why do mirror work

Why do mirror work?-Wednesday Why?

why do mirror work

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Dear Friend!

There is one person that is you standing in front of the mirror.  There is a reflection of you in the mirror. There are inches and inches of you in the mirror that can be easily seen. But, to connect with this reflection you need to look at and focus only on the area in and around your eyes. With the regular reminder to continuously and intermittently breathe, bring your attention and concentration into your eyes. The communication and conversation between you in front of the mirror and you in the mirror happens verbally, or through thoughts, or by just knowing. Verbally or by thoughts you greet and you put forth your conversations. It could be a discussion, question, consultation or request. The other way of communicating is by knowing what is the mood, feelings or reply.  Here words verbally or in thoughts are not exchanged. There is trust in the understanding.

Every person on this planet wants to belong. When the sense of belongingness varies, is less or dwindles, it is then that the person worries. The concern of being alone or loneliness arises and that is because of the lack of seeing support, guidance, protection, and love. Just as in any depleted state the person could attempt to look for the reservoir of the same in or from outside factors, to replenish. To some extent the person sometimes manages to convince oneself of the success by agreeing that it feels good. This feel-good factor requires regular and increasing efforts to keep having it and allowing it in their space.

Why does this not last long? The good feeling of the borrowed support, guidance, protection and love changes as per the changes in/with the external factors. As soon as the feel-good factor is lowered,  panic and insecurity sets in. As a result, the search outside is widened and efforts increased. This cycle keeps going on but the permanent satisfaction is not attained in this manner.

There is only one way to be satisfied with the support, guidance, protection, and love received. And that is by receiving all these from within and through within.

The most effective way to connect with self is through mirror work.

Amazingly once the connectivity with your inner self is established all your hard work of receiving whatever from outside also becomes easily available and evident. This is where you need to enhance and enrich your relationship before you look around to create, build and spread the relationships outside.

It is when the connectivity with self-needs healing or to be strengthened or re-affirmed that you go through the restlessness of not having anyone. The relationship with self is recognized and respected by regularly connecting with self and establishing faith. If you have not been in touch with self then initially you might get or face rejections. You very gradually become receptive to the interactions with and from within, it is then that the communication becomes two way.  The reason it takes time initially is because even if you are seeing your own reflection it is the layer of understanding about yourself that you have created based on not so accepting opinions that others and then you had agreed about yourself. Diffusing or going through or going past this layer that is not so fun layer, is the first glimpse you get of your connection with yourself.

As a following or next step, you now discuss or start to ask questions regarding some life situations where the results are not very clear. Information and messages start to flow. You understand or don’t get every aspect of the guidance, you get friendlier or you dealt with the rejections and get more loving towards yourself. You be with this practice of mirror work loyally, vary the time, be patient and respecting with yourself.

You can talk or meditate by looking into your eyes in the mirror. You can do tapping or EFT. Practice affirmation, forgiveness, and letting go. You calm yourself down by giving assurances that you are with you. All the methods become useful multi-fold when you carry them out in association with self or with you by your side.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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