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The trust in your capacity and capability to measure the right value based on service, respect and life situation are what differentiates between poverty thinking and PROSPERITY thinking.

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Poverty thinking Vs Valuing

Case Study: R went out to attend her offsite office meetings and to get her business-related work done. She was always mindful of parking her car in a paid parking lot rather than a roadside space since her car got towed and she had to pay the fine. She still remembers that incident when she parked her car just outside the paid parking area as she did not want to pay for the whole hour considering she had just a few minutes parking requirement. After that incident, the money she paid as the penalty had expanded her mind. Now paying the parking fee seemed like a reasonable choice. After finishing her work in the area as she was driving out the parking attendant signaled by waving his hand to stop. She was aware that it is regarding the parking fee. She had kept the money ready and she extended the money to hand it over to him when he came near the car. The attendant took one glance at the money and demanded money for two hours as according to him it had crossed more than an hour. She argued then reluctantly made the payment. That put her in a not so happy, defeatist mood, as she had to do something against her agreement. On her way back she stopped at a red traffic signal. Here a boy came to her and tapped on her car window and requested for a conversation. She nodded her head as she lowered her car window glass. The young boy shared his story. He said he goes to school and he needs to arrange for the school fees. He said he has some amount and the rest he needs to arrange. R turned towards the next seat where her bag was placed, she took out her purse and gave him money. She waved at him without a smile and raised the window glass. Signal was green by now and she drove towards her office. Perplexed at her own calmness she just asked herself one question. ‘The money given to the boy was much more than the money asked by the parking attendant. Then, why was it comfortable to pay the boy and not the attendant?’

The answer to her question is in her consent. Her consent was where her agreement seemed to asked/requested. Her non-involvement in the decision on the cost was the reason for her resistance to payment.

So how is that connected to the poverty thinking?

It is always the mental pre-preparation that decides the resistance or the allowing of an action. It is never the actual amount that causes either of them. The justification at the thoughts level decides the poverty thinking or prosperity thinking. Your agreement is influenced by this justification. However, what appears in the action is only either poverty thinking action or prosperity thinking action. The mental pre-preparation comes from the acceptance of the value in return. Acceptance comes from trust. Trust in your capacity and capability to measure the right value based on service, respect and life situation. This clear understanding is responsible for the ease of payments. The ease in payments defines the prosperity thinking based action.

You do poverty thinking based action when you don’t give yourself the trust and approval that you can decide and take responsibility for your own decision. Your onus on your decision comes with the self-agreement. You will always have all the information required at that moment to support you to come to an agreement with the decision for that situation. The agreement in decision involves only self mandatorily, involving the external factors is optional.

So from now on when you are subjected to or when you suddenly face situations where you need to take action, you can choose based on conditions in that situation, value as you are aware of and the respect for everything involved.

R could decide based on (i) her prior knowledge about the costing in the parking area and mention it clearly and declare it as her information, (ii) her acceptance on the lack of proof that can be admitted or shown that she did not use the parking space more than an hour, (iii) value for her time, (iv) weighing the time and energy spent versus the money involved, (v) taking complete responsibility of the action she takes, thus keeping herself from going into self-blame/guilt, (vi) respect and gratitude for time, money, service rendered, herself, the attendant, comfort and peace of mind about the safety of the car.

Importantly PROSPERITY thinking is not just in or with money. It extends to love, health, relationships, comfort, grace, fun, happiness, play, beauty, communication, gratitude.

Let go miserly or poverty attitude and exude prosperity or generous attitude. And it has to be based on the above principles.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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