

At higher vibration, your healing is at an expedited rate. At higher vibration your health is at its best, you breathe easy, your organs function at their optimum best, stress and tension are low or non-existent. The reason for that is you have good blood circulation so oxygen reaches every part of your body including the brain. At higher vibration, you easily connect with the Source Energy, Universe, Angels, Guardian Angel. The communication is two-way at the higher vibration.
At Lower vibration getting the messages is tougher or not possible. At low vibration, the body manifests disease state, it is under stress. At low vibration. healing is slow.

Life is meant to be co-created with desirable co-operation. Your support is the higher energy source. You will be guided. As per your willingness, you will receive, and based on individual understanding you take the decision on the guidance which are the action steps. Taking these actions is your call. Many times you get it right. Sometimes you stray or take a slight detour. Life is actually that straightforward. You ask the question to the answer you seek and you are guided to get that answer. This gets clearer at the higher vibration.

At lower vibration you catch the fear-based messages, which are demotivating, they scare you and are absolutely untrue and unreal.

Your introspection in the form of your intuition is clearer at a higher vibration.

How to be in high vibration? Do all that gives you relief and happiness. Have you gotten ready for an interview in professional life or a date in personal life or a party? You prepare yourself with the right conversations, you want to look your best, you want to be your best. You have all the questions clearly written or you remember, you take shower possibly a salt-water bath once a day, dress in what makes you feel good, you smile, and keep your morale high. This will keep you in high vibration. It is practice. Do it regularly.

When you arrived on the planet you arrived from the Higher Vibration. As your understanding grew you got loyal to the caretakers who became influencers of worldly reality and your way of life. Your vibration changed according to that. It is time you realise the value of high vibration and invest your resources – time, energy, money, and willingness in keeping it high.

Affirmation: Day by day my vibration is getting better and better in every way.

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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