Replace worry with faith

Replace Worry With Faith By Taking Action.

Be Aware of worry. It is a habit.   It is contagious. It is transferrable.

Replace worry with faith

IADLife Blog:
Dear Friend!

Be aware of worry. Its effects are real.

It is a habit. It is contagious. It is transferrable from one issue to another.

The prolonged physical manifestation of it is upper back-heaviness, head heaviness, eyes vision gets affected, visibility get slightly blurred, light sensitive, and heaviness experienced over the eyes.

Symptoms that are associated with these physical situations that are caused by worry are stomach upset/indigestion, nausea or vomiting due to acidity in tummy, headache and/or migraine.

Subtle signs are heaving in breathing or heavy breathing, losing smile, getting serious and having your thoughts pulled towards all that is not fun, not working in your space.

The Genesis of worrying starts at your impressionable young age. Initially, it is an adapted behaviour. This is from your caregivers or any other influencers. Eventually, it could have become your habit. This adaptation depends on how much you are in need of approval from them or how easily you are getting approval from them. Do you recall how carefree you were when you were little or when you were growing up? How long did it take for you to start using worry as part of your reaction that would reflect maturity or confirmation that you actually care about your situation? If you notice in your recollection you would see that you started to worry as an imitation of someone you trust and/or looked up to. But, how it got integrated into your life’s way of handling situation would be difficult to recall. Because the fact is that your earliest memory of you worrying was the time when worry had already gotten integrated into your ways and methods to address difficult situations. Worry was initiated as a fear of repercussion of an action. Ironically, eventually, worry starts to emerge due to self-convinced inability to take action.

Interesting information about worrying is that it is never really about what you think it is about. Worry has its own database and its own history. You can be patient and mindful enough to delayer that worry by way of backtracking. You will find out what are you really worried about and you will then be able to get action guidance on the right issue or situation and thus the action would be most effective.

Worrying has zero benefits. Aftereffects however are immense.

If anger is your reaction then with every worry it will surface. You will show worry by showing anger. Stress and tension are other words that could be used instead of worry as they all share the same attributes.

Another interesting aspect about worry is that it is often confused with the alertness towards responsibility. Worrying integrates fear seamlessly into your thinking that reflects in your life experiences. Because of worry, you attract experiences and situations that are similar or worse than the once you were actually worried about.

Replace worry with faith by taking action. The most doable action that can be done even in situations you see yourself hanging, unable, stuck, is the AFFIRMATIONS.

Affirm for what you want out of the situation rather than dwelling on the fear-based what ifs.

Take every step to calm yourself down through one or more of these methods EFT/tapping, mirror work, Angel therapy, meditation, energy healing, exercising, nature walk, listening to music, dance/Zumba/dance aerobics.

When you are calm you are in a surer position to get clear on the next step.

The next step is the solution to your situation. You now realise that worry was never the solution but had become an excuse to keep the thoughts related the situation or person in your space.

You can now choose to let go worry and with that of the thoughts regarding the situation or person will change. Remember to take action. Small or large. Connected the situation or completely unrelated. Let your Universe guide you. Be willing to listen. Choose to smile.

Note the gratitude points in all that you are going through in that situation. That fills you with faith and confidence. With this, you can solve every concern in your life. You have such capability.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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