your real want

I don’t know what I don’t want any more. I am just getting more and more clearer on what I do want.

your real want

I don’t know what I don’t want any more. I am just getting more and more clearer on what I do want.

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

For you to take your life forward, Assistance and Support is only required from, Words and Actions.

That’s all that there is. These are the only requirements.

The clarity in your words and readiness in taking actions.

For that ask, ‘what do you really really want?’ Once the words are in place in communication, you receive guidance in the form of action. Even if the guidance is to stay put, that too is an action.

There are only two important processes that require lifelong tutorials, trainings, and practices, that you will ever have to go through. They are (a) to use words to communicate what you actually want to say, and (b) to understand the guidance messages.

Every word has a vibration. The meaning of the word as you have decided generates the vibration. The meaning of each word is decided based on your own understanding and the understanding of your influencer(s). Your influencer(s) is/are person/people you have come to trust and whose understanding you value. This mixed amalgamation of the understanding of yours, mine and ours defines the meaning of each word. Each word used by you is in keeping in mind the meaning it denotes by you or for you. The words you hear and derive a perception towards are again based on the meaning in your database.

Now here is something very interesting. The database of these meanings doesn’t just reside in your mind at the conscious level but also resides at the sub-conscious level. There is also a small area in your mind that has information stored from past life/lives. This is the actual cumulative meaning a word has in your mind. The vibration is high or low based on this meaning and not just the meaning at the conscious level. This will also explain why certain affirmations do not work or show the results you expected it to show. These words that you say or think are as true for you and your life as you decide.

The words are used to create the communication with the self and external others. Communication is passing on the message and information. Guidance is communication as reciprocation to the communication. These have answers, messages or instructions for the action. Actions are towards attaining what you have said, asked, requested. These are your desires. As you learn and gain expertise in words and actions, in the journey called life you see that each experience is step-wise taking you towards the clarity that is an absolute requirement for the communication with the Self, the Source, and the Universe. This is the path to the manifestation of your desires. Day by day in every way the clarity will keep increasing leading,  supervising and directing you towards what you really truly want. Knowing that is enough. What you do not want starts to diffuse from your mind and therefore from your words and vice versa. Thus what majorly remains in your mind and reflects in the words is what you truly want. And if at all, what you do not want, surfaces or lingers in your mind then, acknowledge it, thank it and then convert it to what you want. Writing and re-writing it into what you want as a conversion process really is a fruitful practice.

There is fear, hesitation, limited thinking that decide how much you cannot open up. There will be a time with practice of speaking and thinking of only what you want, when you will unapologetically, openly and eventually lovingly start to say what you really really want.

Your progress in your life is assessed by, how clearly you know and say what you want to actually say. Sometimes what you want to say depends on what you want. And sometimes what you want depends on what you say.

The clearer you are in saying what you wish to convey and the more aligned you are in saying what you mean to convey, the clearer and more aligned you are to understanding what the external others are communicating.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034


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