Every Step You Take

In the healing journey, you take 5 steps forward. Once in a while you may slip and take 3 steps back. You are still always  2 steps ahead.

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Dear Friend!

The applying, carrying out, implementing the healing method or process is like a skill building. It is like a habit inculcating.

Each step in the healing method or process is important. Healing journey can be tough, difficult, painful, tedious, or cumbersome.

Healing journey can be lengthy. It is here that the importance of a step or the steps taken is highlighted.

Every step or steps you take brings you closer to next level, phase, solution, and eventually to completion of that learning. Every step is practice. Every step has the deciding power in its own place. Every step is mandatory.

These are the forward steps.

Then comes a/some situation(s) that cause something that appears as the reverse movement in the healing journey.

You discontinue affirmation. You break a practice because of x y z reasons. You go wrong while following a method. The processes seem to make your situation worse. You start to follow multiple leads and get confused which one is working or not working.

If the one or more of the above happens then that will be followed by one or more of these (a)You are dissatisfied. (b)You go into guilt. (c)You get upset that you have not been up to the mark. (d)You blame self or external factors for the lack of efficiency. (e) Results or progress is unclear. (f) You get disheartened. (g)You want to disconnect temporarily or for a longer period. (h) You want to quit.

What seems like a setback is never really so. There is always a right reason for the pause or disconnect. It is only asking for an explanation, clarification or tweaking. The explanation helps in remembering to carry out the method or process. The clarification builds the faith. It supports and promotes in staying on with the process or method. Tweaking is customization to increase your connection with the method or process. This makes the process or method easy and comfortable for you.

Even if you go through this pause or halt, regardless of how far back you go or how long your halt or disconnect is, the moment you decide to restart you can.

The restart is actually ‘resume’.

You will never need to start from the very beginning. Your knowledge and earlier practice of the method or process will provide the headstart you require after every break, however the size or the length of the break.

You get pre-programmed not to have to start from the scratch but to start from where you need to. You are always ahead of the previous starting point. Thus the way in your healing journey is only a forward journey.

Acknowledging and appreciating the place from where the journey commenced and where it has reached is the proof enough that you never start from the same point ever. You could remember where your previous starting point was or you could choose to recall only from where you need to start now. You will always be few steps ahead.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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